Photography Week Day 6: Raymond Mays, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, 1924

It’s good to end the series of Photography Week with humour.

This photo, Day 6 of Photography Week is of Raymond Mays in a Bugatti Type 13 Brescia in 1924 on Shelsley Walsh hill climb. My dear Pater was a regular visitor to Shelsley Walsh hill climbs.

Photography Week Day 5: Harvest time in the Outer Hebrides, 1955 by Bert Hardy

We began Day 1 of Photography Week with a famous photo by Bert Hardy [1913-1995]. It’s a pleasure to end the week with another super photo by Bert Hardy

This photo by Bert Hardy is Harvest time on the island of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides 1955. It’s an excellent action photo, and the sky is a perfect background to the action, as is the angle from which the photo is taken. Taken in 1955, it’s evocative of the outdoor life of a farm labourer, in any time of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Photography Week Day 4: The Street Lamp, East End pub, London 1968 by John Claridge

The photo for Day 4 of my Photography Week is The Street Lamp, East End pub, London 1968 by John Claridge.

John Claridge featured as No.26 in my photos of the week. It’s good to show another of his photos. Photographers have the artists eye for shapes and angles.

Photography Week Day 3: The Institut de France, Passage Mazarine, Paris 6e, 1931 by Brassaï

Continuing with my Photography Week series, this is the Day 3 photo. It’s The Institut de France, Passage Mazarine, Paris 6e, 1931 by Brassaï

Brassaï, the pseudonym for Gyula Halász [1899 – 1984], a Hungarian emigre to France in the 1920’s, found pleasure in capturing Paris by night, and it’s seedy side, in his photos. To my way of thinking it’s a strongly artistic photo, where the openings balance one another, and the people are almost incidental.

Police Notice: Home security and make your shed tough to crack

David Howie (Surrey Police, Community Engagement Volunteer, Surrey Heath) provides two documents, the updated Home Security and Shed Security advice.

The Home Security Advice document is an updated version of the old Home Office booklet published in 2009 but now out of print – although many households may still have a hard copy obtained via Neighbourhood Watch.  The advice in the 2009 booklet has hardly changed – just a few details concerning the latest British Standard – so they do not need to be discarded.

To expand the documents, click on the upward facing arrow in the right hand corner of the document.

Photography Week Day 2: Sheep to slaughter, London, 1965 by Sir Don McCullin

This is day 2 of my quiet week of blogging, and also Day 2 in my series where Photos of the week, has become photo of the day, just for this week.

Legendary photographer, Sir Don McCullin, knighted in the 2017 New Years Honours, is famous for his war photography, and for portraying the ‘gritty’ side of life.

This photo by Don McCullin, ‘Sheep going to the slaughter’ early morning, near the Caledonian Road, London, 1965, is a reminder, were any needed, that dawn and dusk are particularly fruitful times to take photos.