A couple of days of photos: No.7 – Two bridges over the River Dart

I’ve said here, often enough, that my photography skills are such that I call myself a happy snapper.

There are occasions when I try hard to compose a photo, and make it pleasing to me, and hopefully pleasing to viewers. Here’s one of my rarely carefully composed photos.

It was taken in May last year while we were in holiday in South Devon. We took a drive, from our base in Totnes, to Dartmoor. Feeling in need of refreshment, we stopped at the Two Bridges Hotel, at Two Bridges in the Dartmoor National Park.

I like old bridges. I like learning about old bridges, and I like photographing them. Here’s my photo of the two bridges over the River Dart. The old bridge is in the foreground, and the newer, main road, bridge can be seen through the central span.

A couple of days of photos: No.5 – Dartmoor prison

Last year we holidayed in South Devon, where I enjoyed many a day of steam train experiences. Travelling around Devon we passed by Dartmoor Prison. Here’s my photo of it on a pleasant day. can imagine it being forbidding and depressing in dark, dank, cold, and rainy weather. [Click on image to enlarge].

A couple of days of photos: No.1 – snow scene

It’s not that I’ve nothing to report. It’s just that I’ve some photos in a folder that I’ve been hoping to post. They’ve sort of built up, so there’ll be a burst of photos.

This, the first, is of the 1947 great freeze. I’m old enough to remember the huge snow drifts, and how the snow remained for weeks – see Wikipedia Winter 1946-47 for information.

Prager University’s five minute videos: #1: Winston Churchill by Andrew Roberts

We all know that there’s lots of junk available through the internet. So, it’a a pleasure to find a reliable source of information, delivered in well-crafted five minute online video’s.

The source of these 5-minute videos is Prager University, founded in 2011, who say of their purpose,

We take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them down to five focused minutes. We then add graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth.

While the choice of topics of Prager University videos is from a strongly American and conservative perspective, and may not all be of interest to a UK audience. I’ve come across a number of their 5 minute videos that should be of  interest to us. They’re available to view through the PragerU website, and can also be viewed in their YouTube channel.

The first video I’ve found is by noted historian and author Andrew Roberts on Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World,

Remembering Ken Dodd with one of his jokes

A Ken Dodd joke, as a tribute to a great comedian, courtesy of a tweet by @SamanthaQuek

Photo credit: David A Ellis

A man in a dressing gown walks into a pub opposite his local hospital & orders 2 large whiskeys…

He says to the Barman: “You know what, I shouldn’t be drinking these with what I’ve got…”

The Barman replies “Why? What have got?”

“20 pence” the man replied.