My changing of a pull switch takes much longer than Bert

It’s been one of those weeks where stuff happens. Firstly the central heating pump failed, and then my bathroom light pull switch cord broke. It broke inside the pull switch, so not a question of simply using a new cord.

We’ve an en suite that I can use, but that’s my dear wife’s domain. Surely a simple diy job for the man of the house. [Photo of the completed job]

First task, as is always the case nowadays, search the internet for replacement pull switch. Available at Screwfix for the princely sum of £3.78. At that price it was obviously made in China.

Next to the items on my Google search was a helpful video by Bert Electrics – see below. He replaced a pull switch in less than 4 minutes. Though that time didn’t include the time for visits the circuit breaker. Even so, a quick job thought I.

Not so for me. The location of the pull switch proved quite troublesome to reach easily. I needed a step ladder in between the size of the two we have, resulting in my having to stretch to reach and access fiddly bits.

Bert took just short of 4 minutes, for me it was well over an hour’s work, not including the stops for cups of tea. Resolved to get myself an electric screwdiver like Bert. I do have a DeWalt drill, which was too big for the task. The overall result was one of satisfaction that I could accomplish a simple diy task.

Ahh, lovely heat returns

Related imageRadiators are now bursting with heat, after a heating engineer replaced our broken central heating pump.

Our heating failed last Saturday. The house got progressively colder, in direct correlation to the number of clothes we wore.

Yesterday, lovely heat returned to the whole house. It reminds me of the heating available when I was growing up. Open fires that provided heat, and the fun watching flickering flame. It was, however, accompanied with draughts; warm front, cold backs.

My embarrassing story, with plenty of witnesses

Recently I filmed and recorded a local event. I’ve not so far put the results on this blog. Why, the unqualified embarrassment at my inability to perform a simple task, and doing it so publicly.

Here’s the story. Last week the replica milestone on the A30 was installed and unveiled at a special ceremony. The event was organised by Gillian Barnes-Riding of Surrey Heath Museum. The Mayor of Surrey Heath was in attendance, in his chain and robes to unveil the replica milestone and information plaque, as was the Rev Bruce Nicole to offer a blessing. A crowd of some 30 or so people gathered to listen to the speeches, and watch the unveiling, and afterwards to enjoy refreshments at Camberley Glass.

Yours truly, thinking the event worthy of recording and videoing, took all his cameras and audio recording equipment. Recording the words of the speeches near the busy A30 meant putting my microphone close the the speaker. Switching on my voice recorder and continually checking the audio level, I failed to notice that I’d pressed the pause button – so no audio record of the speeches.

Disaster – embarrassment – incompetence. I’m still feeling sheepish some 5 days later. Yet again, I must remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Will post my video later today.

So, apologies to all who’d expected a recording of the speeches. Of course, skilled photographers of the local Camera Club, Mike Hillman and Alan Meeks, who were also in attendance will not have made my mistakes.

A big day, No.3 of 3

Quelle surprise! I’m quoted on the front page of the Camberley News & Mail.

No longer being a borough councillor or Mayor, I’d not imagined that my name or what I’ve said would be worthy of the front page of the local newspaper. Heck, even the words on my blog are part of an article in the Camberley News and Mail about the imminent commencement of work to build a Tesco Express store in Lightwater.

I’m happy to be quoted, the contents of my blog are public domain. I don’t even copyright my photos, mainly because I’m a simple happy snapper, not a photographer. Well done to the press for focussing on little ‘ol Lightwater.

One small point, the article in the New and Mail has a photo that’s a few years old. Below is one I took today. Still no sign of work commencing, though Tesco have confirmed their intention to build a Tesco Express. Click of the images below to expand.

A big day, No.2 of 3

Today, March 29th, is the 10th anniversary of this blog. 2007 seems a long time ago now. I’d no idea that I’d still be writing articles on this blog – all 5,763 of them, which have received 834,558 views in total.

Today, a reader called at home about a short article I wrote in May 2014 about the Blackhill Water Tower in Bagshot. That my puny efforts are of interest is a reminder that I ought to stick at it, though finding new ideas for articles challenges me daily. Sometimes, I feel I must recycle the subject of a previous article, an article I’m intending to write tommorrow is on the exact same topic as my articles in March 2007.

Thank you for visiting the blog, a big thank you to those who spend their valuable time contributing comments. It’s always a joy to meet a reader – doesn’t happen often, but when it does it gives me a little boost of energy.

So thank you readers, one and all, wherever you are, your visit is appreciated.

A milestone missed and a milestone bringing me transient fame

Two things to tell you about. Both regarding milestones. No, don’t switch off please, I’m correcting a mistake I made when I said there were 10 milestones in Surrey Heath.

While correct that these are the only milestones connected with turnpike trust roads of the 18th century, there’s another milestone in Chobham. Erected in 1981 to “commemorate the wedding of HRH The Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer”. It is none the less worthy of being included in the Borough’s list of milestones. So, we’ve 11 not 10. Here are some photos of this milestone, and Colin Woodward’s diagram of its front face [click on images to expand].

A big thank you to Colin for telling me, in his letter, about what I’d missed, and in such detail too. It’s a little humbling to appreciate that readers of this blog take time to correct my errors.

Now, about the transient fame. Another reader – Lightwater retiree – saw my photo hugging a milestone in the BBC News Surrey website. Here it is in all glory. Fame today, chip paper [or equivalent] tomorrow.

Milestone hug

Feeling whacked, floored, and totally listless

Feeling rottenThe intermittent nature of recent blogging is simply due to the effects of a rather nasty cold that has variously left me feeling flattened, floored and whacked out. I’m on the mend, so normal service, of sorts, will resume shortly. This isn’t a recent photo, but expresses how I’ve been feeling.

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, & fulfilling New Year

Be luckyMy very best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling New Year. Oh, and additionally – be lucky.

I’m a tad late sending this message as have been absolutely flattened by a post-Christmas cold, which my wife says is a result of my recent ‘flu jab’. Not so says I. But hey, there is always more than one opinion on everything.