The Royal British Legion parade and hanging poppies in Camberley

I increased my stock of poppies buying a 2018 Poppy Lapel Pin from the Camberley Royal British Legion stand at their Poppy Day parade in Camberley last Saturday.

Here’s an admission. When the time ends for wearing a poppy – generally accepted as the end of the day on November 11th – I take off my poppy from whatever I’m wearing. Unless the poppy is damaged, in which case I’ll throw it away, I put the poppy in the draw with my cuff links and such. Over the years I’ve build up a small stock of them, such that on the poppy day launch I attach one to the lapel of all my jackets.

Am I right to do so? I know I’ll end up buying another poppy during the 11 day up to Armistice day.

Saturday’s poppy day parade in Camberley was again blessed by sunny weather, if a touch cold for my liking. I met many people I know, which adds to the pleasure of attending the event. Here are a few photos of the parade, and of the hanging poppies in Cambridge Square.

Poppy display in The Square shopping centre, Camberley

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that,

To mark Camberley’s Royal British Legion Poppy Launch day this Saturday, 27 October 2018 and Remembrance Sunday, 11 November 2018, The Square has a beautiful display of poppies in Cambridge Square.

This is part of a series of ceiling art displays that will feature in Cambridge Square.  The poppies have replaced the umbrellas that were on display previously. A new display will go up in December in time for Christmas.

Camberley set to inspire   

Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) is committed to supporting and regenerating Camberley town centre.

SHBC’s investments have already seen the unique acquisition of The Square shopping centre, commencing its refurbishment programme within the first year of ownership.  Followed by an ambitious set of projects to improve the roads, pavements and street scene.

A redundant office building has also been purchased to create 116 high quality town centre apartments, with proposals to re-deliver new business space.

SHBC is also currently in the process of sourcing an innovative developer partner for the London Road site.  Situated fronting the London Road, opposite the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the 5.5-acre site has the potential to create a mixed-use development.

The regeneration work is supported by a comprehensive events programme, grant schemes for independent businesses and cultural and enrichment projects to ensure Camberley is a key destination and experience.

Events reminder: West End Ag & Hort Show on Saturday 8th September

We’ve persuaded our neighbour to submit an entry into the West End, Windlesham and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society’s annual show. They’re submitting an entry into nine cherry type tomatoes on a plate.

Events reminder: Heritage Open Days in Surrey Heath: 8-9 and 13-16 September 2018

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that,

There’s lots going on in Surrey Heath this month to celebrate the Heritage Open Days festival. Click on image to expand.

Surrey Heath Museum, along with many local organisations, has organised a series of free events over two weekends, 8-9 and 13-16 September. They include building tours, from Bagshot Chapel to St. Michael’s Bell tower in Camberley, associated talks and heritage walks in the Borough.

This year a number of historic blue plaques will be unveiled, recognising historic buildings locally and the people associated with them.

Bisley Village Hall was once the chapel of Bisley School, which existed from 1868 to 1959 to provide refuge for destitute boys from London. On Sunday 9 September, visitors will have the opportunity to walk around the Village Hall, find out about its fascinating history, and how it is used today. The blue plaques will be unveiled at 12 noon by local dignitaries, followed by a talk with Old Boys from the school.  There is also the opportunity for local children to design replacement stained glass windows for the Chancel section of the original Church.

Frimhurst Family House, once the home of two remarkable women, Ethel Smyth (Composer and Suffragette) and Grace Goodman (local Philanthropist) will open its doors on Saturday 15 September, with tours of the building plus a talk on both of these significant local figures. Blue plaques to mark the legacy of these two women will be unveiled at 2pm. Frimhurst is now owned and managed by the international charity ATD Fourth World, which exists to support families to raise themselves out of poverty – a cause both Smyth and Goodman would fully support.

Saturday 8 September also sees the launch of Surrey Heath Museum’s ‘What, Where, Why and When’ display space in Camberley Library. The library will host two presentations on the local heritage collection at 2.30pm and 3.30pm.

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,500 organisations, 5,000 events and 40,000 volunteers.  Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE. Links to both flyers are below, and can also be accessed on the website below.

FAST Museum houses historic aviation collection

I’ve got a touch behind in articles here. Last week we visited the FAST Museum in Farnborough – properly known as the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum. There were two aspects to our visit, with the Camberley and District Probus Club, in the morning to the FAST Museum, and an afternoon visit to the historic Wind Tunnels.

Firstly about our museum visit. I’ll write about the wind tunnel visit later. If you haven’t visited the FAST Museum, you’re missing a treat. The museum is packed full of historic aviation material, be it photographs, aircraft engines, space rockets satellites, flight simulators, and historic military and civil aircraft, all available with accompanying knowledgeable museum volunteers.

The museum is open on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holiday Mondays from 10.0am till 4.0pm, with entry being free. I’m ashamed to admit not having previously visited the museum, though having frequently passed by it on the A325. Funny isn’t it, it’s the attractions nearest to you that don’t get visited.

The old-looking white building housing the Museum is historic itself. Known as Trenchard House, named in commemoration of Lord Trenchard’s work in the creation of the RAF. FAST say about the building that it,

…. is the earliest building on the historic Farnborough aviation site. It was built in 1907 by the Royal Engineers to be the headquarters of their Balloon School and it is one of the oldest aviation related buildings in the country.

The FAST Museum volunteers created the Cody Pavillion, containing a full-sized replica of the British Army’s Aeroplane No1A, alongside a gallery of photographs about Samuel F Cody’s colourful life, all marking his achievement in the first successful powered aeroplane flight in the UK.  Here are a few photos of our visit,

New weekly feature: Tree of the week

I think I told you about my becoming a member of the newly formed charity – Surrey Heath Tree Wardens.

The group is keen on planting new trees, and in assisting the Surrey Heath Green Spaces team and its tree officer with tree maintenance activities. Me, I’m hoping them emulate the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association. Take a look at their impressive website and how they’ve recorded over 7,000 trees in their area.

To help me identify trees I looked at the Tree Council’s advice on the top books they recommend for tree identification. Number one on their list the Reader’s Digest Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs of Britain. Thinking that I’d not copy of this, now out of print, book, I ordered a second hand copy from a seller on Abe Books.

The book arrived today. Hmm, I thought, that looks familiar. Wouldn’t you know it we already have a copy, and have had it for years and years. What was it that Captain Mainwaring said to Private Pike in Dad’s Army, oh, yes “stupid boy”.

Enough of the jocularity. Each week I’ll present a Tree of the Week, in which I’ll try to make it one that’s in Surrey Heath. The first in the series follows shortly.