The 34 and 35 bus routes from Camberley to Guildford thru Lightwater

Having the 34 and 35 bus routes pass through Lightwater is a huge convenience. Though bus travel is a rarity for me, I’ve found the 34 and 35’s connection between Lightwater and Woking Station handy on occasions. The changes to the bus routes in Surrey seem not to have made much difference in Lightwater – only slight changes.

Thought you might like the map of the routes of the 34 and 35 buses. Their timetable is HERE.

Difference between road surface delamination and a pothole

My earliest blog articles, in March 2007, were about potholes. I think I’ve written well over over 30 on potholes and roads.

I learned quickly how to identify a pothole and a road surface delamination. Both make for uncomfortable driving. Obviously potholes are the more serious, especially for motorbikers or cyclists. I can’t find the definition of a pothole on the Surrey County Council website. I think I once found out the definition on their website – greater than 3 deep and six inches wide.

More common is road surface delamination. This is where layers of the road surface are worn away. The Maultway in Heatherside currently has large areas of delamination.

Yesterday, in Lightwater, I drove over a potholes in Guildford Road and delaminated surface in Briar Avenue. It’s not just Lightwater suffering, it’s everywhere, as the latest Annual Road Maintenance survey shows. Here are my photos of the potholes and delamination. I’ve yet to report the potholes, which is an easy process. I’ve just got to get round to do it.

Virgin Media exaggerates its cable network expansion

Well, well, well. The Daily Telegraph reports that Virgin Media launches investigation and suspends staff over exaggeration of cable network expansion.

The Telegraph report says,

The company discovered evidence that 142,000 homes and businesses in line to be connected to its network required more work than it had previously reported.

Liberty Global [owners of Virgin Media] had believed construction work to lay new cables was substantially complete and that the new lines only required power and plugging into its street cabinets, work it told investors would be complete in the first quarter of this year.

Annual road maintenance survey for 2017 finds further decline in local road network

The 22nd Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey is published on 28th March 2017. I’ve followed this annual survey on the state of our roads for many years. We don’t seem to be making much of an impression on the road repair backlog.

Alan Mackenzie, Chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), comments on the Local Government Association’s statement on 2017 potentially becoming a tipping point for local roads:

“Prolonged under investment, coupled with wetter winters, increased traffic and an ageing network, means that the resilience of our local roads is at a low point. Clearing the maintenance backlog is impossible without a significant increase in funding.”

“The fact remains that our local road network receives only a fraction of the funding allocated to the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and this disparity needs to be tackled proactively if further decline is to be prevented.”

The 2017 survey report contains plenty of data to digest. Here’s the table of the key findings from the report, click on image to expand.

Yet more infrastructure proceeding slowly

I noted, recently,  the slow pace of Virgin Media’s contractors installing ultrafast broadband in Lightwater.

Last week while in London, as is my wont, I photograph the progress of construction work at Waterloo railway station.  I must say the changes since my earlier visit in December 2016 are hardly discernible. Spotting a man in high-viz clothing I enquired, among other things, as to the progress of the project. Came back the reply that things weren’t going as fast as hoped for the opening in August 2017 of temporary use of platforms 20-24 of the old Waterloo International Station.

Below are my photos – click on image to expand.

All this Virgin Media works is awfully slow

Why am I apparently complaining about something I’ve said I want – faster broadband. Well, it’s taking a jolly long time to get to our part of Lightwater. As a nation, I believe, we never throw enough assets at an infrastructure issue. I’m sure you can think of examples, without me needing to list them here.

Anyway, some parts of Lightwater have had the fibre optic cable laid to the perimeter of their properties. Me, envious, goodness me no. I will definitely be when they get their connection and we’re still waiting. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos of the work and the mess by Virgin Media on Lightwater Road. Although I think their work has advanced beyond that of my photos.

Work fully underway to replace Woodlands Lane bridge

I’m sure you’ll know of the unfortunate saga about Woodlands Lane Bridge – a couple of my reports HERE and HERE. The bridge was demolished in November 2016, adding to traffic congestion on local roads. The planned re-opening of a new bridge is advertised as being in the Winter of 2017/18.

It maybe that you’ve missed seeing, on the M3, there’s work underway to replace the bridge. Below is my photo of the work, taken today. Subsequently, I visited the Balfour Beatty site on New Road to enquire as to when the work would be completed. See the latest Highways England progress report on the bridge replacement.

The answer  I received was they are hoping to complete by the end of 2017, perhaps might extend into January 2018 if things don’t go to plan. A key part of the work to be completed is to erect a bridge support pier in the central reservation.

The good news is that work on the replacement of the bridge is progressing, as it should be. Looks like it’ll end up as only 14 months without a bridge – still far too long.