Interactive Young Citizen programme for Surrey Heath schoolchildren

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce,

Year 7 students from across Surrey Heath will learn how to deal with real-life situations by taking part in the Young Citizen programme this week (November 22-24, 2017).

The course aims to help young people broaden their social responsibility skills and lead safe, healthy lives.

Through a range of interactive sessions, students will explore themes such as first aid, alcohol awareness, personal safety, peer pressure, as well as internet safety and how they can report a crime anonymously.

Over 400 students from Kings International College and Collingwood College will be involved in the practical sessions delivered by qualified professionals.

Among those hosting the workshops are: Solomon Theatre Company, Surrey Police, St John Ambulance, Counter Terrorism Policing – Prevent and Surrey Crimestoppers.

Students will watch a play by the Solomon Theatre Company entitled ‘Last Orders’, acted out by young people to highlight issues around alcohol abuse, peer pressure and its consequences.

Surrey Heath Borough Council Children’s Champion Cllr Josephine Hawkins said: “Young Citizen is a brilliantly effective way of helping young people gain the knowledge and skills to lead safe, healthy lives.

“I’m sure the students involved this year will benefit hugely from this experience. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those agencies involved for their continued support.”

The course is organised and funded by the Safer Surrey Heath Partnership and the schools involved.

An Audience with Surrey’s Lord Lieutentant, High Sheriff, and Police & Crime Commissioner

A healthy audience of friends, parents, and students, enjoyed yesterday evening’s Friends of Gordon’s School event of an audience with Michael More-Molyneux – Surrey’s Lord Lieutenant, Richard Whittington – Surrey’s High Sheriff, and David Munro – Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

Gordon’s School Bursar, Susan Meikle, invited each panel member to describe their role, and afterwards invited questions from the audience.  The panel are all members of the Gordon Foundation, hence, I imagine, making it easier the get all three together. Here are my photo’s, of the panel, Michael More-Molyneux and his scroll [love the seal], and Richard Whittington and his High Sheriff sword. Click on images to enlarge.

Useful tips for photographers at The Photographic Angle exhibition in Camberley

I reckon there are three classes of photographer.

  1. There are the professional, or super-skilled amateur, photographers who genuinely know what they’re doing,
  2. The happy snappers who simply point and click – never bothering to understand, or fiddle with the camera’s settings,
  3. Lastly, the improvers, those of us who know a little about photography and would like to know more, but struggle to understand or use the myriad of settings on modern cameras.

I think I’m half way between a happy snapper and an improver. And so I’ll try to retain in my brain some the helpful tips offered on the boards at The Photographic Angle’s recent exhibition in Camberley. In case you might find them interesting, here they are [click on image to expand].

Surrey Heath’s first Youth Marketing Academy students graduate


Surrey Heath Borough Council announce the following, [click on image to expand]

Last night, February 2nd, saw the completion of Surrey Heath Borough Council’s first Youth Marketing Academy.

The course, run in conjunction with Camberley Theatre, lasted four months and four students from the Lower Sixth Form at Farnborough farnborough-hill-studentsHill College in Farnborough, were presented with their certificates by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Valerie White.

 The students were given a concert at Camberley Theatre to market, using skills they learned via online learning sessions hosted by digital marketing experts, including Jon Sharkey (Head of Marketing for Tourism South East) Zoe Cairns (International  Social Media Speaker).

 The students successfully marketed the concert, featuring two of the artists due to perform at this summer’s Camberley International Festival, Sam Horton and Brightr.

 Jo Bartlett Events and Marketing officer for Surrey Heath Borough Council said, ‘It was very rewarding to be able to help the students gain an insight into the world of modern marketing. We wish them all the best for the future and hope the knowledge they gained from the Youth Marketing Academy will stand them in good stead in their chosen careers’.

 The next Youth Marketing Academy has sixth form students from Collingwood College in Camberley, who are working towards an event at the theatre on March 29th.

 For full details of our upcoming shows please pick up a brochure or visit

Visiting The Photographic Angle exhibition in Camberley

Earlier this week, I reported on the photographic exhibition in Camberley. Yesterday I visited the exhibition.

Expecting to see a room with photos on the wall, much as you would see in an art gallery, the actuality was different.

The Photographic Angle’s concept for their exhibitions is to utilise large empty spaces. What surprises is that the whole floor areas of an empty three storey office block in Watchmoor Park is used to house the exhibition. Again somewhat surprisingly, I worked in the opposite office block. An eerily odd feeling of going back to work, but in a building devoid of fittings, even some of the floor tiles were missing. Ah well nothing stays the same.

Continuing with the surprises is that the photographs aren’t small, they are presented on large screens. Intermingled with the photos are boards with inspiring quotations of famous photographers, and boards offering tips on taking photos. It’s a cleverly staged exhibition, inviting the visitor to pause and reflect on the values and purposes of photography.

Oh, one final thing – empty office blocks are penetratingly cold. It’s a wrap up warm type of exhibition + gloves.

New home for The Postal Museum and Mail Rail back in service

In an age when museums are closing around the country, against this trend there is a new home for the Postal Museum, which opens in mid-2017. An innovative and new visitor experience is the chance to ride on a section of the re-opened underground Mail Rail.

My interest in stamp collecting is no more – one on many boyhood passions not followed through to late adulthood. A passion for trains, of all kinds, has been retained. Riding on the, once secret, Mail Rail arouses my keen interest. I’ve already mentioned my desire to go to my dear wife – diary marker set for mid-2017. I’ll hope to be there on opening day, for the sheer fun and excitement.

The video below gives an indication of what visitors can expect.

Things I know I don’t know, and things I don’t know but probably should know

There are subjects that I know I don’t know, such as quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and fluid dynamics to name three.

There are things that I think I should probably know, but don’t know. One of these things cropped up recently while on the wondrous internet.

hocw17I happened on this article about two ancient objects – Two boundary markers. From Athens, Greece. Circa 500 BCE. The article was about objects 16 and 17 from A History of the Classical World in 100 Objects by Emily Hauser.

It was the words “Circa 500 BCE” that sparked my curiosity. What does BCE mean? I know, like most people, what BC and AD mean, but BCE – hmmm, me clueless. So, another Google. Phew, see HERE, or HERE for the answer.

Here’s what I’ve now learned,

These stones, … are also reminders of the radical social reforms which swept Athens in the early 6th century BCE, presaging the advent of an entirely new kind of political system – democracy.

and that,

It seems historians use the term Common Era as a secular alternative to the terms “BC” and “AD”, which have a Christian relevance. BCE means Before Common Era and is the same as BC, While CE, meaning Common Era, is the same as AD.

So, now I know two things.