September events: Start planning for your Heritage Open Days visits

It’s not too early to begin your planning for visits to places in the national Heritage Open Days. There are plenty of places to visit. We’ve enjoyed many of them, even events further afield, as sadly, the map only shows a couple of events in Surrey Heath. Click on map to visit the website.

A track surface made up of scalpings and junk

The heathland track alongside the Bisley and Pirbright Ranges from Lightwater to Deepcut is a regular walk of mine. I enjoy the distant view of London from Chobham Ridges, and just as much the seasonal changes to the flora and and fauna.

On one walk I noticed a piece of junk buried in the track, and on subsequnent walks I noticed more and more buried junk. Yesterday I photographed some of the buried junk, and thought you might like to see it. These five photos are the most obvious pieces of junk.

The surface of the track is mostly scalpings of one sort or another. Occasionaly there are exposed areas of bricks and crushed ceramics.

Crowds in Camberley enjoy a feast of motoring vehicles

Now a fixture in the events in Camberley town centre, the Camberley Car Show attracted large crowds to see the fast cars, classic cars, weird cars, and vintage cars.

Part of the fun of the show is bumping into people you know, and the occasional one who’s exhibiting his treasured motor. I did more chatting than picture taking, so the few photos below are the sum total of my photographic efforts.

Cosseting my cacti for the West End & Windlesham Agricultural & Horticultural Show

No too long to go till the West End, Windlesham and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society annual show [WEWDAHS for short].

Last year I submitted two cacti with one winning a third prize. I can’t submit either again, even though they have both responded wonderfully to my cosseting with healthy growth in the last year.

My small cacti collection had a couple of days holiday outdoors in the sun over a week ago. Some have, pleasingly, put on a spurt of growth. What I hope for now is another sunny spell when I can give them a final watering and feeding. Then I can make my choice.

Last year was my first experience of exhibiting and the tension waiting to see the judges verdict.

Photo of London skyline from Chobham Ridges, my best yet

My walk today from Lightwater to Deepcut included spending time viewing the London Skyline from the track alongside Chobham Ridges.

The view is often obscured by haze making it difficult to pick out individual features. Not so today. A few days of rain is sufficient to provide a clear view.

In the photos below, firstly today’s view, and underneath that, one I took in July 2016. I think today’s photo of the skyline is my best yet, and I’ve been photographing it for a number of years. It’s remarkable how the skyline has changed with more skyscrapers. [Click on image to expand]

The nearest spot on the track alongside the Maultway that identifies from where I took the photo is between Redwood Drive and Yockley Close roads off the Maultway. On my next walk I’ll try to identify the spot exactly.