Upcoming car-tastic Camberley Car Show on Saturday 18th August

Now a fixture in the events calendar in Camberley, is the Camberley Car Show [see also the Facebook page] The first show, in 2013, established the pattern of the amazing variety of motor vehicles. Some special vehicles have graced the show over the past years, including the weird Outspan Orange car, a Batmobile, past Formula 1 racing cars, and of course a selection of the latest go-faster super cars, as my photos below show.

A weekly motor bike meet at Jack’s chippy in Bagshot

I’ve previously reported, HERE, on the weekly motor bike meet on Wednesday lunch time at Jack’s Fish and Chips in Bagshot.

Jack’s on the A30 in Bagshot is blessed with a large car park, unusually so for a chippy. It’s ideal to host a weekly gathering of motor bikes old and new. We drove past last Wednesday, the final day of lovely sunny weather, before the current rains.

I said to my dear wife that I wanted to take a closer look at the bikes, and also, why not stop for lunch. Brief appointment in Camberley duly completed, we returned and found a parking spot. I met some one I know who owns a collection of bikes, of the go-faster variety. Me, I’m equally fascinated by older bikes, possibly because they’re the ones I recognised when way back I followed motor bike road racing.

Possibly because it was a fine day, there were a large number of bikes, and Jack’s fish and chip restaurant was busy. There was a particularly fine example of a 1954 Francis Barnett, to whose owner we happily chatted after our plaice and chips lunch. Here are a few photos of some older bikes and a short video of the bike meet.

Did we see a blood moon, red moon, or blue moon?

I’m thoroughly fed up with all the hype about this evening’s blood moon. I had a message on my phone from the Daily Telegraph saying it was once in a lifetime experience. Yeah, yeah. Did we see it? No, of course we didn’t, as it was hidden behind clouds.

I’m tired of all the hype that is associated with heavenly phenomena. Whether it’s the blood moon, the Pleiades shooting stars, any sort of solar eclipse, meteor showers, or comet fly by’s, I never see any of them. Why, because it’s always pesky cloudy.

We, plus friends, travelled to Dartmouth in Cornwall for a solar eclipse view-able in the UK, which was on 11th August 1999; we chose a hotel with a good view of the sky, kitted ourselves with the correct viewing goggles, and we waited. What did we see? Nothing much, just clouds, although we did see the clouds darken for a couple of minutes.

So, please, please, less of the hype for witnessing celestial events in the UK.

A dinner accompanied by select Tattinger Champagnes

It’s too torturous to explain, so I’ll not bother, how we attended a Taittinger Champagne Dinner at Montagu Arms Hotel in Beaulieu. The hotel’s Head Sommelier, Sergio Dossantos, arranged the dinner, with the UK Director of the Family Taittinger on hand to describe the champagnes that accompanied the dinner.

Here’s our menu, and the champagnes accompanying our dinner,

The champagnes, from left to right in the photo

  • Taittinger Nocture Sec NV: Being sweeter than the other champagnes for the dinner, it balanced the sweet course, and was a fitting end to the evening.
  • Taittinger Prestige Rose: A fruity taste perfect for our cheese course
  • Taittinger Vintage 2003: A special treat, due to the limited availability of this harvest
  • Taittinger Les Folies de la Marquetterie: An unusual champagne, being from a single vineyard
  • Taittinger Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne 2006: Made entirely from Chardonnays from only the best vines in the prestigious Côte des Blancs. It is only produced when the harvest is of exceptional quality worthy of a vintage year. Only the wine from the first press – the Cuvée – is used: a sure guarantee of finesse. A superb blockbuster champagne, a worthy start to the evening.

Taittinger is our favourite champagne, and the Comtes de Champagne is our favourite from their range of wines.