New in Lightwater, an authentic Italian takeaway, deli and restaurant

Let’s get straight to the point. There’s a a new dining experience in Lightwater. It’s Adriatico, at 237 Guildford Road, Lightwater, GU18 5RJ.

Adriatico serves authentic Italian food cooked on the premises, to eat in at their small bar, to takeaway, or have delivered. It was formally opened some five weeks ago by the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Dan Adams.

I’ve noticed the restaurant till this week. This is not good thing to happen for a blog entitled Lightwater. Ah, well, I have visited the restaurant and talked to the owner and, while there, spoke with a happy customer, who’s already a regular, and lover of their food.

We’ve yet to try their menu, which will be soon, as I’m a fan of Italian cuisine. Here are a few photos [click to enlarge].

Poppies and remembrance events centre stage in Lightwater

I mentioned, earlier this week, about the poppy cascade at Lightwater’s All Saints’ Church. Visitors can take a close look at the completed cascade, and view the Remembrance Exhibition information boards at an open to all event in the Church Hall, between 10.30 am and 4.0 pm this coming Saturday. Refreshments available.

I’ll post a video of the cascade here tommorrow.

There’s Lightwater’s own contribution to the Remembrance Sunday events with a service in All Saints’ Church on Sunday, beginning at 10.20 am, followed by a procession along All Saints Road to the War Memorial, where there will be a short service at 10.50 am and the laying of wreaths.

Update on road repairs and roadwork schemes in Surrey Heath

Helpfully, Surrey County Councillor Bill Chapman for Camberley East ward has provided an update on the road repairs and the roadwork schemes ongoing in Surrey Heath. His update covers the following,

  1.          Work at the junction of Red Road and The Maultway
  2.          Improvements to junction of Red Road and Macdonald Road, Lightwater
  3.          Repairs to A30 outside Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  4.          Repairs to Church Hill / Upper Park Road, Camberley
  5.          Progress on the Meadows Roundabout
  6. Work on the A30 between Waitrose, Bagshot and the Jolly Farmer Roundabout

Work on A30 between Waitrose, Bagshot and Jolly Farmer Roundabout

This work is being carried out to install a cycle-path along the A30. There are a number of points which need to be made about the scheme:

The County Council’s dire financial situation has been widely noted and there is therefore very little money available directly from the Council to pay for roadworks.  A key point is that the cycle lane work is not being paid for out of Council Tax Payers money

As a condition of the development of the Wellington Park Estate money was set aside to fund improvements to local transport infrastructure to offset the additional traffic arising from the new homes that were built.  It is the remainder of this Developer’s money which is being used to install the cycle path.

But why a cycle path I hear you ask?  After all, it is true that there isn’t a great deal of cycling along the A30 at the moment.

However, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that the current lack of safe cycle paths acts as a deterrent to cycling.  Furthermore, it is highly probable that cycling will need to be encouraged more as we face up to the threats from climate change or depleted fossil fuel resources, whichever narrative you chose to believe.

For this reason Surrey Heath has developed a Cycling Plan which specifies a target for a network of cycle paths that we would wish to complete eventually.  The new cycle path will be one piece in the overall network, joining on as it does to the shared cycle and pedestrian pathway from the Jolly Farmer down to Camberley Town Centre and beyond  The intention is to fill in the most critical sections of the network as funding becomes available.

When agreeing to the work going ahead a key consideration for Local Councillors was that traffic should be disrupted as little as possible during the work. This has been made possible by the 3-lane width of the A30 along the stretch in question.

Work at the Junction of Red Road (B311) and The Maultway (B3015)

Modifications to the junction is one of the schemes to alleviate the traffic impact of the 1,200 new homes which will be built on the former Princes Royal Barracks site in Deepcut.

Work on the roads is usually funded and, more importantly, managed by Surrey County Council.  Surrey County Council provides good information to the public through the Council’s web-site.

However, the work at this junction is being funded and managed by the Developer and suitable information does not seem to be available at the moment.

I am trying to find some simple key information on when roads will have restricted capacity or be closed and for how long.  When I find out I will pass the information on.

Improvements to Junction of Red Road (B311) and Macdonald Road, Lightwater

This junction is recognised locally as being quite dangerous, particularly for vehicles turning right from Macdonald Road onto the Red Road.

Over the years there have been a number of changes made on the Red Road to improve safety at the junction, including reductions in the speed limit and provision of better warning signage.  There is no doubt that there has been a massive reduction in the number of serious accidents all along the Red Road and at the Macdonald Road junction in particular.

However, the Council has recognised that safety remains an issue at the junction and consequently has provided money from ring-fenced road safety funding to address the issue.   Anti-skid surfacing has recently been installed and some additional warning bollards have been provided.

Local Councillors will be continuing to monitor the situation and we will press for further improvements if necessary.  One problem that we will face if we need to press for further improvement arises from the way that the Police record accidents.

Only accidents in which someone is injured are recorded.  These data are then passed to the Council for use in deciding between road schemes competing for the very restricted funding that is available.  The weakness here is that it can be just a hairsbreadth of misjudgment between an accident in which no one is hurt and something really serious resulting in personal injury.

Therefore we intend to monitor as many as possible of the accidents that take place and, where it is safe to do so, to photograph the damage to vehicles.

Repairs to A30 London Road Outside RMAS, Camberley

The road outside the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on the A30 has been in a very poor state for some time with the County Council unable to carry repairs because of well known financial difficulties.

Money has now been found and the road is scheduled to be repaired between 18th and 26th of October.  Work will take place over 8 nights form 8 pm to 6 am and the A30 between Grand Avenue and Sparvel Way will be closed to traffic. Timescales could slip depending on weather conditions.

  • Repairs to Church Hill / Upper Park Road, Camberley

The road at this junction is very badly worn.  It is on the list of work to be completed but has not yet been scheduled precisely.

Progress on the Meadows Roundabout Improvements

Work is on schedule to be completed by April 2019.

The work to install a cycle path on the A331 a year ago was a complete debacle, causing severe traffic jams in the area.  As a consequence Local Councillors insisted that money be found so that the Meadows Roundabout improvements could be carried out overnight.

More information can be found on the web-site, including how to subscribe for regular email updates.

Objecting to a planning application: Mobile Telephone Masts

Alerted to a planning application from Vodafone & Telefonica [O2] for the erection of a mobile telephone mast near the Briars Community Centre in Lightwater, I’ve studied the application, which you can do too, HERE.

A local parish and borough councillor is organising objections to the application. I appreciate why Cllr Katia Malcaus Cooper is doing so. She’s both a Trustee and Chair of the Briars Community Centre, and naturally is protective of the Centre, which describes itself as,

Lightwater is a lovely village in the South East of England with good transport links. Our location is quiet and we have a large outdoors recreation area and are highly affordable for any event you are planning.

Over the years the centre has had numerous improvements, all down to an active management committee. So, yes, I fully understand the desire not to have infrastructure so close to the centre.

I’m ambivalent about the application, seeing the siting of the mast as inconsiderate to the centre, but am generally supportive of having a mast. Why, well, where we live we’ve been in a significant not spot for many years. Also, mobile phone coverage has for a long time been very poor, often connections have dropped, and getting a signal has sometimes not been possible. The mobile signal has improved in the last year or so, still not great, I think maybe because of mast upgrades elsewhere in Lightwater. I  see a much improved phone signal at where I live with this mast.

There are extensive supporting documents for the planning application from the agents for Vodafone and O2, and I’ve read most of them. I can see why they want to place the mast where they want to, as it provides the best mobile signal coverage to the largest number of properties. I hadn’t quite realised how much trees degrade a phone signal, and so the siting recommendation looks to minimise their effect.

The mast and associated cabinets are too close to the road, and will certainly be an eyesore in that location. My recommendation is to move the mast siting further away from the centre, nearer to the Briar Avenue / Broom Field island. The mast and cabinets could easily be placed behind the pavement in the grassy area near when the dog poo bin is located. I know it’s not moving the mast that far, but I consider it’ll be visually less impinging on nearby homes and the Briar Centre.

Below are the map of the proposed location, a plan view of it’s exact location, the objection notice, and my photo of an alternative location. Click on images to expand.

Traveller incursion in Lightwater, ongoing effects

The recent traveller incursion onto the Lightwater Recreation Ground behind All Saints’ Church, though now over, continues to have an effect.

That effect is that both the small public car park by the Lightwater Recreation Ground, and that in front of the Briars Community Centre in Lightwater have both now been closed with barriers. A large tree log for the Briars Centre and heavy concrete structures for the recreation Ground.

Closing both car parks protects them from traveller incursions onto the playing fields. In doing this the local councils, parish and borough, are inconveniencing local residents.

An alternative solution is required, one that protects the playing fields from traveller incursion, yet allows both car parks to be used. I guess I’ll have to follow up and find out what the councils are planning about re-opening the car parks.