Photo Quiz No.56: Where is this plaque and its associated tree?Answer: Opposite the Inn at West End on the A322

It’s been a while since I challenged you, dear readers, with a photo quiz. This plaque stands by a large oak tree, but where? A clue to help you. It’s on a main road in the Borough. See photo of the tree below the plaque photo.

Red Oak in West End

Naturally, I followed Bernard’s advice on spotting wild orchids: UPDATED

UPDATE: Do read Bernard’s comment. He says my photo is not a Twayblade. Oh dear, I’m going take him up on his offer of a guided walk.

Yesterday, for my daily constitutional walk, I followed Bernard Baverstock’s advice and went looking for a wild orchid variety that I’ve not previously recognised. I’ve already said how I feel humbled when expert advice points out something that I’ve missed, especially as I’ve been studying the local wild orchids for months, and months.

On my way to search for the Common twayblade – Neottia ovata,  I encountered a cyclist on a very narrow path through the heather. Part of today’s social distancing fun, we offered each other priority of travel. It was easier for me to step off the path into the heather. We got into conversation, as one does, with Mark – that’s his name, saying that he reads this blog. Much enjoyable chat followed. It’s always an odd experience to meet one of my readers.

Anyway, I found the Common twayblades, at least I think I did. Didn’t spent long studying them as a dirty big black cloud began raining on me. I’ll have to go back again to take some better photos. Here’s my, not great quality, photo.

Finding stuff in my photo library No.3 – Salt pans in La Palma

Yet again, I’ve found more stuff in my photo library. These photos are of the salt pans – Salinas de Fuencaliente at the southern tip of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands.

We holidayed in La Palma in October 2013. Our hotel was around 6 miles form the tip of the island and the salt pans. A regular bus service ran past the salt pans. Walking from our hotel to the salt pans wasn’t an option. The uneven road ran over the lava flow of the Teneguia volcano that erupted in in 1971.

We visited the salt pans a few times. Primarily because there’s a splendid restuarant and bar there – El Jardin De La Sal –  with lovely sea views and views over the salt pans. While the place attracts tourists – us included – it wasn’t overrun by them and was consequently peaceful.

We learned that the benefits of the location of the salt pans were, obviously, exposure to the sun and was black  lava that was warmed by the sun. If you’re ever in the island of La Palma, the salt pans, and it’s associated restaurant are worthy of a visit. Here are our photos of our visits.

Finding stuff in my photo library No.1 – Day trip to Gozo

Many people, I’m told, file their photos on their computers in date sequence. Not me. I file mine/ours in folders. Firstly by a folder with a general name, such as Holidays, Local Interest, or more obscure such as Red Road. Within a generic folder I’ll create a folder of a specific event such as Broadmoor Siren.

The only problem being the number of folders. I can always find the date by looking at the properties of the photo.

Our Christmas holiday in 2003 was to Malta. I don’t remember much of where we stayed, I do however remember that we enjoyed travelling around the island by local buses, some of which were old and decrepit, though all the more fun by being so.

One of our days out was to visit the island of Gozo. We caught a ferry to the island, arriving at the port of Mgarr, wandered round the harbour, stopped for lunch, had another wander and caught the ferry back to Malta. We both love harbours, me perhaps more than my dear wife, probably to do with my love of anything with a combustion engine in it.

Back to the reason for the post, here are the photos of that day trip. None of them of any great quality, and all of the ferries and the port of Mgarr. As you can see, neither of us are too fond of photos of ourselves, certainly none on that day’s adventure.

We will go on holiday abroad again

Maybe, and this could be true for all of us, we won’t be holidaying abroad this year, or even next year. But the draw of abroad will return.

By way of reminding you of the delights of abroad, here a short report of our walking holiday, in early June in 2019, in the Pindos National Park in Northern Greece. I’ve not previously written about our walking jaunt last year, nor have I posted any photos, so here are some of them. As the area was photogenic, I’ve struggled to keep to 19 photos. I hope you enjoy them. Click on a photo to enlarge, where you can then view in full size.

The walking was a touch strenuous for us, lessened by the glorious weather, stunning vistas, and mouth-wateringly good food. We flew to Corfu, then by ferry the mainland, staying, firstly, in Monodendri, and then at the Astra Inn in Papigo, which we highly recommend. Then back home by ferry to Corfu and flight home.

Even in early June protection was needed from the sun, though breaking for lunch both delivered respite and lovely Greek salads. I stopped to study the wildflowers, especially the orchids, generally though we just admired the views and the flora.