Day Fishing available at Lightwater Country Park

Surrey Heath Borough Council is pleased to announce that day fishing will be available at Lightwater Country Park from June 2017.

In a new initiative, day fishing will be possible on Hammonds Pond, which offers mixed course fishing so is an ideal place for pleasure angling. There are 10 ‘swims’ (fishing spots) available on the pond. A valid Environment Agency rod licence is required.

Day fishing will be offered from dawn to dusk, starting at the beginning of the fishing season on 16 June. Permits must be purchased from the Lightwater Country Park (LCP) café during opening hours (10am – 4pm).

For those that have arrived at dawn and are already set-up, permits can be bought over the phone by credit card if anglers do not wish to leave their tackle.

The cost to fish at LCP (Mon – Fri only) is:

  •                                        One rod        Two rods
  • Adult                                    £6                   £8
  • Child                                    £3                    £5
  • OAP concessionary rate:  £3                   £5
  • The entire pond is also available to hire for events and competitions at a day rate of £70. Hammonds Pond will be open for fishing from 16 June 2017 until mid-March 2018 when the angling closed season starts.

    More info:

    Again the weather favours Lightwater Fête

    When I arrived at the Lightwater Fête prior to its opening it was accompanied with light rain. It didn’t last long, and the rest of the day the Fete was bathed in lovely warm sunny weather – although I should say, that’s what my wife told me, as I’d a presentation to give at the Saturday afternoon meeting of the local branch of the Milestone Society.

    Choices, life’s full of choices. I did though manage a film a short video of the opening parade, and consume a hot dog, sadly without ketchup.

    As ever, the Gordon School Pipes and Drums impressed, particularly, in my humble opinion, the drummers. Also, while on the same topic, I was impressed with them for their organisation, because I couldn’t see a teacher from the school guiding them. It’s good ethics of responsibility, teamwork, and self reliance they teach a Gordon’s School.

    Things to do: Plenty of fun to be had at Lightwater Village Fête

    The Lightwater Village Fête is always a fun event [see photos of last year’s Fête], where Gordon’s School Pipes and Drums and Scottish dancers are a highlight [I’ve videoed them at last year’s Fête, see HERE], as are the Chobham St. Lawrence Morris Men, and the Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club’s exhibition …. gosh, there’s such a lot to enjoy, another big plus is the variety of refreshments.

    I’ll be standing outside a Polling Station

    It’ll be a quiet day on this blog today. I’ll be standing outside a polling station for most of the day, that is until I’m numb with cold, and suffering  from tea starvation. Ok, I might have tea in a flask available, but that’s only good for a while.

    The fun bit is meeting people I know. As many who know me, I’m a chatty soul.

    We may meet tomorrow. Only hope it doesn’t rain.

    More memories of school in 1950/60s Lightwater

    Thank you Rosemarie Mann for this article. How lovely that you speak so warmly of your early life in Lightwater. Last year another past Lightwater resident – Yvette Thomson – recounted her early life in Lightwater in the 1960’s.  Your reminiscences add to hers. I’ve added a photo of Lightwater in the 1960’s to Rosemarie’s story – [click to enlarge].

    My family moved to Lightwater in 1956. I attended the primary/junior school at Catena Rise, from then, till 1959, when I transferred to Frimley & Camberley County Grammar School (FCCGS). I remember Mr Hancock, the gentle art, crafts and history teacher. And Mr. Clarke, the music teacher: he tutored us for a music festival/competition at Camberley (the Drill Hall); we sang, “Inch Worm”, Surrey With The Fringe On Top”, plus or minus something else….We didn’t win, but word came back later that the judges thought we were “the only choir in tune” (so why didn’t we win? We were word perfect, as I recall! Ah well. I remember before we went ‘on’, I sat reading a comic…not nervous, as we knew the songs well.

    I went in for handwriting and art competitions, winning a first (writing) and something else…I think it was a large box of Fry’s Choc’s… painting was of a jungle scene…funny what things you remember, isn’t it.

    Our headmaster was Mr. Scan, who lived just up the road from our bungalow where Curley Hill Rd, and High View Rd met, who was stern, (he used to humiliate little Wally, by standing him on a desk, and saying, “be careful you don’t fall in the inkwell” (I thought that unnecessarily cruel…), but I have to thank him for selecting a few of us to receive extra tuition, prior to the 11 Plus in 1959. I might not have succeeded in the 11 Plus if it hadn’t been for the extra tuition. I’d never seen an intelligence test before, and coming to them with a little experience helped a lot. I eventually got through on interview. The 3 (?) interviewers devised a trick question, I suspect, to see if I was well-mannered ?! They said, “Can you read ?” I felt like saying, “Well how do you think I got this far?!”, but answered meekly, “Yes, sir.” (not worth looking sassy at that stage !).

    Anyway, 2 of us went off to Camberley. It would have been a much less tiring day to attend Bagshot Secondary, but that school had a bit of an air of…….(ummm…..) : my father took my brother out of there and got him into a good school at West Byfleet ). I felt sad that Sylvia Adams didn’t pass, as I thought she was very bright, and would have done well…..Muriel Reaper and I trundled to and fro, (best part of an hour each way, since we had to walk nearly a mile to the bus stops; one by the Off Licence, and the other by The Corner Stores, by The Avenue. on the bus for years after, and I left in 1964, having rather ‘had enough’….I don’t know where Muriel went after that, we weren’t proper friends to be honest.

    Sylvia’s Mother used to run ‘The Powder Box’, along the Guildford Road, and put on enjoyable parties. I was ‘Queen of The May’ one year…a very sweet experience, never to be known again ! I still have the photo…..the event was held in a field (?) behind ‘The Powder Box’. In those days, the village was not much developed, but then the M3 came along, and we knew it because my father’s new white Ford Cortina used to get black dust floating down from the motorway : cars’ emissions etc. were not as clean as they are now….
    Well, enough for now !
    If anyone from that time would like to share a few more memories, please write.
    Crumbs ! It’s 61 years now since we went to Lightwater…..
    Best Wishes,
    Rosemarie Mann

    Nnow at Chandlers Ford, near Southampton –

    Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger spring update for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog

    The entrances to the heathland off Red Road, and into Brentmoor Heath display a Spring update notice from Ben Habgood, the Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog. He can be contacted at

    In Ben’s Spring update notice he mentions to be on the lookout for orchids, which he says can be seen from mid-May onwards. I walked on the track alongside Folly Bog yesterday and found no evidence of their arrival. But then I’m no botanist. I’ll make a trip down to Folly Bog and see I can spot signs of the Early Marsh Orchid.

    I think nature is a bit late this year. Our large camellia has only recently ended its flowering. In the past it’s finished its flowering in January.  [Click on the image to expand].

    The 34 and 35 bus routes from Camberley to Guildford thru Lightwater

    Having the 34 and 35 bus routes pass through Lightwater is a huge convenience. Though bus travel is a rarity for me, I’ve found the 34 and 35’s connection between Lightwater and Woking Station handy on occasions. The changes to the bus routes in Surrey seem not to have made much difference in Lightwater – only slight changes.

    Thought you might like the map of the routes of the 34 and 35 buses. Their timetable is HERE.