Important information from Deepcut development consultation exhibition

Visiting the Princess Royal Barracks redevelopment exhibition today at Deepcut (Garrison) Community Centre I captured the exhibition boards on my camera. Jolly useful too, because there were boards of important information not contained in the exhibition boards in their website at

The lighting on the exhibition boards made it difficult to take good photos. The key ones not on the website are the development timeline, the potential locations for the amenities, and the indicative master plan. [Click on image to expand].

Two signs, one good and legal, the other bad and anti-social

Here are two the signs [click on images to enlarge],

DSC08248 DSC08249

Both are in Lightwater. The Surrey Police Burglars Beware sign is affixed to a lamppost on by the island joining Corbett Drive and Briar Avenue. I’m not aware of any burglaries in the immediate vicinity. I imagine the sign is placed at a strategic point for on a through road in Lightwater. Recently, driving around this island, I missed noticing a police car parked in Corbett Drive on burglary watch.

Now, the second sign. It’s easy to say that this sign is a form of vandalism, as it’s nailed firmly – with four nails – to the tree. Certainly worth taking a note of the name, and to be sure not to use their services. I’ll be emailing them to request its removal, without damaging the tree. The offending sign is on Briar Avenue, near the island mentioned above.

Late Friday Hot Links: Too much water in parts of America, and the politics of drinking water

Was going to plant some daffodils – Jetfire and Minnow varieties – I bought on Friday. However, it was just so jolly cold, I couldn’t face it.

The alternative was a cup of tea and some late Friday afternoon trawling of the Internet, specifically the latest editions of arts and culture magazines. They were all about America, and surprisingly each covered the subject of water from a different angle.

I thought you might like to read what I read in the three articles,

  • Norfolk Naval Base December 2012In The American Prospect winter edition is the article Atlantic Surging, Virginia Sinking. Norfolk, Virginia is experiencing increased flood events and is coping with a sea level rise of eight inches in 40 years, with a further predicted rise of six inches in 25 years. The article is about the politics of preparedness for this change.
  • In American Review is an article on the effects of climate change is having in the Midwestern Great Lakes, which are seeing a reversal of their drying up to seeing a comeback in the lakes waters.
  • In The Atlantic, the Politics of Drinking Water is considered both in the USA and the rest of the world.

Latest Neighbourhood Crime Watch Bulletin for Camberley

Surrey Police volunteer, and Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, Stephanie Edwards 20420 [Contact telephone: 101 Ext. 31374] reports on recent burglaries in the borough in her latest Neighbourhood Watch Crime Bulletin:

Crime Reference – 451500016333 – Between 26/2/2015 – 27/02/2015 a burglary occurred in Manor Way, Camberley. Access gained by climbing onto Conservatory roof, entered through open small bathroom window, conducted tidy search, electronic items and jewellery was stolen. Left front door open upon leaving property.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has been the victim of a doorstep scam, contact Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06, or in an emergency dial 999.

My, that Daniel Hannan MEP does get around a lot

Let me tell you here and now that I’ve met and listened to Daniel Hannan MEP. I have to say it was with huge dollop of respect and no little awe.

Among his many qualities it’s his erudition that impresses. He supports his arguments with illuminating historical precedents and reference to principle. His arguments are made more persuasive because of the depth of research and knowledge. You don’t necessarily have to agree with his arguments, though it’s a huge courtesy to the listener to be so well informed.

Funny that not only was Daniel on the BBC’s This Week programme – giving his Take of the Week. He also has an article in this month’s The New Criterion – ‘America’s leading review of the arts and intellectual life’ – about “The European Parliament’s gargantuan edifices are the perfect symbols of the larger Euro-racket”.

Listening to Daniel HannanHis argument on This Week, which he discussed with Michael Portillo, Diane Abbott, and Andrew Neil, was that we should consider it better to have MP’s having jobs outside parliament than being full time politicians. One interesting point made by Daniel – see the episode HERE – was to do away with all the quango’s regulating MP’s. Simply expressed as ‘replacing the culture of compliance with a culture of conscience’, where the final arbiter is the ballot box.

I’ll say it again. I can happily listen to Daniel Hannan all day. Informed debate is so much more instructive, illuminating, enjoyable, and responsible than the loudly delivered tribal party lines.

Report on last evening’s council meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council

Meetings of the Full Council of Surrey Heath Borough Council are not lengthy affairs. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have important content.

Yesterday evening’s Full Council meeting important tasks were to approve the council budget and council tax for 2015/16. It also considered the setting of the Council Tax for each tax band for the 2015/16 financial year, and also changes to the Business Rates reliefs. Thirty councillors voted for to approve the budget and council tax, while two voted against.

Surrey Heath staff numbersIn the council leader’s report, Cllr Moira Gibson described the £2.3 million of operational cost saved by the Borough in the last 5 years, and that further savings, though more difficult to achieve, will be required. This is because government support will be lower. The future for the council will be marked by the need to be more commercial, finding ways to bring in income to the council. An increase in shared services between councils is a likely direction to save money. The graphs show recent changes to staffing (FTE means Full Time Equivalent).

By way of diversion, I thought you might like to see the mayoral party enter the council chamber. Councillors stand on the entry of the mayor and wait to be told to be seated. First is the mace bearer, then the mayor [Cllr Bob Paton], who acts as chairman of the meeting, then the deputy mayor [Cllr Joanne Potter], the chief executive [Karen Whelan], and the mayor’s chaplain [Rev Bruce Nicole]. Note: I’ve slowed the video down.


Ze weather, eet iz confusing

Yesterday, walking back home from Lightwater village centre, I came across a lovely patch of early crocus – Crocus tommasinianus. They weren’t in a garden but at the edge of a play area. I stopped, admired, smiled at the beauty of nature, and of course took some pictures. I even tried a close up with my new olloclip addition to my iPhone – only partially successful as you can see below. More practice needed.

My point is that yesterday the weather was warm spring sunshine – a pleasant day. Today, it’s cold, wet, and miserable. Here are some photos to brighten your day.