I’m using the made up word Blogicy to describe blog policies, here’s my definition of the word:

blogicy n, pl -cies : a statement of administrative principle applied to blogs

About this blog

In this blog, I, Tim Dodds, will write about anything that takes my fancy. It is one of my hobbies. I will concentrate on things that affect my local community, which is Lightwater, it’s neighbouring villages, whom are all part of the borough of Surrey Heath.

Blog policies

In line with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR], I’ve checked the extent to which the new law apply to this blog. I confirm that this blog does not require registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Personally, as the blog author, I do not hold the personal information associated with this blog. It is held within the blog by WordPress who host the blog. WordPress is promising to provide tools to manage personal data on their hosted blogs. To date, these tools are not yet available.

This blog, through its WordPress host, holds the following data, [the privacy policy of Automattic, the owners of WordPress can be viewed HERE.]

  • email addresses of those people and organisations who have subscribed to receive email notification of new articles on this blog.
  • the name, email address, IP address, and the text of a comment from any person, or organisation who posts a comment on this blog.
  • data connected with gravators.
  • traffic data on views to the blog.

To meet the GDPR requirements I commit, within my powers so to do, to removing any such above detail when requested, and to do so in a timely manner.

To limit the amount of personal information held, this blog will no longer hold opinion polls, not that it’s done so more than a couple of times.

This blog does not subscribe to paid for traffic analysis, it has access to limited data on total views per blog post, and total views per day. It does not have access to attribute the view of any blog post, or specific issue, to any particular follower or reader.

This blog has never sent an unsolicited email to any of the many, many hundreds of email followers, nor will it do so in the future. It is only on rare occasions I respond by email to a comment made on the blog, and that is for confidentiality reasons.

This blog will continue with it’s policy of only allowing comments when the comment author has entered their comment name and email address.

  • Strict comment moderation is applied, new commenters need approval by the blog author.
  • Comment policy is strictly no abusive or discriminatory language.
  • Moderation is entirely arbitrary.
  • Feedback is encouraged and responded to.

Anyone can use any part of the contents of this blog, so long as credit is given to the source; eg.

The writing style will be easy to read, and hopefully, using correct grammar and spelling.

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