Lightwater Fête still fun, though wetter than hoped for

Shame that the rain arrived early at Lightwater Fête on Saturday. So much so that we spent most of our time at the Fête in the Church Hall, and then in admiring the magnificent display of knitted poppies in All Saints’ Church – more on these poppies later.

In the church hall there were many people to talk to, including a couple of generous readers of this blog offering me much needed encouragement. The real glue keeping us in the hall was tea and the excellent cake of Lightwater WI, and then friends, and the ever high quality photos displayed by Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club. Camera club stalwart, Alan Meeks, braved the wet weather to capture the action in and around the arena.

Here’s my little montage of photos of the Fête [click on images to expand]. I’ll follow up with a video I took of the event. It always takes longer than you anticipate to prepare videos, otherwise I’d have included it here.

Traffic warning signs on Red Road demolished again

Regular readers may recall my endeavours to get demolished road signs replaced on the ‘S’ bends on Red Road in Lightwater. That was all back in 2011.

Since then while there have been accidents of one sort and another on Red Road, the traffic warning signs have, to my knowledge, remained intact.

In passing through the ‘S’ bends the other day, I noticed that some have been demolished. Yours truly had to go and see the damage. I think a 50 mph speed warning sign, and a directional arrow sign have been demolished.

I wonder if it’s time for me to remind County Highways to repair the damage. There’s Surrey Heath Local Committee meeting in Bisley on Thursday 12th April.

Oops… thanks Ruth, have corrected the date – Thursday April 12th.

Sparrowhawks reduce the pigeon population

Yesterday I bemoaned the number of pigeons in our garden.

In our part of Lightwater, Sparrowhawks were once common. Maybe the arrival of Red Kites has driven them away. Perhaps an ornithologist or naturalist might confirm this.

About around ten years ago I watched a sparrowhawk catch and devour a pigeon. A popular meal for them apparently.

I heard a thump on our dining room window and went to see what caused it. Not more than 10 feet away from me, on our patio, a sparrowhawk had a pigeon laid out on its back, with wings spread out. It was pulling flesh from the pigeon’s gizzard, exposing the peanuts it had eaten from next door’s garden.

Taking care not to move I watched the grisly action. After a while I thought I must capture this in a photo. My camera was not near to hand. I backed away from the window very, very slowly, and didn’t disturb the action.

Returning with my camera, gingerly approaching the window, I saw that the sparrowhawk and its lunch had gone. All that remained were the impression of the pigeon on the window, and a circle of feathers on the patio. No sparrowhawk, and no pigeon.

There were fewer pigeons in our garden when the sparrowhawk was around. Our neighbours also had similar experiences, same sparrowhawk, or another one, who now knows.

Sadly, Red Kites don’t seem to have the same effect on our pigeon population.

Hat tip: Goodenbergh Country Holiday Park for photo.

Lovely, a Red Kite circling low over our house

I like birds, of the feathered kind. Poor joke, sorry. Anyway, looking out of our dining room window this morning I saw a Red Kite circling low over our, and our neighbours gardens.

Even with my iPhone close to hand I still wasn’t quick enough to photograph it. So the photo here is from Wikipedia and the Hawk Conservancy in Hampshire.

The Oak tree in our neighbours garden hosts many small birds – long tailed tits, blue tits, robins, and so on. It also has in the last few days had eight pigeons. Eight is too many, as four or more swoop down into our garden by the bird feeders and snaffle all the food on the ground for dunnocks, robins, and blackbirds.

There was plenty of scurrying away, by the birds, when the Red Kite was seen above. Still, a most impressive, and pleasing sight. More about pigeons to follow.

Was thinking of going out, changed my mind

Yesterday I wrapped up warm to walk down to Lightwater, for my appointment with the excellent dental hygienist at Orchard Cottage Dental.

I feel sure the exercise did me good, though the memory of the penetrating cold wind has stuck with me. So. I’m not going out today.

I did take some photos, which I thought you might like to see. [Click on image to expand]

The energetic committee of the Lightwater Business Association

Good to see the energies of the team running the Lightwater Business Association develop a revitalised social media presence. They’ve a new website, and a new Facebook page.

They say about themselves

We now feature a NEW! Facebook page, a NEW! Website. We’re actively involved in supporting important community initiatives such as the “Lightwater Improvement Project” and the “Village Centre Christmas Lights”. We’re pleased to host our, well attended, Business Networking Evenings, and, of course, the two Fayre in the Square events – which themselves are all going from strength to strength.