Along comes the rain and spoils things

I wondered, when writing about the opening of spring flowers, whether I was tempting fate? Seems so.

Our large Camellia ‘Italiana’ has over the last few days burst into flower, only for those flowers to be spoiled by today’s rain. Luckily, not too much rain that all the flowers are spoiled.

Here are a couple of photos of the blooms. Interestingly there are a couple of pink blooms among the myriad of white tinged pink ones [ click to expand and enjoy].

Surrey University’s successful space clean-up project

The University of Surrey released this news on 15th February 2019.

The RemoveDEBRIS satellite, one of the world’s first attempts to address the build-up of dangerous space debris, has successfully used its on-board harpoon-capture system in orbit.

The Airbus Stevenage designed harpoon featured a 1.5 metre boom deployed from the main RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft with a piece of satellite panel on the end. The harpoon was fired at 20 metres/sec to penetrate the target and demonstrate the ability of a harpoon to capture debris.

This marks the third successful experiment for the RemoveDEBRIS project. It previously used its on-board net to capture a simulated piece of debris, and then trialled its state-of-the-art LiDAR and camera based vision navigation system to identify space junk.

The team is now preparing for the final experiment, which is set to take place in March and will see RemoveDEBRIS inflate a sail that will drag the satellite into Earth’s atmosphere where it will be destroyed.

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The onward march of Spring excites

As you most likely will have done, I’ve too watched the onward arrival of spring through seeing the flowering of snowdrops, and crocuses.

Please forgive me for prattling on about spring bulbs. It’s all because for the first time in many years I planted bulbs last autumn. I now feel proprietorial about their welfare.

This love of spring bulbs is shared by the Lightwater Improvement Project. A group of, mainly, ladies whose aim is to beautify the centre of Lightwater with naturalised bulb planting and planters filled with a variety of plants. I don’t know if it’s their work, I imagine so that the crocus surrounding the Lightwater War Memorial look splendid.

Here are three photos are spring bulbs. One on the crocuses in one of our plant pots, and the others of the works of the Lightwater Improvement Project.

The Fleetwood Mac song week ends with ‘Go Your Own Way’

Rumours (Vinyl, LP, Album) album coverPossibly Fleetwood Mac’s most famous and loved rock anthem is ‘Go Your Own Way‘.

It’s a track from their Rumours album.

This version was recorded in 1997, and includes Lindsay Buckingham smashing it on guitar.

What a way to end the week of Fleetwod Mac songs.

My changing of a pull switch takes much longer than Bert

It’s been one of those weeks where stuff happens. Firstly the central heating pump failed, and then my bathroom light pull switch cord broke. It broke inside the pull switch, so not a question of simply using a new cord.

We’ve an en suite that I can use, but that’s my dear wife’s domain. Surely a simple diy job for the man of the house. [Photo of the completed job]

First task, as is always the case nowadays, search the internet for replacement pull switch. Available at Screwfix for the princely sum of £3.78. At that price it was obviously made in China.

Next to the items on my Google search was a helpful video by Bert Electrics – see below. He replaced a pull switch in less than 4 minutes. Though that time didn’t include the time for visits the circuit breaker. Even so, a quick job thought I.

Not so for me. The location of the pull switch proved quite troublesome to reach easily. I needed a step ladder in between the size of the two we have, resulting in my having to stretch to reach and access fiddly bits.

Bert took just short of 4 minutes, for me it was well over an hour’s work, not including the stops for cups of tea. Resolved to get myself an electric screwdiver like Bert. I do have a DeWalt drill, which was too big for the task. The overall result was one of satisfaction that I could accomplish a simple diy task.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Little Lies’, another from their Tango in the Night album

Here’s the fifth song in the week of Fleetwod Mac songs.

It’s ‘Little Lies’, recorded in 1987 and included in their album Tango in the Night.

So far the week of Fleetwood Mac songs has included,

  • Everywhere
  • Don’t Stop
  • Rhiannon
  • Say You Love Me

Tomorrow, the last day of the Fleetwood Mac song week ends with a real belter.

A route to avoid Red Road traffic delays

George Britton commented here yesterday,

47 minutes this evening travelling the 1.1 miles from the junction of Macdonald Rd/Red Road to the Red Road roundabout.

Yesterday afternoon we joined Red Road, encountered the stationary traffic, and luckily were able to turn into Macdonald Road and find an alternative route to Farnborough.

To avoid Red Road entirely is difficult, as the Bisley and Pirbright ranges make a significant diversion on one side, and the horrors of the A30 on the other side.

To state the obvious, it depends on where you’re coming from or going to. If coming from the Woking direction then there’s a route worth trying, and that’s to take the A322 to Bisley, then turn into Queens Road, over the canal, under the railway bridge, and into Gole Road. This takes you to Frimley Green. Hence, Red Road avoided.