Though part of the Wolverhampton diaspora, I still follow the Wolves

Football, yes, I know it’s not to the interest of every reader here.  I am part of the Wolverhampton diaspora. I retain a sense of place – an affection for the place that schooled me, and where I earned a living for many years.

That affection is made true when I look at the football results for Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Imagine, please, my pleasure in viewing the Championship league table today.

How I’ve longed to say ‘Wolves are champions’

That good news of which I spoke in the previous blog post, well sadly for some it’s about football.

It’s that Wolverhampton Wanderers are champions of Sky Bet League One. Wolves stock is on an upwards trajectory after relegation from the Premiership and the Championship in successive seasons.

After a number of failed managerial appointments, Wolves have found a gem in Kenny Jackett. Next season Wolves play in the Championship. Expectations will be high. Like a true Wolves fan, burned by years of under achievement, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll do well.

Famous composer Sir Edward Elgar was a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan

It’s frankly amazing what you can find on the Internet. I won’t bore you with the sequence of links to where I ended up, just to tell you that I happened on a new online literary science publication called Nautilus, whose first issue was April this year.

They say that, “Each month we choose a single topic and each Thursday we published a new chapter on that topic online.”

275px-Edward_ElgarThe current month’s topic is Secret Codes. Within this topic, in Chapter 3 published on October 17th, is an article on how ‘Composer Sir Edward Elgar still has cryptographers playing his tune.

“On July 14, 1897, following a visit the previous weekend to some family friends, the Reverend and Mrs. Alfred Penny, Elgar spun off what looked like a drawing or scribble and gave it to his wife, Alice, to attach to a thank-you note. It was intended for Dora Penny, a 23-year-old ardent admirer, who sang in a local choral group and liked to dance.

They’d known each for a year and a half; she was not a lover, rather an entertainment, a colorful Aquarian butterfly with which to go biking, kiting, and strolling through the bracken and harebells of Malvern; someone who could read music well enough to turn the pages at the piano bench, but with whom he could also could talk about maps, fashion, and the fortunes of the Wolverhampton Wanderers football team.”

Nautilus is a site I’ll be sure to visit again.

Hat tip: Wikipedia for image.

Restoring pride to the Old Gold

I’ll be writing a letter of thanks to Terry Connor, to include Kevin Doyle, for restoring the pride in Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Delighted to see Garth Crooks selecting Kevin Doyle’s performance on Saturday in his Team of the Week, and Patrick Collins in the Daily Mail saying good things about Terry.

Wolves fighting spirit

Wolves played Manchester City this evening in the Carling Cup. Must say I was worried that the Premier League’s in form and top team would be a handful for Wolves.

Wolves 2 Man City 5 – Yes, Wolves lost. But when you lose it’s the manner of your losing that counts. So it’s pleasing to read Thom Gibbs in the Daily Telegraph comment after having watched the match:

21.39 Some conclusions:
– Manchester City are through to the quarter finals of the Carling Cup.
– Wolves are not.
– Manchester City are very good at football.
– Wolves are not. They are merely good.
– Dorus de Vries is a good goalkeeper.
– Molineux will seem wrong until that stand is fully built.
Well done City. Hard luck Wolves. Over and out from me, thanks for your company.

While on the BBC online Midweek Football Final Score, Phil Dawkes closes the report of the Wolves match with:

2141: Meanwhile, after three minutes of injury time, the game at Molineux slowly grinds to a finish. It started so well for Wolves, but ended so very painfully. Oh well, at least they don’t have to face a team of this calibre again at the weekend… oh, no, wait, hang on. You have my sympathy Wolves.

Hmmmm. Hmmmmm.

Staying up gets nearer

Regular readers will know of my, some will say irrational, support for Wolverhampton Wanders Football Club.

The hopes of all footie supporters is to have their team play in the Premiership. Well, Wolves have got one step nearer to achieving that objective today, by beating local rivals West Bromwich Albion 3-1. Wolves are now out of the relegation zone. We’re not safe yet, but we’re immeasurably closer to staying up.