Traffic cones in Camberley High Street

While not thinking about it in great detail, I’ve had a sort of mental niggle for quite some time about the poor definition between road, pavement, and parking in Camberley High Street.

We visited Camberley yesterday for an appointment at Specsavers. I noticed that the High Street had a profusion of traffic cones that were placed on the pavement to deter parking. Using traffic cones is no substitute to having considered that random parking would be a likely occurrence.

Pleasing improvements to Knoll Walk in Camberely

Before Christmas we visited Camberley town centre, where I was pleased to see that Knoll Walk, the footpath between Knoll Road and the High Street, was open. Surrey Heath Council’s latest update on Knoll Walk renovations says,

The walkway is now open to pedestrians. Improvement works are now taking place.  The improvements will bring new trees, a green wall of plants, seating and lighting to this area. The new lighting fixtures are now in place and the majority of the paving is now complete.  The street furniture is in the process of being installed.

I’m pleasantly surprised at the improvements, about which I originally had reservations  Here’s my photo of the status of the work.

Definition needed between pavement and road in Camberley High Street

On Monday, after my eye test, I looked at the work to revive Camberley’s High Street and side roads. I like the new High Street pavement surface and see improvement in Knoll Walk and Princess Way. I also like the new lighting on the High Street.

Ok, praise given, now for my gripes. The tarmac part of the High Street is poor. It looks unfinished, which I hope is the case. The definition between pavement and road is unclear, primarily because of the number of places where tarmac has been bunched up to the pavement edge. The empty shop at the top of the High Street as it meets St George’s Road sets a very poor aspect to the new road works. Good quality hoarding with appealing decoration would hide this horror.

Here’s my photographic evidence, taken on Monday this week. click on images to expand.

Images of the completed Broadway Road drainage works

This isn’t the most exciting subject to write about. It’s perhaps worth concluding the weeks of traffic disruption with images of the completed drainage works.

There’s not much to see, just a couple of large manhole covers and a change in the road surface with new tarmac. Below is a photo during the works, and a couple of photos of the completed works. As the drainage works were to stop flooding at the point on the road, there jolly well shouldn’t be any future floods here.


Camberley views No.2: London Road shop frontages between High Street and Park Street

Here’s another view of Camberley. This time it’s the run of shops on the London Road between the High Street and Park Street. It’s an unloved part of Camberley, referred to as the London Road Development by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Below is an artists impression of the proposal, and below that are my photos of the existing shop frontages. They are a sorry sight to behold. The council, in their March 2020 update, say,

The development will take place in three phases and is likely to take approximately eight to ten years to complete. Due to the complexity of developing a planning application for a scheme of this scale and ambition, the development is at least two years away from the start of demolition and construction work for Phase 1. Until then, the area is very much open for business!

There are lots of fantastic, varied independent businesses currently situated in the London Road site including cool bars and restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, dry-cleaner’s and specialist shops – please continue to visit and support them.

SHBC’s Economic and Development team are providing ongoing support to these businesses to help them find new premises within Camberley or the borough depending on each of the business’ requirements.

I wonder how successful the Council will be in protecting the businesses. Way back, wasn’t there a record store, a second hand book shop, and a golf shop. Is the Angling shop still open, I don’t know. I’d be mightily surprised if Kier, the developers, will be submitting plans any time soon.


Camberley views No.1: High Street revamp

The revamping Camberley’s High Street is a definite plus for it’s town centre. Issues around the services hidden in the street have hampered progress. I’m understanding that this is delaying the revamp. The published public works plan, see below, shows the that the area designated as High Street north was due for completion by the end of Qtr 2. Given the hidden services and possible coronavirus issues, the current state of the works shows that this projected date will be missed.

I’d be surprised if the works are completed before the end of the third quarter. I visited the works last Sunday afternoon, and saw that much work remains to be done. The completed areas of paving and road look impressive. Given the current pristine nature of the paving I’d like to see plenty of litter bins being installed, maybe a joint recylcing/litter bin outside food retailers. From my visit I forsee the new paving having to be dug up for the proposed trees, cycle racks and lighting. I’m not at all impressed by this lack of forethought. I worry about cars that will likely mount the footpath, and that discarded chewing gun will mar the paving. Methinks the street will  probably need continual marshalling.

Anyway, below the project plan below are my photos of the current state of the works, and at the end an image of the proposed Hight Street revamp.

A recurring water leak in Guildford Road

The junction of Lighwater Road and Guildford Road in Lightwater is the subject of recurring water leaks. Our recent days of wet weather has masked the current water leak, which emenates from the middle of the junction next to the mini roundabout.

I’ve a photo, taken yesterday, of the latest leak [see below], which I’ll be reporting to the water company – Thames Water or Affinity Water. I’m not sure whom is responsible.

Here’s my photo evidence of leaks over recent years. The water main was replaced in 2014, so it’s a surprise that this spot on the road continues to need repair. I feel sure that there have been other instances of water leaks here that I’ve not been aware of.

UPDATE: Oops, got my photos wrongly anotated, corrected now.

Small change in Bagshot leaves a good impression

I drove through Bagshot last week, and couldn’t fail to notice the changes to the village square.

Simply had to go back and visit the square to view the changes, and in doing so the changes gained my admiration. Gone are the untidy parked cars. Now it’s a flexible public space. I haven’t got a comparable photo of the square before the change, the one I’ve posted below is the nearest I’ve got.

Wouldn’t it be great if other Surrey Heath villages had such improvements to their village centres to improve their ambience. I don’t imagine that the budget for this work would be very big.

Camberley town centre improvements – September 2019 update

Surrey Heath Borough Council announcedon 3rd September 2019 an update on Camberley town centre improvements. This full press release can be seen HERE. This is the main part of the press release.

The High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk have received £3.5million in funding from Enterprise M3 LEP, which has been increased with £900k of funding from Surrey Heath Borough Council, to improve the roads and pavements in these historic areas.

Once completed The High Street, Knoll Walk and Princess Way will be transformed into attractive, bright areas with new paving, road surfaces, lighting, planting – including trees, bicycle racks and public art.

The areas will have improved accessibility for everyone including those with disabilities. Vehicles will still have access to the High Street, but traffic calming will ensure the road is safer for pedestrians.  Parking on this road will also be reduced so pavement size can be increased.

The new materials used for the road and pavement surfaces will greatly improve the pedestrian experience.  New street lighting and public art will enhance the character of this road and give a feeling of place and Camberley’s heritage. You can read more about what will be happening here.

It is anticipated the works will start in October 2019 and will complete in 2020. The works will be phased and we will share regular updates as the project progresses.

In preparation for the works the remaining tree on Knoll Walk will be removed the week commencing 23 September.  Knoll Walk will be closed whilst this work takes place. This tree was not removed earlier this year as a Magpie nest was located on the tree.  New trees will be planted in Knoll Walk and also along The High Street as part of the new scheme.