Day Fishing available at Lightwater Country Park

Surrey Heath Borough Council is pleased to announce that day fishing will be available at Lightwater Country Park from June 2017.

In a new initiative, day fishing will be possible on Hammonds Pond, which offers mixed course fishing so is an ideal place for pleasure angling. There are 10 ‘swims’ (fishing spots) available on the pond. A valid Environment Agency rod licence is required.

Day fishing will be offered from dawn to dusk, starting at the beginning of the fishing season on 16 June. Permits must be purchased from the Lightwater Country Park (LCP) café during opening hours (10am – 4pm).

For those that have arrived at dawn and are already set-up, permits can be bought over the phone by credit card if anglers do not wish to leave their tackle.

The cost to fish at LCP (Mon – Fri only) is:

  •                                        One rod        Two rods
  • Adult                                    £6                   £8
  • Child                                    £3                    £5
  • OAP concessionary rate:  £3                   £5
  • The entire pond is also available to hire for events and competitions at a day rate of £70. Hammonds Pond will be open for fishing from 16 June 2017 until mid-March 2018 when the angling closed season starts.

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    Cycling in a pain cave

    Confused by the title, so was I when first heard the phrase at a recent visit to friends in Herefordshire, where we were shown their latest proud technology purchase. Having become crazy on cycling as their hobby, they’ve made their garden house into a cycling pain cave. Type the words pain cave into Google and you’ll be amazed at the extent of websites on the topic.

    Pain cave is the name of a room in your house or garden room which is allocated to intense physical training activity, such as indoor cycling.

    The latest in indoor cycling is much more fun than in the past. The bike is fixed into a position, mostly through the rear wheel axle, with the rear wheel running against rollers, which have adjustable resistance. That’s only part of the technology. While cycling you can join a ride in a training video displayed in front of the rider. Now, my super-technology addicts have connected their indoor cycle to a Zwift. The Daily Telegraph has a review of it HERE, where the creator says about it,

    With an iPad in front of my handlebars to show my progress, it takes only a few pedal strokes for me to “become” my avatar and learn that if I work harder, my on-screen self will go faster. And the app soon starts to push my buttons: I find myself overexerting to pass other avatars – online users who I don’t know and never will, but ardently want to beat nonetheless.

    I had a go on their Zwift. It’s amazingly realistic, convincing you you’re in a race or team cycle run. I can see why they call it their pain cave, it’s addictive. Technology – you got to love it.

    Last chance to sign up for free youth sports coaching sessions

    Surrey Heath Borough Council announce details on free sports coaching sessions,

    Time is running out to take advantage of free sports coaching for young people aged between 7 and 16 in Surrey Heath.

    In conjunction with the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games (SSYG), Active Surrey and local sports clubs, Surrey Heath Borough Council is offering a wide range of coaching sessions to allow youngsters to try out a new sport, or get better at one they already play.

    Everyone taking part in these sessions also has the chance to be selected for Team Surrey Heath at the SSYG, taking place on 17 and 18 June. Sports still keen to recruit new players include mixed lacrosse, girls’ rugby, mixed boxing and girls’ football.

    Sessions are taking place at schools, clubs and leisure facilities across the borough. Each sport is led by fully qualified coaches with sessions taking place either after school or at the weekend. Surrey Heath’s Commercial and Community Development Manager Ben Sword said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for our young people to get involved in sport with minimum commitment – and it’s free!

    “Along with replacing screen time with exercise, competitors can also meet new people and make new friends. Registrations close shortly – so sign up quickly to avoid missing out.” The SSYG is hosted at Surrey Sports Park, and provides a unique experience of an Olympic-style event. All 11 Surrey boroughs and districts compete in 15 different sports, with more than 2,000 young people taking part over the weekend.

    Coaching sessions in Surrey Heath are ongoing, with registrations closing at midnight on 31 May – but the sooner young people get involved the better! Sessions are open to anyone below county standard in their chosen sport and currently living in and/or attending school in Surrey Heath. For details of venues, dates and times, and to register visit or call 01276 707100

    Free sports coaching for young people returns to Surrey Heath

    Surrey Heath Borough Council announce a free sports coaching initiative

    Calling all 7-16 year olds in Surrey Heath! Would you like to try out a new sport, or get better at one you already play?

    Surrey Heath Borough Council, in conjunction with the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games and local sports clubs, are offering FREE coaching sessions for young people at a venue near you.

    According to a recent report in The Guardian, three-quarters of UK children now spend less time outdoors than prison inmates – but in an age where children spend on average twice as long playing on screens than playing outside, the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games initiative encourages young people to try something different.

    By offering coaching aimed at beginners rather than experienced club players, the initiative creates an environment where young people can make new friends, enjoy themselves, and hopefully foster a life-long association with physical activity.

    Between now and June, free coaching sessions will be offered across Surrey Heath in a variety of sports including badminton, boccia (a pan-disability sport), boxing, cricket, football, hockey, judo, lacrosse, netball, rugby, squash, swimming, table tennis, touch tennis and tennis.

    Each sport is open to specific age groups/gender, and the sessions take place at schools, clubs and leisure facilities across the borough. At least six weeks of training is on offer for each sport, with all sessions held either after school or at the weekend, and led by qualified, passionate coaches.

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    Likely planning application for housing at Windlemere Golf Club

    It really is amazing what one turns up when Googling.

    Windlemere Golf Club in West End is a 9-hole golf course and driving range open to the public. It appears that the club closed at the end of December 2016. The document I found is an Archaeological Assessment of the land for housing on Windlemere Golf Club. The club house and associated buildings will be demolished to make way for three houses.

    You can view the document below, I’ve also taken a screen grab from the document of the likely planning application. [Click on image to expand]


    Laughter is the antidote to the negativity

    I you’re feeling in need of a dose of laughter as a pick-me-up, Kris Kamara‘s football reporting is matchless.

    Not having Sky Sports for many years, I do though remember watching this hilarious report by Kris Kamara for Sky Sports Soccer Saturday. and there are so many more like this on YouTube. The interaction between Jeff Stelling and Chris is comedic joy. I’ve replayed a few times today, and feel better for it.