Reprise 1 of 5: Allan Sherman comedy songs

While I ponder what next to write about here, I thought you wouldn’t mind if I mined my back catalogue to keep you entertained. I’ve over 7,400 blog posts to choose from, and in making the selections I’ll stick to humour or culture as I’m sure that’ll divert you from current topics.

It was in 2019 that I posted five of American comedian Allan Sherman’s comedy songs. They are all funny. With most amusement for me in listening to the The Bronx Bird Watcher.  I’ve listed them all below.

  1. Hello Muddah Hello Faddah
  2. America’s a Nice Italian Name
  3. The Bronx Bird Watcher
  4. The Streets of Miami
  5. Makin Coffee

Comedy moments No.1: Les Dawson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining with other members of Camberley & District Probus Club in a Zoom entertainment created by one of our members. It comprised video clips of categories, such as comedy, culture, and musicals. The challenge was to identify the people, composers, film titles, and so on.

Everyone enjoyed the entertainment. The clips of comedians made me smile, which is what we all need in today’s tough times. I’ve nicked the idea. Here’s the first comedy moment. It’s les Dawson appearing in the 1987 Royal Command Performance.

Cricket humour to lighten your mood

Oh to be watching cricket on a sunny day at the boundary edge. Something to look forward to, not sure when. Meanwhile here’s a twitter thread to amuse, with Michael Vaughan asking his followers if they Can you explain our current situation in cricketing terms please? [Click on Michael Vaughan’s name to read the thread.]

Also, here’s a simply wonderful short cricket video.

Travelling on old tube trains in the Isle of Wight

A fun day out for us is a day trip to the Isle of Wight. I’ve previously talked about such day trips to the Island on this blog. Choosing fine weather for a day trip In late October, we parked our car in Gun Wharf Keys in Portsmouth, then a short walk through Portsmouth Harbour train station to the Isle of Wight fast ferry terminal.

In just 30 minutes or so the fast ferry arrives at Ryde Pier Head. There’s then a choice, a half mile walk along the pier to Ryde Esplanade or catch a tube train from the pier head to Ryde, which is what we did. Sad chap that I am, one of the reasons for the day trip was a last trip on the 83 year old tube trains before they are removed from service at the end of this year.

We travelled on the tube train to Ryde and then by bus to – I’ll tell you about this later. Returning to Ryde from our visit we caught a tube train from Ryde to Ryde Pier Head. I captured the tube train experience on a video, which I’m sharing with you below.