A worthy Shakespeare birthday quotation

Who, if any, can have but one favourite William Shakespeare quotation. Here’s one of mine,

In Hamlet, Polonius offers a few rules of life to his son Laertes, including these wise words,

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”


Reducing it all to a pile of rubble

Neatly sorted rubble though. Heroically overcoming my man flu, I ventured out of the house yesterday after days of idle wastefulness.

Lazy bounder that I currently am, my wife delivered to the centre of Lightwater, so that I could see the progress on demolition and rebuilding works in Lightwater. I did walk back home if you were thinking that I was truly and hopelessly lazy.

As a reminder the building works in Lightwater consist of the demolition of Lightwater Homecare DIY store to be replaced with a Tesco Express, the demolition of the BP Petrol Station to be replaced by a new BP Petrol Station plus a Marks & Spencers Simply Food store, and the redevelopment of Lightwater Post Office by Royal Mail.

I’ll just report on the Tesco Express store at present. After weeks of not much action, last Friday the demolition of Lightwater Homecare began in earnest, to be followed in my latest visit yesterday afternoon by further destruction. It is surprising how great big machines can destroy in seconds and then sit on their pile of rubble delicately separating it into neat piles. Enough, here are three photo’s of the demolition.

How I’ve longed to say ‘Wolves are champions’

That good news of which I spoke in the previous blog post, well sadly for some it’s about football.

It’s that Wolverhampton Wanderers are champions of Sky Bet League One. Wolves stock is on an upwards trajectory after relegation from the Premiership and the Championship in successive seasons.

After a number of failed managerial appointments, Wolves have found a gem in Kenny Jackett. Next season Wolves play in the Championship. Expectations will be high. Like a true Wolves fan, burned by years of under achievement, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll do well.

Perhaps I should explain my blog posting hiatus

It’s not so much the lack of blog posts I’ve written here recently, in fact I’m currently equal to my average number of blog posts per month. But, my problem is that I’ve struggled to find originality or to rise above the pedestrian in my writings.

That’s not to say that when I’m writing a blog post that I’m not fully engaged in the process, or in the lack of desire to communicate ‘stuff’. Could it be down to a ‘seven year itch’. After all, it’s seven years since the this blog began. In those seven years there’s been over 3,900 articles – some small, some large; many inconsequential, some of lasting value.

It doesn’t help having a touch of ‘man flu’. You know how that affects most men – totally debilitating, removing all drive and impetus. However, there is some good news that’s lifting my spirit, about which I’ll tell you next.

Camberley’s Main Square car park revamp underway

Surrey Heath Borough Council today announced that work has begun to revamp Camberley’s Main Square car park,

“Work to improve Camberley’s Main Square car park is underway with a recent upgrade to level 4 now complete. As well as a new coloured resurfaced floor, the level 4 improvements include extra wide parking bays and marked pedestrian walkways.

Spaces have been widened to enable easier parking, particularly for larger vehicles, as well as providing more space to open doors and gain better access.

Surrey Heath’s portfolio holder for business Cllr Craig Fennell said: “We want to improve the customer experience for everyone using our multi-story car parks. The new wider bays aim to give car park users more choice to suit their needs while the new walkways will help guide pedestrians. This work is part our current programme of improvements in Main Square that will continue over the coming months.

As part of the improvements, new clearer signage is being installed and refurbishment to the stairwell on the Pembroke Broadway side of the car park is currently underway. This will be followed by work to refurbish the stairwell at the BHS end of the car park.

From June, the council will start replacing the current barriers and payment machines with a state-of-the-art ticketless system. This will reduce the time taken for vehicles to enter the car parks and therefore reduce queuing. Also starting in June will be the complete refurbishment of all the lifts in Main Square. This is a significant task, taking three months for each lift to be refurbished in turn.

The upgrades represent an investment of more than £500,000 by Surrey Heath Borough Council in its town centre car parks. Cllr Fennell added: “Throughout the work we will ensure our car parks remain fully operational and disruption is kept to a minimum.”

Not long till the opening of theTerri Jayne Dance Studio in Lightwater

Stopping to take a photo of the trees in Guildford Road in Lightwater, I spotted Terri Jayne Bowen outside her soon to be completed dance studio.

Asking Terri Jayne when her new dance studio would be opening, she invited me in to take a look at work that’s been done to convert the  Police Station into a dance studio. Here are my photos of the visit.

Oh, by the way, Terri Jayne says the studio is likely to open at the end of May.