Electoral Review of Surrey Heath Borough Council: Final Recommendations

On 29th August, Surrey Heath Borough Council commented,

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England [LGBCE] has today [29th August 2017] published the final recommendations from its Electoral Review.

We are currently analysing these recommendations.

We have drawn the Commission’s attention to the transposition on the summary and final recommendations maps of the names of the Frimley Ward and the Frimley Green Ward.  They are shown correctly in the final recommendations report.

An Order will now be laid in Parliament and the new electoral arrangements for Surrey Heath will be implemented at the local elections in 2019.

Before the local elections it will be necessary for the Council to conduct a Polling District Review, which will include consultation with all interested parties.

More info on the recommendations can be found here: www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/south-east/surrey/surrey-heath and the LGBCE’s press release.

MY NOTE: The Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s SUMMARY document contains the error mentioned above, and also that the Borough has 39 councillors, when it’s actually 40. The full report HERE, has neither of these errors.

Two newly refurbished playgrounds opened in Surrey Heath’s play area improvement scheme

Surrey Heath Borough Council, on 4th September, announced that,

Two newly-refurbished playgrounds in Camberley have been officially opened by Surrey Heath Borough Council. The playgrounds, in Martel Close and Clarence Drive, have been transformed through more than £67,000 of investment.

Deputy Mayor and St Paul’s ward Councillor Dan Adams was joined by fellow ward Councillors Bill and Vivienne Chapman at the event, along with SHBC Executive Head of Business Daniel Harrison.

In the Clarence Drive play area, the existing equipment has been completely replaced with new play pieces including a trampoline, multi-play unit, nest swing, see-saw, play panels and springer. A new area of adult gym equipment has also been added around the perimeter of the playground.

In Martel Close, the existing equipment was refurbished and repainted, and new pieces added including a nest swing, pick up sticks climbing frame, roundabout, a multi play unit and various activity panels.

Both play areas have had safe all weather surfaces installed. Following consultation with local residents, the playgrounds have been designed to offer exciting experiences for younger and older age groups. The renovation of both play areas was funded by developer contributions related to the Wellington Park housing development.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Dan Adams said: “I’m delighted to see these amazing play areas opened today – encouraging children to be active outdoors is really important, and who could resist with such great facilities on our doorstep?

“We are proud of our fantastic parks and open spaces in Surrey Heath, and keeping them updated is important to us. Earlier this year the Council also agreed a Borough-wide playground improvement scheme that will see more areas of Surrey Heath benefit from improved play facilities.”

The play area improvement scheme is worth over £650,000, with the improvements due to be implemented over the next three years. Playgrounds earmarked for refurbishment – replacement as part of this scheme include:

  • Briar Avenue, Lightwater
  • Cheylesmore Drive Play Area, Heatherside
  • Chobham Road Recreation Ground, Frimley
  • Evergreen Road Play Area, Parkside
  • Frimley Lodge Park
  • Lightwater Country Park
  • Loman Road, Mytchett & Deepcut
  • London Road Recreation Ground, St Michaels
  • Old Dean Recreation Ground
  • Watchetts Recreation Ground
  • Whitmoor Road,Bagshot

Last day, today, to comment on Surrey County Council recycling centre proposals: UPDATE

Surrey County Council is proposing changes to the operation of its recycling centres. Their aim is to save money, hence these proposals, taken from the Surrey CC consultation webpage, are their proposals,

1. Ending the free daily allowance of non-household waste

2. Closing CRCs on two weekdays so all sites are open for five days a week

3. Ensuring CRCs in Camberley and Farnham are only used by Surrey residents

4. Permanent closure of four smaller CRCs – Bagshot, Cranleigh, Warlingham and Dorking

5. Restricting users of vans, trailers and pick-ups to larger CRCs only

Today is the last day that you can offer comment on the proposals, HERE.

UPDATE: I know I’ve left it late to comment. Just to say, I have responded giving my objections to some of the proposals.

A map of the Green Belt around London

The Green Belt is a planning policy to control urban sprawl. There are Green Belts around major conurbations in the North, Midlands. and around London.

Building, of any kind, in the Green Belt is contentious. The London Green Belt Council has created a map  of the current threats to London Green Belt. Click on the map below to link to the website, and to expand it to reveal the extent of the Green Belt in Surrey Heath.

The London Green Belt ends at the eastern side of the A322 in Bagshot and Lightwater. Just thought you’d like to know that bit of information.


Frimley Lodge Park’s 17th consecutive Green Flag award

On the 18th July 2017, Surrey Heath Borough Council announced,

L-R SHBC Recreation and Business Manager Sue McCubbin, SHBC Greenspace Team Leader Steve Harris, Glendale Contract Supervisor Christopher Wickham and the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr Valerie White

Frimley Lodge Park in Surrey Heath has been recognised by the Green Flag Award Scheme as one of the very best in the world – for the 17th year running!

The 24-hectare park is among a record-breaking 1,797 UK parks and green spaces that today receive a prestigious Green Flag Award – the mark of a quality park or green space.​

This international award, now into its third decade, is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.

Owned and maintained by Surrey Heath Borough Council, Frimley Lodge Park attracts a large number of visitors with its beautiful open spaces, picnic areas, pitch and putt course which now also doubles as a footgolf course, children’s playgrounds; as well as a miniature railway and barbecue and private hire areas.

Other attractions include a 3G all-weather football pitch, traditional football and cricket pitches, and a café.

The Mayor of Surrey Heath Valerie White said at the unveiling of the flag: “I am absolutely delighted to see Frimley Lodge Park receive its 17th Green Flag Award.

“We know how much quality green spaces matter to residents and visitors, and this award celebrates the dedication that goes into maintaining Frimley Lodge Park to such a high standard.

“It is such a popular, attractive park with excellent facilities, and well deserves this amazing award – I congratulate all those involved.”

International Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said: “We are delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Award scheme.

“Each flag is a celebration of the thousands of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award. The success of the scheme, especially in these challenging times, demonstrates just how much parks matter to people.”

Consultation on the closure of Swift Lane recycling centre in Bagshot

I imagine I’m not alone in thinking a public consultation on the closure of a facility, generally of any kind, is a mite pointless. When, as is the case with Bagshot’s Swift Lane recycling centre, closure is a proposed option, then that’s going to be the likely end result.

Better brains than mine might find persuasive arguments against closure, and would benefit us all if they added them into the consultation process.

Click on the image to link directly to the Surrey County Council consultation web page, or go HERE to fill in the online questionnaire.

Here’s my view. The service available at the Swift Lane recycling centre has steadily eroded over time. Access to it is dreadful. How many of us have found ourselves in a long queue to the centre, with almost no ability to turn round and go elsewhere. So, asking me to fight against its closure is a tough ask.

This consultation process is one designed to facilitate the County Council saving money. Laudable in itself, but not being part of a wider strategy to invest in recycling is a wasted opportunity. I would like to be better informed on the cost of recycling, and that charges should apply for those items that are difficult to unable to be recycled.

We recently delivered an old fridge to the Camberley recycling centre, at no cost. I would have happily paid something. Does recycling this fridge cost the County Council money, or do they make a profit from its recycling? I don’t know.

Surrey Heath introduce smartphone car parking payment app

Surrey Heath Borough Council introduces the Glide Parking is a parking payment app

Surrey Heath Borough Council has introduced another quick and convenient way for customers to pay in their multi-storey car parks.

Glide Parking is a parking payment app, which customers can download on to their smartphones to make payment fast and painless.

Following the recent successful introduction of contactless payment at Knoll Road and Main Square car parks in Camberley, Glide gives customers even more choice when it comes to swift and easy ways to pay.

To create a Glide account, customers can simply download the Glide Parking app from Google Play or the App Store. Paying for parking is a simple three button process to confirm payment. Once payment has been made, there is a 10 minute ‘grace period’ to leave the car park. Free wi-fi in the Mall and Camberley Theatre make using Glide Parking even easier.

There’s also an introductory Glide offer from SHBC car park partner Newpark Solutions – for a limited time customers using the Glide app will receive a £1.40 discount on each parking fee, less a convenience fee of 20p per transaction, making a net saving of £1.20. Where a parking fee is under £1.40, the amount paid by the customer will be a flat rate of 21p. Once this promotion is over, parking fees will return to the standard level.

Surrey Heath Business Portfolio Holder Cllr Craig Fennell said: “The Glide Parking App gives our customers the ability to pay for their parking on the way to their car, avoiding having to divert to a pay station. As well as being quicker for the individual, this has the potential to reduce the queues that invariably form at pay stations during busy periods.”

Newpark’s Managing Director Matt Cook said: “The Glide Parking App is a leap forward for payments in car parks where you pay when you exit. Many people readily have their smartphone to hand, so customers will no longer need to queue at pay stations and search for their payment cards or cash – instead they can just open up Glide Parking on their phone and with three clicks pay for their parking.’

More info: www.surreyheath.gov.uk/parking and www.surreyheath.gov.uk/glide.