Proposals to move Windlesham ward in Parliamentary boundary changes

Surrey Heath Borough Council issued press release today announcing the latest proposals of the Boundary Commission for England [BCE]. Click on image to link to the BCE website.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has published proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries as it opens its third and final consultation.

Parliamentary boundaries define the geographic area represented by each MP. Parliament has specified that the number of constituencies in the UK must reduce from the current 650 to 600. As a result the number of constituencies in England will decrease from 533 to 501.

The BCE is conducting the Review to ensure that the numbers of electors in each constituency are broadly equal.

The revised proposals for Surrey Heath involve moving Windlesham ward from the Surrey Heath constituency to the Windsor constituency. Residents are encouraged to submit their views to the BCE with a deadline of 11 December 2017.

The Commission will make its final report and recommendations in September 2018. Further information: 

Guido posts Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson’s views on the EU

Splendid. I need no excuse to post Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills. It is, perhaps, my very favourite heavy metal rock anthem.

In Guido Fawkes blog is the BBC Newsnight interview with Bruce Dickinson, the band’s lead singer, and an unusual character to lead a heavy metal rock band. Here’s Run to the Hills, followed by Bruce’s Newsnight interview – click on image to watch.

Mrs Rosette Savill’s story told in the country of her birth

One must respect the dedication, perseverance, and determination of those involved in historical research. I know of one such person, and it’s Pippa Anderson, whose resolve has been to promote an appreciation of the life and work of Mrs Rosette Savill.

I’ve reported, HERE and HERE, on the unveiling of a blue plaque on the original building of the Free French Rehabilitation Centre, and subsequent Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School, which the blue plaque acknowledged.

So that Mrs Savill’s story is more widely known in Monaco, the country of her birth, Martine and her husband Robert (former PW tennis & music teacher), who live in Monaco, organised that Pippa Anderson’s article appeared in Monaco Life.  You can read the article HERE, or by clicking on the image below. It’s fitting that Monegasques should know about her, and know that she lived in Lightwater. [Note: this article has been updated to include Martine and Robert Frost’s conribution].

Being a naughty boy in Parliament yesterday

With a party of colleagues, I toured the Houses of Parliament yesterday.

It was informative, instructive, and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s an amazing place, being able to enter the Commons and Lords chambers while Parliament is sitting is special. To see the parliamentary staff prepare the Commons chamber, and being able to speak to them while they’re do so, is a privilege.

Now, to my being a naughty boy. Photography in most of the parliamentary estate is discouraged. It’s allowed in the Central Lobby, well, I think it is. It’s from where the TV reports and interviews occur. I took a photo of the ceiling and chandelier, and then was a bad boy and took a photo in the Members Lobby, strictly against the rules. It was of the statue of the Mrs Thatcher – aka the ‘Blessed Margaret’.

I just about got away with it, and was hoping to take a photo of the statue of Winston Churchill, but frosty looks, and a few people shouting, Tim! Thoughts of dungeons and the Tower crossed my mind.

Reminder: RLC Museum evening lecture of a daring and dangerous military operation

This is a reminder of the Royal Logistic Corps Museum evening lecture on Thursday 19th this week.

Lt Col Ian Bayliss’ talk on the dangers posed by the enemy, and the multiple challenges faced in moving a 220 ton turbine for the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan through the incredibly dangerous Afghan province of Helmand. In August 2008, 16 Air Support Brigade planned and executed the transportation and protection, of seven electricity turbine components, in the Operation Eagle’s Summit conducted by ISAF, and the Afghan National Army.

We’ll be in the audience for this fascinating talk, and hope to see you there.

My new book choice rule – the more literary endorsements the less enjoyable the read

When visiting Camberley Library there are authors I seek out for books of theirs I’ve not read, and then there are books I pick up on the off chance they’ll be a good read.

I’ve told you about a really good book I’ve recently read, The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers, and I’ve followed that with the latest Donna Leon crime novel. Another good read.

In that last library visit I picked out an adventure novel from the shelf. The cover, and inside pages were packed with endorsements from famous writers and reviewers. One said ‘Behold: one of the finest books of the year’, continuing saying it’s ‘horrifically gripping’,

I read the first chapter. Horrifying certainly, uncompromising street language, gripping, not. Just deeply unpleasant.

So, my new rule on selecting books to read is: the more endorsements and reviews recommending the book the less likely I am to find even a jot of enjoyment.

Surrey Heath Sports Awards 2017 Shortlists Announce

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce the shortlists for their 2017 Sports Awards.

The shortlists for the Surrey Heath Sports Awards 2017 have been revealed.

The awards are the perfect opportunity to recognise and reward talented local athletes, coaches, volunteers, teams and clubs for their outstanding commitment and achievements in sport over the past 12 months.

Following a fantastic year of sport in Surrey Heath, dozens of nominations were received, up nearly a third on last year.

Organised by Surrey Heath Borough Council, the awards will celebrate the best in local sporting achievement with a special ceremony at Camberley Theatre on 23 October, where the winners will be announced.

This year’s shortlists for a range of individual, team and club awards are:

Camberley Theatre Young Sports Team of the Year

  • Camberley RFC U14 Squad
  • Chobham Cricket Club U11
  • Surrey Heath Wasps Netball Team

Eagle Radio Sports Team of the Year

  • Camberley & Farnborough Hockey Club Ladies 1st XI
  • Camberley Bowling Club
  • Chobham Community Rugby

Specsavers Sports Club of the Year

  • Bagshot Tennis Club
  • Windle Valley Runners
  • Chobham RFC

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