I’m using the made up word Blogicy to describe blog policies, here’s my definition of the word:

blogicy n, pl -cies : a statement of administrative principle applied to blogs

Now, about this blog, and it’s policies

The two primary topics that concern this blog are:

  1. Politics – how political actions and policies, both local and national, affect the people of Lightwater
  2. Stuff about the village of Lightwater, it’s people and activities

The secondary topics topics of this blog are:

  1. Wolves and football
  2. Marketing for small business
  3. Any whimsical thing that takes my fancy
  • Comment policy is strictly no abusive or discriminatory language. Moderation is entirely arbitrary
  • The writing style will be easy to read, and hopefully, using correct grammar and spelling
  • Feedback is encouraged and responded to
  • Anyone can use any part of the contents of this blog, so long as credit is given to the source; eg.
  • All opinions expresed here are entirely those of the author.

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