Lightwater switches on its Christmas Lights on Saturday 25th November

Perfect for children and parents, Lightwater’s Switch on Christmas. A carol concert in All Saints’s Church, followed by a candle lit procession to the village community Christmas tree for the switching on of the Lights. Followed by Lightwater Village Square Christmas lights switch on, and afterwards, sausage rolls and mulled wine.

Looks like being fun.

All Saints’ Church Hall refurbishment celebration and re-dedication

The clergy and churchwardens of All Saints’ Church in Lightwater invited guests on  Saturday afternoon, 18th November 2017, to a celebration of the completion of the refurbishment of All Saints’ Church Hall, which also included a re-dedication of the Hall by Honorary Curate Rev Derek Browning.

I learned that the cost of the refurbishment approached £100,000. A tidy sum. I also learned that from charitable donations, and other sources, the cost has been covered. A terrific achievement.

I got the feeling that the celebration event was an opportunity for those deeply involved in the refurbishment to say to themselves, ‘phew, that was hard work, but we’re delighted it’s now complete’.

Here are a few photos [click to enlarge], and a short video of the celebration event. I feel I should say, that there are two unrelated Newman families involved. Confusing, I know. So in the video the two Newman’s aren’t related, although even more confusing, they both live in the same road. It’s a long road. Ooops, not the same road. I got that wrong.

Mrs Rosette Savill’s story told in the country of her birth

One must respect the dedication, perseverance, and determination of those involved in historical research. I know of one such person, and it’s Pippa Anderson, whose resolve has been to promote an appreciation of the life and work of Mrs Rosette Savill.

I’ve reported, HERE and HERE, on the unveiling of a blue plaque on the original building of the Free French Rehabilitation Centre, and subsequent Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School, which the blue plaque acknowledged.

So that Mrs Savill’s story is more widely known in Monaco, the country of her birth, Martine and her husband Robert (former PW tennis & music teacher), who live in Monaco, organised that Pippa Anderson’s article appeared in Monaco Life.  You can read the article HERE, or by clicking on the image below. It’s fitting that Monegasques should know about her, and know that she lived in Lightwater. [Note: this article has been updated to include Martine and Robert Frost’s conribution].

Mrs Rosette Savill’s story told in the Camberley News

Pippa Anderson continues to do her ‘Woodies’ proud. ‘Woodies’ being girls who attended Paddock Wood Finishing School in Lightwater, of which she is one. Pippa is the instigator, along with Gillian Riding of Surrey Heath Museum of the Blue Plaque recently unveiled, on the remaining building of the now closed school.

I feel sure that its Pippa wanting the story behind the blue plaque, commemorating the work of Mrs Rosette Savill, to be told for everyone to read, and ensured the Camberley News & Mail covered the story, see copy of the article below. [Click on image to expand]

A walk through the Vehicle Test Track in Lightwater

Continuing my heathland walk from Folly Bog, I thought a walk through the Vehicle Test Track would offer a change of scenery.

Gosh, on arrival I found the Army with a range of vehicles using the test track. Must say I was pleased to seem them, for two reasons. One, that I like all things military, and secondly, it’s good to see the facility in use for the purpose for which it was designed.

As is my wont, I approached the soldiers and briefly chatted to them. I noticed that most of them had wet trousers, almost up to their waist. One I noticed was pouring water out of his boots. Why? Before the vehicles entered any of the ponds or deep muddy tracks, the soldiers had to verify the depth of the water. Were they local? I enquired. No, we’re from the RLC in Abingdon. Aarrhh, lovely, a convoy of Army vehicles. That’s another thing that I like to see, a convoy of Army vehicles.

In the photos of the vehicles on the test track, if you look carefully at the soldiers, they’ve got wet trousers, and some are in the process of changing.

A heathland walk down to Folly Bog

Being reasonable weather on Wednesday this week I ventured out on a longish heathland walk.

I walked down into Folly Bog from the track alongside Red Road. Actually, I pushed my way through the gorse and heather, and surprisingly found the ground firm underfoot. So, I had a good wander round. There’s nothing much to report, the Bog Asphodel has died down, and the sundews were nowhere to be seen, just grasses, sedge, mosses, and lichens.

As a challenge, I’ve often tried to cross the bog, and have never succeeded, even in dry summer. I’m sure it must’ve have been possible in the not to distant past, as there’s remnants of half-buried tarmac, not much, but some. There are also a few rusting steel plates, which you can see in my photo.

Video of the Blue Plaque unveiling ceremony to honour Mrs Rosette Savill

You may have read about the inspirational Mrs Rosette Savill from the numerous articles HERE about the Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School in Lightwater.

I reported recently, HERE, on the blue plaque unveiling ceremony to honour the school’s founder, Mrs Rosette Savill. I’ve found time to create a shortish video – actually it’s a little over 8 minutes – of the unveiling ceremony. Also, Surrey Heath Borough Council issued a press release on the event and attached some photos to it. You can read it HERE.