Infrastructure Upgrades #3: Extra platforms at Waterloo station for suburban trains

4-waterloo-station-upgradeThe are two side to upgrades to our national infrastructure. The good side results from improvements, efficiency, and increased capacity, while the bad side is the necessary dislocation and delay, although temporary.

This is certainly the case with the upgrade to Waterloo railway station. Bringing into use the Eurostar platforms increases capacity – a good thing. Extending some of the platforms to cater for 10 coach trains is also a good thing. All this is not without dislocation. The video by Network Rail explains the project works, and THIS website explains the changes to train timetables in August this year.

An evening of ‘Russian Masters’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Guildford

We’re looking forward to tonight’s concert, in Guildford’s International Concert Season, at G Live with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing ‘Russian Masters’, in the following programme,

royal-philharmonic-orchestraBorodin Prince Igor Polovtsian Dances
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2
Mussorgsky Night on the Bare Mountain
Rimsky Korsakov Capriccio Espagnol
Khachaturian Spartacus Suite No. 2: Adagio
Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

The Conductor is Grzegorz Nowak, and at the piano is Alexander Ullman. From 6.30 pm there’s an opportunity to meet members of the orchestra. I’ll definitely take up that offer.

Decorative and fine arts appreciation in Camberley

Here’s a local society about which I knew not – shame on me. It’s the Camberley Decorative & Fine Arts Society, which is part of a national organisation NADFAS. The societies say they’re function is,

to advance decorative and fine arts education and appreciation, alongside promoting the conservation of our artistic heritage.

The Camberley society say they’ve over 190 members, and hold regular talks at High Cross Church on the 4th Wednesday of almost every month. Their 2017 lecture programme can be seen HERE. Their upcoming lecture on Wednesday 22nd February, from 1.50 pm to 3.15 pm is on Lawrence of Arabia; Excavating a Legend by Dr Neil Faulkner, who is “joint academic director of the Great Arab Revolt Project which has been exploring the archaeology of WW1 in the deserts of southern Jordan since 1996.”

Here’s the front and back page of their advertising flyer, [click on image to expand].


Infrastructure Upgrades #2: Woking town centre utility improvements

Woking Borough Council’s website carries details of major road closures and diversions, which the say are,

To continue to support the economic growth of Woking Town Centre, it is necessary to carry out essential utilities works, such as installing additional gas and water supplies, to Victoria Way. By carrying out these works now, we hope to minimise future disruption to the highway network.

Here are the details,

woking-raod-closures_1 woking-road-closures_2

Infrastructure Upgrades #1: Replacement of Albrighton Station Footbridge

What’s coming next is a little flurry of blog posts about upgrades to our national and local infrastructure.

Guess it won’t surprise readers that I’m beginning with a slightly offbeat start. In my teens and early twenties I lived in Albrighton in southern Shropshire. My bother and I caught an early train from Albrighton, me to go variously to Birmingham or Wolverhampton, and my brother to Smethwick. We lived 5 minutes or so from the railway station – and yes, we always left it late to catch the train, often having to make a dash over the footbridge.

On the lovely cast iron footbridge it said it was erected in 1883. It’s a pleasure to see that the station is being renovated and getting a new footbridge, courtesy of Network Rail, while retaining some of the original ironwork.

A bit more history before a couple of photos of the work, courtesy of  Wikipedia and © Copyright Jaggery for photo 2. The local train from Albrighton  to Wolverhampton was a diesel multiple unit where you could sit behind the driver, with only a glass partition between passenger and driver. Made journeys fun.