Surrey Heath Council supports Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week.

Surrey Heath Borough Council is supporting Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017, working with partners to raise awareness of this often unreported crime.

The Council are publicising the campaign via its website and social media channels, and working with colleagues including NHS Surrey Heath CCG.

We are supporting local events throughout the week (9-13 Oct), including Surrey Police and Your Sanctuary representatives being available in the foyer of Frimley Park Hospital this Tuesday and Thursday evening.

A radio advertising campaign is also running on local radio, describing different types of domestic abuse, including controlling and coercive behaviour, and abuse using social media.

From information collected nationally, on average it takes 35 incidents of domestic abuse before a report is made. As many as 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime, and it is the most prevalent cause of depression and mental health difficulties. The Police receive a call relating to a domestic abuse incident every minute in the UK.

The Mayor of Surrey Heath Cllr Valerie White has voiced her support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2017.

Cllr White said: “Domestic abuse is often a taboo subject, a hidden issue which can ruin lives. I am pleased to support Domestic Abuse Awareness Week, and would like to pay tribute to all the organisations and volunteers involved in helping those affected by it. I encourage anyone who may be affected by this issue to get help from these amazing organisations, such as Your Sanctuary and Surrey Against Domestic Abuse.”

SHBC Chief Executive Karen Whelan said: “Domestic abuse can happen anywhere, in all kinds of families and in all kinds of homes. Excellent work is carried out by our own employees, and those of our partner organisations, to help and advise those affected by domestic abuse, and I hope our support for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week helps to raise awareness of the help available.”

Anyone affected by this issue can contact:

Your Sanctuary – 9-9 helpline: 01483 776822,

Surrey Against Domestic Abuse

Wonderful – local hearing aid drop-in clinics

This bit of info only applies to you if you or one of your family has an NHS hearing aid.

It might not seem much, but not having to go to Frimley Park Hospital [FPH] for replacement parts and/or batteries has got to be good. It’s not the service the hospital offer, which is unquestionably good, but the queues to get into the car park, and then the parking fee.

The Guildford Diocese has organised drop-in clinics in the Diocese, staffed by trained volunteers. We’ve even one in Lightwater, staffed the incomparable Derek Browning, who’ll is on duty on most Saturday’s from 10.0 am to 12 noon at Lightwater Library.



Christopher’s Smile founders, Karen and Kevin Capel, on this morning’s BBC TV

Lightwater couple, Karen and Kevin Capel, set up Christopher’s Smile in 2008. A charity to raise funds for research into new treatments for childhood cancer, a neglected area of cancer research.

In January this year, reported in Camberley News, the charity hit the £1 million fundraising mark. To reach that target using only volunteers, requires dedication, tenacity, and no little courage.

I noted today in my Facebook page was this from Sharon Carter, who said this below, and posted this video of Karen and Kevin being interviewed on BBC

Great interview Kevin and Karen Capel, really getting the message across. I hope the general public are starting to understand how important your reasearch is and that it’s charities like Christopher’s Smile funding so much more than the charities they probably assume are in the lead.

I do love businesses that invest for growth

Our latest spectacles are from John Harwood in Camberley. We’ve tried lots of opticians over the years. The key reason for choosing Harwood’s was their choice of rimless frames, which seemed to not be the current trend in frames, therefore restricting choice. Personally, I don’t like viewing the world as though through a picture frame.

OpticianEnough of this. John Harwood recently became part of larger group of opticians when it joined Bayfields. It’s a competitive market for opticians in Camberley, with Specsavers, Leightons, Boots, and John Harwood all vying for our business. We’ve even Simon Pestell opticians in Lightwater, whom we’ve used in the past.

What I like to see is businesses investing for growth. John Harwood’s clientele, now under the Bayfields brand, can visit new larger, and well equipped premises, which opened for business on Saturday 27th February. One of us needed to book an eye test – an excuse to visit for the promised light refreshments on its opening day.

What I noticed was lots more space, comfy chairs, a selection of British made spectacle frames – and just a pleasing ambience. The staff said the move took place on Friday, with everyone working from early hours till late to prepare for the opening. As I’ve said. I just love seeing businesses expand. It shows confidence in the future, and people prepared to take a risk. All good stuff. Here’s my brief photo montage of our visit.

Proof that stuff happens in threes

In yesterday’s post we received three items from opticians. Two of which said we’re due for eye tests. Months, and months have gone by with out a peep from opticians, and then like buses, three come along at the same time.

OpticianLike many people we’ve tried different opticians over the years, such as Specsavers in Camberley, and Harwoods in Camberley High Street, who tell us today that they’re moving into new premises in the High Street – see photo.

The letters were from,

Meeting requirements of those with mental health & social care needs

SHCCG WorkshopI mightn’t get a future invitation to a Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group [SHCCG] stakeholder workshop. Why? Because my invitation to was addressed to Councillor Tim Dodds. No more am I a councillor..

Anyway, last Thursday I attended a SHCCG’s communication and engagement workshop on the ‘Future health and social care in Surrey Heath – help shape the future of Integrated Care’.

In Dr Andy Brooks, chief officer of the SHCCG, introduction to the workshop he said the development of the new Surrey Heath Integrated Care model was in direct response to previous stakeholder engagements, which called for supporting people better in their communities, investing in mental health services, helping people to look after themselves, and to join up health and social care.

Andy also provided feedback on a recent NHS England stakeholder survey, in which SHCCG came out particularly well of all the 211 CCG’s in England. Notably in over 30 factors assessed the CCG improved its performance over the previous year. Here are the results in some of the assessments for Quality of Services – outcomes,

  • 4th in potential years of life lost
  • 3rd in quality of life for people with one or more long term condition
  • 10th in proportion of people reporting poor experience of hospital
  • 1st in proportion of people reporting poor experience of general practice
  • 75th in avoidable emergency admissions

Workshop delegates were asked to help in the design of a consent form for people with complex health and social care needs to assist the Integrated Care Team to meet those needs. The Surrey Heath Integrated Care Model is described in the documents below. Click on the images to expand.

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