Local investment in flood protection delivers

Last week locally we had some very rainy days, not quite deluges, but not far short.

Protection against flooding was probably my enduring concern while I served as a councillor on Surrey Heath Borough Council. [Type flooding in the search box to find the many, many posts on the topic].I’ve spoken before about the impact on me in talking Lightwater Streamto householders in Lightwater who’s homes were flooded two years running. The borough council’s drainage engineer put a flood protection plan in place and over eight years has ensured year-on-year improvement in that protection. I believe work is ongoing.

In standing down from the council I didn’t want to become a busybody afterward, and so I’ve kept out of local issues. I couldn’t entirely switch off from flood watch. I visited the Lightwater stream and found it very full, but not over-topping its banks. There are reports that some gardens and garages were flooded – though I don’t have the data.

The point of this blog post is to state, in my experience, that investment and actions in local flood protection has been both beneficial and effective.

Falconry, livestock, classic cars, models, & sheepdogs make for a fun Egham Royal Show

Here’s my photo montage of our visit to Egham Royal Show yesterday. It’s on today too, so do pop along, parking is easy, which is always a benefit.

We much enjoyed the livestock marquee. Patting the different varieties of sheep was fun, as was whispering in their ears – ‘woolly jumper’, similarly with the pigs, whispering ‘bacon’, but they weren’t listening, just dozing and lying relaxed. The extent of the models in the Model Display Tent surprised, as did the ingenuity required for their creation. As I’ve said. Worth a visit.

Comment on the flurry of announcements from Surrey Heath Council

Phew, that’s four press releases from Surrey Heath and one from Camberley Theatre in the last few days. I really can’t let them all go by with a comment or two. So here we go.

  • FlytippingFly-tipping: It’s a real anti-social menace throughout the country. As regulations are tightened to ensure the correct disposal of rubbish, there are people minded to ignore them. With plenty of quiet roads and lanes in Surrey Heath fly-tippers find easy opportunities to avoid their responsibilities. It’s good that Surrey Heath is improving its focus on this nasty practice, although I fear that rewarding tip-offs is a palliative. While I’m loath to suggest more surveillance, low-cost CCTV in the ‘popular’ fly tip locations would likely bring better results.
  • Purchase of St George’s Industrial Estate: While the Council say it’s about investing in the borough, I reckon the opportunity to earn a good return on the investment rates highly among reasons for purchase. Reading the press release I think it’s a stretch to say the acquisition assists “in the regeneration of Camberley town centre.”
  • Mark Slowey and me when MayorPhoto call for stars of Aladdin: Mark Slowey – Window Twanky in the pantomime, is a regular in Camberley panto’s. Two reasons for this – he’s v.v. good as the dame, and secondly the audience love him. I’m going to try and get along to meet him on the photo call day.

Enough, enjoy the Bank Holiday.

Resident offers last rites to a bus stop

Here’s me thinking that Lightwater would come out well in review of bus routes by Surrey County Council. Appears not, as there’s a significant change to route 35, which will no longer include Briar Avenue in Lightwater as part of its route. The resident’s cryptic message reads, ‘Thanks for taking away our independence. RIP Convenient bus service”. [Click on images to enlarge].

Arriva bus routeBriar Avenue Bus Stop

Surrey Police neighbourhood watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: August 2015

Surrey Police volunteer, and Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, Stephanie Edwards 20420 [Contact telephone: 101 Ext. 31374] reports on recent a burglary in the borough in her latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin

Crime reference – 4515005618 between 03.16am and 03.19am on 24/08/2015, a burglary occurred in Gosden Road, West End. Front door forced open, untidy search completed, some items left in cabinet

Surrey Heath Borough Council deliver voter registration information to local residents

Surrey Heath Borough Council announced on 27th August that local residents will have received important voter registration information, stating as follows,

Households in Surrey Heath will have received a form asking residents to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register for those living at their address is correct as part of Surrey Heath’s annual voter registration canvass.

The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

With Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place across Surrey in May 2016, this is an opportunity for residents to make sure that when the elections take place they will easily be able to take part.

Karen Whelan, Electoral Registration Officer at Surrey Heath Borough Council said: “Anyone that wants to vote must be registered. To make sure you are able to have your say at the elections next year, simply check the form when it arrives and return it as promptly as possible.

“If you’re not currently registered, we’ll send you information explaining how to do this or you can just go online to apply to register at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote .”

It’s particularly important that anyone who has moved address recently looks out for the form and checks whether they are registered.

Any residents who have any questions can contact the elections team on 01276 707165.