Royal Logistic Corps open day tug of war competition video

Tug-of-war competitorsAnother short video to, hopefully, amuse you. This one is of the Tug of War competition at July’s Open Day of the Royal Logistic Corps, at Dettingen Fields, Deepcut.

By way of explanation, a tug of war competition is in three matches. The team winning two matches is the winner. Obvious, really. Teams of eight pullers – a coach is allowed – are matched by weight category, such as 640k.

The rope has a red tape mark in the centre of the rope, which is lined up with a ground marker. The first puller of each team holds the rope behind a white which is 4 metres from the red tape.

The judge asks the teams if they’re ready, then issues, ‘pick up the rope‘, followed by ‘tighten the rope‘, then ‘pull’. When the white tape of one team crosses the centre mark, the judge signals by pointing in the direction of the winning team. It’s a very short video, less than a minute. I’m sorry that I don’t know the names of the teams.

Short video of the 2016 Hot Rod Hayride at the NRA grounds in Bisley

Hardly believeableToo hot to be outside, so am creating a few videos of stuff I’ve not posted here. This on is a short video of the Hot Rod Hayride at the NRA grounds in Bisley.

Pity it’s the last time they’ll be at Bisley. Next year the Hayride is off to Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent. Never mind, this is my just over 1 minute thanks for the last few year in our Borough, with musical accompaniment from Dollar Bill.

Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: August 2016 – Update 1

Surrey PoliceThe Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch team report on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in their latest Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin,

  • Crime 45160073036 – Between 21/08/16 and 22/08/16 and from 22.00 to 08.00, at Bain Avenue, Camberley. Suspects have attempted to gain entry to two vehicles believing they contained tools. Entry gained to one of the vehicles but nothing taken.
  • Crime 45160073063 – On 22/08/16 between 05.00 – 07.00  at Wood Road, Camberley. Motorcycle stolen.
  • Crime 45160073180 – Between 18/08/16 and 22/08/16 and from 18.00 to 12.00, at Parkway, Camberley, Padlock cut from rear gate and fence in between two properties.
  • Crime 45160073219 – Between 20/08/16 and 22/08/16 and from 18.00 – 08.00, at Murrells Lane, Camberley. Padlock removed from shed and several items stolen.
  • Crime 45160073293 – On 22/08/16 between 10.45 – 11.04, at Shrubbs Hill, Chobham. Suspects gained entry to property through window, having made two previous attempts. Items stolen from room upstairs

An industrial strategy should include a focus on robotics and automation

In a fast changing world, and one where Britain is free from the European Union, we need to identify and invest in industries where we can be successful. There is discussion that the Theresa May government is considering the creation of an industrial strategy. In this discussion, some see the way UK Sport prioritised investment in sports where we have a good chance of winning, as being a worthwhile approach.

Robotics_workshop_2Yes, the UK Sport approach has its advantages, where I think the key ones are; a sound vision, identifying talent and then investing in it, and a relentless focus and performance measurement. Me, I’d like to make it easier for innovators – like Trevor Bayliss and his wind-up radio invention – to access investment and to set-up in business with the minimum of fuss.

I’m pleased to see Robot Wars back on the BBC, though I’d also like to see the return of programmes like The Great Egg Race – we need to promote the fun and excitement of innovation and problem solving.

Here are a couple of articles on the likely areas of investment,

Nicholas Mazzei writes in TRG on 25th Jul 2016 on Taming the Terminator: how Britain can lead on robotics and automation. The crux of his article is,

We should therefore create a department for Digital, Robotics and Automation and designate a dedicated minister to ensure Britain is not only prepared for the Robotic age but also leading the world in this designing, building and delivering this technology. It is this lack of automation which leaves Britain’s productivity per head behind countries such as Norway, USA and even France.

William Hague, in the Daily Telegraph, writes – A new industrial revolution is coming. Is Theresa May ready for the chaos it could unleash?. He concludes in his article,

Some big businesses do have to change their attitudes, and the idea of binding shareholder votes on executive pay is a good one, but the emphasis must be on making the UK the best possible home of the thrusting, innovating, risk-taking user of new technology and ideas.

Leaving the EU makes it all the more vital that we chart a pro-enterprise future, as investors worry about sticking with Britain. Transparency and fair taxes from the big corporations are vital, but that shouldn’t stop us going for low taxes and great infrastructure for the businesses we need.

Awesome Rio2016 Olympics competition and stunning UK success

Team-GBMust admit to not really being ready for the Rio2016 Olympics. Being warned off visiting relatives, whose said focus was on TV watching and not hosting pesky relatives, was THE reminder to get into the Olympics spirit.

When our first medal came with Adam Peatty winning Gold in the men’s 100m breaststroke I was hooked. Now that it’s all over for four years, there’s a chance of reflection. The BBC TV coverage was poor. There were some bright spots in the coverage. I’ll comment on this next, meanwhile, here’s my take on the Team GB performance.

Overall Team GB’s performance was outstanding. I’m sure it surpassed the expectations of most of us. My picks from what I watched – and it was a heck of a lot are,

  • Adam Peatty’s determination to win. Breaking his own world record in his heats. His clear superiority set the standard for the whole Team GB.
  • Bryony Page’s Silver in trampoline – unexpected, brilliant, and so modest. All those garden trampolines are sure to get more use now.
  • Max Whitlock taking Gold in Men’s Floor in Gymnastics – simply wonderful, and what an unassuming person. Our first ever win in an individual gymnastics event – then following it up with Gold on the pommel. Magical.
  • Lutalo Muhammad taking Silver in Taekwondo, and in particular his generosity and humility in his subsequent interviews – a real talent.
  • Justin Rose taking Gold in the Golf competition, for believing in the value of Olympics sporting competition, and for determination to win.
  • Jade Jones for winning a second Gold medal in Taekwondo, Sheer guts and determination.
  • Mo Farah – absolutely unbeatable athlete, and a wonderful advert for sport. Hero.
  • Maddie Hinch – goalkeeper in the Gold medal women’s hockey team – resolute, brave, intelligent.
  • Who to pick from the cycling – for me its Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish – true sporting stars.
  • Nicola Adams for winning second gold medal in women’s flyweight boxing – an inspiring character

I found the one on one battles in Judo, Boxing, Taekwondo, to be absolutely riveting. The joy of success, and the pain of failure spectacular.

Hoorah, Lightwater gets another new café, this one in Lightwater Country Park

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce the opening of a café in Lightwater Country Park.

IMG_4241There’s nothing nicer than a beautiful walk in the Surrey Heath countryside followed by a cup of coffee and a delicious cake while you admire the view.

With the opening of the new café in Lightwater Country Park people can take advantage of the stunning surroundings while enjoying top quality refreshments.

The cosy log cabin-style building offers a variety of Lavazza real coffees, other delicious hot and chilled drinks, hot paninis, freshly made sandwiches and mouth-watering cakes, as well as ice creams and snacks.

IMG_0096Along with the comfy chairs inside the café, there are also plenty of outside picnic tables and seats for when the sun is shining!

Open every day from 10am until 4pm, the café has opened on the site of the old visitor centre, which originally had a small hot drink and snack offer.

Lightwater Country Park comprises of 57 hectares of heathland and lakes, and is a popular location for walking and cycling. An ideal destination for all the family, it has a children’s adventure playground, and plenty of great picnic spots.

The new café is operated by Churchill Catering, who also run the Frimley Lodge Park cafe.

Portfolio Holder for Business, Cllr Craig Fennell, said: “This new café is a fantastic addition to Lightwater Country Park – it is already proving popular with park visitors who are making the most of the delicious food and drink on offer in such a wonderful setting.”

The café will also act as an information point, with informative panels about the Country Park and the Heathland habitats due to be installed on the walls inside. Leaflets and local information will also be available.