AstraZeneca vaccine being delivered in Lightwater

Dear wife yesterday spoke to a friend in Lightwater who reported that she had had the AstraZeneca vaccine, delivered in All Saints’ Church Hall, and others had had the vaccination too. [Photo of All sSaints’ Church Hall below]

Good news don’t you think, especially as it’s the first day of the AstraZeneca roll-out. When one reads that the Covid cases in Surrey Heath have doubled in two weeks, vaccination can’t come soon enough.

Perhaps, now that the government has announced a nationwide lockdown, and that the vaccination targets have been announced, all the negative socialist activists will calm down, be quiet, and not get interviewed by the media so we can listen to sensible people like Professor Jonathan Van Tam, and the Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty.


I’m a Van-Tam fan

I’ve long been a Professor Jonathan Van-Tam fan. I watch most of the government Covid19 virus press briefings, and am always hopeful that he is part of the briefing team. His use of metaphor to explain where we are with the virus enlightens and amuses in equal measure.

His metaphors are often football and train travel related. One of his that surprised me, was a while back when the rules were relaxed a bit, and he said “Follow the guidance, don’t tear the pants off it”. That was a new one for me.

Here’s JVT’s latest analogy, which is absolutely cracking stuff. Prof Van-Tam uses football analogy to explain Covid timeline – BBC News. What a man, when he says HERE, that Father Christmas will be at the front of the queue.

It’s been a while

Gosh, my last article here was on January 7th, that’s two weeks of no postings.

My poor excuse is that I’m in recovery mode from a broken wrist. The break was, surprisingly, pain free, as was the application of a plaster cast ….. actually it’s glass fibre these days. Having the cast was also pain free, though annoying with the associated lack of movement. The stiffness, soreness, and discomfort of rehabilitation excercises is what I wasn’t expecting. It is my first broken bone after all.

There’ll be lots of articles to come that I hope will entertain.

A Foosh is limiting my blogging

What is a Foosh? It’s the medical shorthand for a Fall on an Outstreched Hand. In my case the fall resulted in broken bones in my wrist.

Most reactions are, firstly sympathy, and then silly boy. I know you’ll be curious as to how it happened. This where the silly boy becomes true. Standing of on the lower step of a badly positioned step ladder, and reaching for Christmas decorations on the top shelf in our garage the ladder went one way and me the other. Result broken bones in my wrist.

One finger typing is annoying, so have been enjoying walks in and around home. Here’s a group of images from my walks.

Re the detention pond. I met a local parish councillor on one walk, and she told me that the inlet and outlet of the detention pond are blockage free, it’s just that the ground is saturated meaning the water takes time to drain away.

Burn off Christmas calories with a Winter Walk in Lightwater Country Park

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that,

The Surrey Heath Walking for Health Scheme is delighted to announce that it has been chosen as one of five locations in the UK to be a host of the Ramblers’ annual Festival of Winter Walks.

The cold crisp days of winter are a magical time to go walking, with transformed scenery and spectacular early sunsets – it’s a great way to escape the demands of the festive season for a few hours too.

Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) is pleased to invite people to join them for a short seasonal stroll in beautiful Lightwater Country Park during the Festival of Winter Walks, which runs from 23 December to 7 January.

The Festival of Winter Walks, supported this year by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, is now in its 30th year – so the Ramblers know a thing or two about the joys of getting out and about in the colder weather.  The details of the Festival walk in Surrey Heath are:

Lightwater Country Park New Year’s Resolution Walk

  • Date: 1 January 2018
  • Start time: 10 am
  • Starting Point: Lightwater Country Park Cafe
  • Distance: 2km
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The walk will follow the 2km Heathland trail which takes in ponds, heathland and woodland as well as the beautiful Curley Hill which boasts views of Ascot Racecourse, Wembley Stadium and the Crystal Palace transmitter! Why not bring your family and friends along for a sociable and rewarding morning out in the park?

Everyone that takes part in the walk will be given a pedometer to record their number of steps, as well as a family friendly quiz to complete, a walk brochure and stocking full of duck feed for the ponds.

On returning to the cafe, every walker will automatically be entered into a prize draw. Prizes include a £50 Amazon voucher and family swim at the Arena Leisure Centre. Walkers can then share stories and wind down with a free jacket potato with filling in the Lightwater Country Park cafe.

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Surrey Heath Council supports Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week.

Surrey Heath Borough Council is supporting Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017, working with partners to raise awareness of this often unreported crime.

The Council are publicising the campaign via its website and social media channels, and working with colleagues including NHS Surrey Heath CCG.

We are supporting local events throughout the week (9-13 Oct), including Surrey Police and Your Sanctuary representatives being available in the foyer of Frimley Park Hospital this Tuesday and Thursday evening.

A radio advertising campaign is also running on local radio, describing different types of domestic abuse, including controlling and coercive behaviour, and abuse using social media.

From information collected nationally, on average it takes 35 incidents of domestic abuse before a report is made. As many as 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime, and it is the most prevalent cause of depression and mental health difficulties. The Police receive a call relating to a domestic abuse incident every minute in the UK.

The Mayor of Surrey Heath Cllr Valerie White has voiced her support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017.

Cllr White said: “Domestic abuse is often a taboo subject, a hidden issue which can ruin lives. I am pleased to support Domestic Abuse Awareness Week, and would like to pay tribute to all the organisations and volunteers involved in helping those affected by it. I encourage anyone who may be affected by this issue to get help from these amazing organisations, such as Your Sanctuary and Surrey Against Domestic Abuse.”

SHBC Chief Executive Karen Whelan said: “Domestic abuse can happen anywhere, in all kinds of families and in all kinds of homes. Excellent work is carried out by our own employees, and those of our partner organisations, to help and advise those affected by domestic abuse, and I hope our support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week helps to raise awareness of the help available.”

Anyone affected by this issue can contact:

Your Sanctuary – 9-9 helpline: 01483 776822,

Surrey Against Domestic Abuse