Few mushrooms seen on my second heathland walk of the week

Could the lack of mushrooms be as a result of foragers? Probably not. I spotted only one mushroom, an edible Boletus (though not the tasty variety Boletus edulis). The other in my photo are ones [the small white ones] I’ve not noticed before.

Though the mushrooms were lacking, the walk from Lightwater to Deepcut was as enjoyable, as always, with the pleasures of seeing the early autumn colours in trees and vegetation.

Expecting to see many more mushrooms on my heathland walk

On my most recent heathland walk, where I even ventured down into Folly Bog, I saw many mushrooms. Today I’m on another heatland walk, and am hoping to see many more varieties of mushrooms.

Here are the photos of the mushrooms on my most recent walk. Do I know what they are, no I don’t, and we’ve numerous books on mushrooms at home. Closer study is needed to identify them, which is my next challenge.

Looking for the fifth bronze-age bowl barrow in Brentmoor Heath

The four 4000 year old bowl barrows in Brentmoor Heath are easily accessible as a path runs next to them. In the 1930’s photo below – notice the lack of trees – you can just about pick out the fifth bowl barrow.  It is smaller and lies close by to the right of the four bowl barrows.

I’ve long been fascinated by them, and a while back wrote about them in some detail in Accepting the challenge to discover more about the bowl barrows in Brentmoor Heath.

I’ve not located the fith bowl barrow. As part of the need to get out, away from the TV, caused by my addiction to the Tour de France, I’m off to hunt for it.

A scary night for my cacti

My, much loved, small collection of cacti were left out last night – there was no escape for them from lightning, thunder, and rain.

I’d given the cacti a day out in the sun, with a generous feeding and watering. I hadn’t expected the night to be so scary for them – though enjoyable for my wife and I watching the lightning.

Here they are this morning enjoying the sunshine.

Lightwater Country Park gets its first Green Flag Award

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce double celebrations as Lightwater Country Park achieves its first Green Flag Award, and Frimley Lodge Park its 19th.

Lightwater Country Park has been recognised by the Green Flag Award scheme as one of the best in the country. It’s the first time the 59-hectare park in Surrey Heath has been awarded this international mark of quality.

And it was a day of double celebrations in Surrey Heath as Frimley Lodge Park received a Green Flag Award too – for an amazing 19th time.

The parks are among a record-breaking 1,970 UK parks and green spaces, and 131 in thirteen other countries around the world, that will today receive a prestigious Green Flag Award – the mark of a quality park or green space.

This international award, now into its third decade, is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.

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Some say they’ve gone fishing, I say I’ve gone orchid hunting

No, I’ve not gone fishing; I’ve gone orchid hunting.

I’ve managed to do a spot of wild orchid hunting in the local heathland and bogs, as is my wont. It’s a bit like stamp collecting, always hoping to identify a treasure in a pile of stamps.

One key difference, I can’t collect the wild orchids, other than by photographing them. The pleasure, or is it pain, I don’t know which, is getting out the orchid identification sources and then expanding my photos on my computer for comparison. A stamp catalogue is easier to use. Ah, well, at least I got out into the heathland and the bogs.

The good news is that the wild orchids are flourishing alongside the heathland track next to Red Road in Lightwater, and here was me being overly concerned about their late arrival. I don’t think they’re quite as vigourous as in previous years – more photo comparison needed to prove this. The Spotted Orchids are variable, so will take time for proper identification. Meanwhile, there’s more good news in that the Early Marsh Orchids in Folly Bog are also flourishing. Here are my photos for you to enjoy.

June 2019 local events diary No9: Frimley Green Gardens Open: Sunday 9th June

A big oops – have omitted the floriferous Frimley Green Gardens Open Day event on Sunday 9th June. We’re regular visitors to the gardens, always begining with cake and tea on the Green.

I’ve added the event to my diary recap list HERE.