The new name didn’t last long

I posted in February about, TV personality and retail guru, Mary Portas coming to Lightwater to remodel Lightwater Homecare, our own hardware and DIY store, for her Mary Queen of Shops TV programme

I’m not sure when the programme about Lightwater is due for airing, but it’s sure to be interesting. The business was renamed The Fix It Factory, and now three months later it’s reverted to its original name – Lightwater Homecare. One thing that has stayed the same is the bright red colour of the sign, and the size of the sign. So something in Mary’s arguments must had stuck with the owners.

Personally I’d prefer white lettering on the sign rather than black, it’s easier to read. Compare this picture to the one in my earlier post to see.

While Mary Portas was in Lightwater she visited Duffy’s Budgens and gave them a high rating, justly deserved in my opinion.

11 thoughts on “The new name didn’t last long

  1. This place is busy in spite of the staff, the two young girls who work there do a fantastic job of taking your money whilst affecting an air of doing the customer a favour. Ignorance is alive, well and thriving at Lightwater Homecare.


  2. She is so mean to homecare. I love homecare, it’s great.. but I want to know where the animal have gone 😦 and if they are coming back.


  3. Just watching the programme on TV now… it’s the funniest thing ever that this guy changed reverted back to the old rubbish shop name.
    Seriously, it looks like Poundland having an end of line sale (hamsters next to slippers? hello?!) infact I take that back, it’s an insult to Poundland.

    Would love to see Mary Portas revisit the shop in 12 months time.


  4. I can’t believe you idiots have changed it back. The Fix it Factory seemed like a great idea – do you really want to live in the past!


  5. tony didn’t deserve to have Mary’s help. They should have gone else where honestly! The Fix-It Factory is a perfect name. too bad they won’t enjoy the same type of “star status” lovely folks like Denny & Dazzle and the Clealls people have


  6. Looking at the frontage now,it seems to have lost that OOMPH ,and now looks like any other rural shop.One thing that has been overlooked is the shabbiness of the flat above,surely if it was given a bit of TLC,it would make the whole place look better,especially considering it is a DIY merchants!


  7. What a complete waste of Mary’s time. New sign looks very amateur and from your website looks like you have just gone back to selling everything under the sun. Just because something is sold once every blue moon does not make it worth cramming into the shop.


  8. I think Mary knew she was flogging a dead horse …..and she was right! Went in there yesterday, asked where a couple of things could be found and the man behind the desk pointed in the general direction of the goods – god forbid he would actually lead us to them! The staff just couldn’t be bothered – and it showed.


  9. Re Dee’s post above,
    This will be the same man that DIDN’T APPEAR in the documentary I would think, the same one that I heard loudly criticising Mary Portas as someone who ‘knew nothing at all about running a hardware shop’!

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


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  11. The show’s just been shown on Danish television. Oh my word!!! I’m not surprised it has turned back to the same old. That guy was hopeless. Sorry it was a waste of time for Mary, she’s brilliant!


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