Piccadilly Tube Station hosts a tribute to Frank Pick

Don’t know who Frank Pick is – shame on you. Frank Pick was the exemplary administrator, and manager of London Underground, forging it’s corporate identity, station design, lettering, and tube map.

Considering he promoted and pushed the roundel design, I saw a fitting tribute to him in Piccadilly Circus tube station – his name on a roundel. I think we easily neglect to appreciate the design elements of London Underground, mostly founded in the time of Frank Pick’s management of it, and notably with Harry Beck’s famous tube map design.

Here are some photos of the tribute, and the development of the tube map. [Click on images to enlarge]

Revealed – the review process to alter the part-night time street lighting

sh_lacYours truly bravely attended the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee yesterday evening. Bravely in terms of sitting through a local government committee. I wrote to the committee officer to ask how residents may request a review of the County Council’s part-night time lighting programme, citing Lightwater Road as an example. This review process was not apparent on the County Council’s website on the topic when I wrote. What follows is taken directly from the agenda.

Q3.  Written question from Tim Dodds, Lightwater Resident 

In the County Council’s schedule of part night lighting, the busy main roads  are understandably excluded. Guildford Road and Red Road in Lightwater are roads sensibly remaining lit, while the road that connects them – Lightwater Road is in the part night lighting schedule.

The question: What provision has been made for the County Council to consider changes suggested by the public to this schedule, and what is the process by which this road can be considered for removal from the part-night lighting schedule, and finally what is your view of lighting Lightwater Road?

A3.  Response from Chairman on behalf of the Committee:

The council has developed a process which will allow residents to request a review of the decision to include or exclude lights from the Part Night Lighting programme.

To request a review of the decision, please complete the review request form which can be downloaded on our website and return it to us either via email or post.


Residents making an application to review a decision on part-night lighting will be asked to gain support from other householders providing verifiable information. A majority of households will be required to support the review of the decision – however this in itself will not mean the decision will be reversed. As the decision has been made based on the Avoidance Criteria, any review will take into account the additional information provided against the published policy.

In the vast majority of cases, the Council is unlikely to overturn the decision for a specific road unless new information is presented.  For example:

  • Something that was not identified during the site visit and risk assessment process.
  • A change – an increase in crime or road safety that might be reduced if street lighting was reintroduced between midnight and 5.0am.
  • A high proportion of households whose occupants are likely to be leaving or returning to their home (or place of work) during the times when street lights are switched off.

With reference to Lightwater Road, the Council intends to keep the lights at the junctions with Red Road and Guildford Road ON all night. None of the ‘avoidance criteria’ (see link below) were present along this road and the side roads will be included in the Part Night Lighting programme. It is therefore intended to include the remaining lights along Lightwater Road in the Part Night Lighting programme. More information can be found on our website:


Pleased to recover from loss of internet access

Our iPads, my iPhone, and my laptop computer all are swimmingly connected to the internet. Sadly my wife’s laptop had the message ‘WiFi invalid IP address’ when trying to access the internet. Therefore, unhappy wife.

Dear wife is currently out shopping. Me, like gorilla beating his chest, has succeeded in fixing the issue. Proud husband. Will be looking for a kiss and some sort of chocolate treat for my good work.

troubleshootAfter much lengthy fiddling, delving, and general pondering, did the sensible thing and looked for an answer on the Internet. Many solutions weren’t to my liking – don’t like resetting anything back to original settings unless absolutely necessary. Reason being is that it takes ages to renter passwords and settings.

So. Was pleased to find this YouTube video that suggested a ‘soft’ reset of network adapters. I’m not suggesting it could work for you in similar situations. It’s worth a try.

Bright and shiny post-revamp at Lightwater’s Co-op Food store

I should have reported on the day of the reopening of the Co-op food store in Lightwater.

The store reopened on Friday 1st December, following its brief closure. I visited it on the busy Saturday of the Fayre in the Square. I didn’t think that the store layout is much different from what it was prior to the revamp. What is different is that all the chiller cabinets appear new. No more leaks all over the floor. See my photo.


Regent Street and Oxford Street Lights impress

Following a Christmas lunch in central London yesterday, we walked along Regent Street and Oxford Street – busy, busy, busy. However, the Christmas lights and on the stores were, as usual, impressive. Click on photos to expand.

An independent source of of news on UK defence matters

The UK Defence Journal website provides an impartial news source on all things related to UK defence – sea, air, and land.

uk-defence-journalIt’s value as a news source is it’s objectivity and professionalism, a useful counter to the more sensationalist articles appearing in the press, online and TV based media.

Particularly useful is their reporting countering the view that the new Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers will come into service without aircraft – see HERE, and HERE. [Click on image to link to the website].

Surrey Heath joins with other Surrey Councils for new waste contract

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that they’re joining with other Surrey Councils in a new waste contract,

Residents in Surrey Heath, Elmbridge, Mole Valley and Woking are to receive an improved waste and recycling collection service thanks to a new joint waste collection contract.

As well as a better service, the contract with Amey will save taxpayers across the four authorities more than £2 million a year. It is the first contract of its kind in Surrey, and was part-funded by the Surrey Waste Partnership and supported by Surrey County Council as the waste disposal authority.

The contract covers all aspects of waste collection including household waste, recycling, chargeable garden waste, recycling banks, clinical waste, replacement bins and the opportunity to introduce a commercial waste service. It will also include street cleaning and associated activities including street sweeping, bin emptying, graffiti removal, and fly-tipping and fly-posting clearance. The contract will last for 10 years, with the option to extend.

Residents will continue to receive the same fortnightly recycling and waste collections as they do currently with weekly food waste collections.

Improvements, which will be introduced when the new contract begins in each area, include:

  • A weekly collection of clothes, home textiles and small electricals.
  • An improved bulky waste service, including a collection from inside homes.
  • New collection vehicles with enhanced safety features like 360 degree cameras.
  • New technology which will give residents the latest information on their collection.
  • A 24-hour contact centre operated by the contractor.

Additionally, food waste will still be collected on the same day each week as waste or recycling, but it may be at a different time as it will be collected by a separate vehicle. If other changes are necessary, such as altering collection days, they will be communicated well in advance to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.

The contract will have a staggered start depending on when each council’s current contract ends. The earliest is Elmbridge in June 2017, followed by Woking in September 2017, Surrey Heath in February 2018 and Mole Valley in August 2018 for waste and recycling and April 2019 for street cleaning. Other Surrey councils have the opportunity to join as the contract progresses.

Cllr Vivienne Chapman, Chair of the Joint Waste Collection Services Committee and Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Community, said: “This is a great result for the residents of the four councils in the contract. By working together, we’re able to deliver an improved waste and recycling collection service, while freeing up substantial sums of money to spend on the services which people value the most.”

Andy Milner, Chief Executive of Amey, said: “We are delighted to be named as preferred bidder for the Surrey Waste Partnership. This announcement sees us build on our reputation as a trusted and innovative provider of high-quality local waste collection services. We are committed to working closely with these councils to meet their sustainability and environmental objectives, while providing a first-rate service for local residents.”