Difference between road surface delamination and a pothole

My earliest blog articles, in March 2007, were about potholes. I think I’ve written well over over 30 on potholes and roads.

I learned quickly how to identify a pothole and a road surface delamination. Both make for uncomfortable driving. Obviously potholes are the more serious, especially for motorbikers or cyclists. I can’t find the definition of a pothole on the Surrey County Council website. I think I once found out the definition on their website – greater than 3 deep and six inches wide.

More common is road surface delamination. This is where layers of the road surface are worn away. The Maultway in Heatherside currently has large areas of delamination.

Yesterday, in Lightwater, I drove over a potholes in Guildford Road and delaminated surface in Briar Avenue. It’s not just Lightwater suffering, it’s everywhere, as the latest Annual Road Maintenance survey shows. Here are my photos of the potholes and delamination. I’ve yet to report the potholes, which is an easy process. I’ve just got to get round to do it.

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