Amazed I’ve stuck at it for over 12 years

Crumbs, I almost forgot to tell you about this event. On March 29th last month I reached a surprising milestone. I entered my thirteenth year writing contributions to this blog.

That I’ve managed to entertain you sufficiently, my dear readers, that you continue to return to read the meanderings of my simple brain is enormously humbling.

A few facts about the blog since it began on March 26th 2007:  6970 blog posts written, just under 1,120, 000 views, and over 1,300 followers through a variety of social media platforms. Most days the blog attracts 350 – 400 views, and then it shoots up to over 700. I’ve no idea why. Some blog posts take me a long time to compose, and yet attract few views, while others, on which I’ve spent far less effort, attract huge number of views.

Ah well, my dear wife says it keeps me occupied.

My thanks to all who read here.

PS. Note, in the photo, the essential cup of tea to keep me going.

A hiatus yes; a cessation no

Having been writing articles here, short or long, since March 2007, I’m thinking you may allow me a short hiatus.

But that’s what it is, a brief reflective interlude. I will continue writing here. In the almost 7,000 blog posts over the last 12 years, there are topics that retain my interest, which I feel that I should add to.

Tempting though it’s been, I’ll not be passing my opinion of the state of play with Brexit.

PS. How I’d love to aspire to Dickensian brilliance. I’ll settle for interesting topics, written without cliché, and an occasional insight of some kind. Wish me luck as I approach my thirteenth year of blogging.

Focus almost fully regained

We had a lovely Christmas holiday in Southern France, based in Aix en Provence, and visiting Arles, Toulon and Marseille. The weather was wonderful, clear blue skies every day, with day time temperatures in the high teens, in centigrade.

Developed a man cold on our return – wives/girlfriends you’ll know how serious that is. A cold for a blogger, like me, means questioning the value of what I may write.

This week I’ve listened to two talks, both by optimistic and enthusiatic speakers [more on them later], which has lifted me out of my self imposed lethargy, also, I’ve pretty much beaten my cold, so expect some words from me.


Gaining a perspective on UK defence matters

Writing about achieving the 1 million page views I bemoaned the demise of some long term blogs.

I was particularly thinking of the Think Defence blog, in which the author said,

After a decade, am calling time on Think Defence and shutting up shop. Think Defence has always been a one man band and that man has other things like work, grandkids and lots of other projects to absorb his time, my time.

I like to read a smattering of opinions on defence, and matters military. What choices have I to replace this website? Timely, the UK Defence Journal has listed a wide arrange of alternatives, which I’ll be working through to make my selection.

While not urgent, the choice is important as the UK Defence Journal recently had over a month of not updating its website – though it’s Facebook site was updated. My preference is always for a website over Facebook.

Meanwhile, here are some websites listed by the UK Defence Journal,

Lots more to choose from, and many contain terrific photos.