The FreePint newsletter and its favourite tipples

Somethings I can resist, though sadly not bourbon biscuits. Implorings to sign up to email newsletters I can resist. I only take one and that’s the newsletter from FreePint, who aim to maximise the value of information. Why? because they’re helpful in locating online information sources.

One item in the newsletter I value is the section called My Favourite Tipples, where an information research professional lists useful websites. It’s lovely that the Marine Traffic website is a recommended link in the latest newsletter, it shows you ship positions at any time, anywhere in the world. I dare you to visit this site and not spend time looking, and even tracking, at a particular ship. I’ve written about the fun to be had with this and other information sources on shipping and shipwrecks.

Another recommended website in the latest newsletter is Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. I’ve checked out this blog on Wayback Machine, and find that people have saved it 32 times. While popular blog has been saved 345 times.

Enough, have been given a list of duties by my dear wife. I know where my priority lies.

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