Upcoming lunchtime talks at Surrey Heath’s Heritage Gallery

Apropos the Heritage Gallery lunch time talks, which I mentioned in the previous article on the Iron Age settlement at West End, here’s a list of their upcoming talks. The Gallery, now shared with Surrey Heath Museum, is in Obelisk Way, opposite Argos. [Click on image to expand]

Discovering Iron Age archaeology in West End

We weren’t able to attend the talk in June this year on archaeological excavations in West End, organised by West End Parish Council. Nor we were in the audience for Guy Consterdine’s talk on Iron Age West End to the West End Village Society’s AGM in February this year.

I wanted to know more about Iron Age West End, and so I’ve been in touch with Guy, and he has kindly allowed me to publish his presentation here. Guy tells me he’s giving a talk on this topic at the Heritage Gallery on Thursday, 16th August. This time I’ll do my best to get along to listen.

To view Guy’s presentation in full screen, click on the upward facing arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Press the ESC key to exit.

Ann & Gerry Price of the Inn at West End leave for pastures new

Ann and Gerry’s big announcement is that after 18 years at The Inn at West End they’re moving to pastures new.

They’ve built a fine business, with a courtyard of rooms, a wine shop, all in addition to excellent dining. Last year we had a quiet and restful Christmas day lunch at The Inn, and jolly good it was too. We’ll make sure to book one of their events to wish them bon voyage.

Ann and Gerry say,

It may be a little sad to be leaving, but in true Inn spirit, we’re going to celebrate heartily together with a fantastic last summer of events and happenings which we hope will tempt you to join with others to finish with a bang! These are the events in brief, and please call us to book your place.

  • Saturday 4th August – Wine Tasting Lunch
  • Sunday 5th August- Boules Lunch // Quiz Night
  • Saturday 18th August- Wine Tasting Lunch
  • Monday 27th August- Hog Roast, BBQ, Boules & Jazz
  • Saturday 1st September – Wine Tasting Lunch
  • Thursday 13th September – Wine Dinner / Magnum Auction
  • Sunday 16th September- Last Quiz Night
  • Tuesday 18th September – Afternoon Tea for Breast Cancer Now
  • Friday 21st September – Chef’s Dinner
  • Saturday 29th September – ‘The Last Supper’. Ticket Only
  • Sunday 30th September – Last Lunch

More hyping of celestial events, this time the Perseid meteor shower

Not content with the Daily Telegraph informing me of the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ sight of a blood moon, which of course was completely obscured by cloud, now The Times is at it, hyping a celestial event.

In today’s online edition The Times informs me that,

A good meteor shower is a wonderful thing, and this August brings us near perfect conditions for observing one of the most reliable, the Perseids.

Please don’t think I’m a grump. It just so happens that this ‘wonderful thing’ has escaped me. The times I’ve been reminded to watch them, it’s been overcast. On a rare clear night, I spent an hour or more from 11.0 pm one evening, in which I saw precisely two meteors.

A dinner accompanied by select Tattinger Champagnes

It’s too torturous to explain, so I’ll not bother, how we attended a Taittinger Champagne Dinner at Montagu Arms Hotel in Beaulieu. The hotel’s Head Sommelier, Sergio Dossantos, arranged the dinner, with the UK Director of the Family Taittinger on hand to describe the champagnes that accompanied the dinner.

Here’s our menu, and the champagnes accompanying our dinner,

The champagnes, from left to right in the photo

  • Taittinger Nocture Sec NV: Being sweeter than the other champagnes for the dinner, it balanced the sweet course, and was a fitting end to the evening.
  • Taittinger Prestige Rose: A fruity taste perfect for our cheese course
  • Taittinger Vintage 2003: A special treat, due to the limited availability of this harvest
  • Taittinger Les Folies de la Marquetterie: An unusual champagne, being from a single vineyard
  • Taittinger Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne 2006: Made entirely from Chardonnays from only the best vines in the prestigious Côte des Blancs. It is only produced when the harvest is of exceptional quality worthy of a vintage year. Only the wine from the first press – the Cuvée – is used: a sure guarantee of finesse. A superb blockbuster champagne, a worthy start to the evening.

Taittinger is our favourite champagne, and the Comtes de Champagne is our favourite from their range of wines.