Camberley’s Main Square car park revamp underway

Surrey Heath Borough Council today announced that work has begun to revamp Camberley’s Main Square car park,

“Work to improve Camberley’s Main Square car park is underway with a recent upgrade to level 4 now complete. As well as a new coloured resurfaced floor, the level 4 improvements include extra wide parking bays and marked pedestrian walkways.

Spaces have been widened to enable easier parking, particularly for larger vehicles, as well as providing more space to open doors and gain better access.

Surrey Heath’s portfolio holder for business Cllr Craig Fennell said: “We want to improve the customer experience for everyone using our multi-story car parks. The new wider bays aim to give car park users more choice to suit their needs while the new walkways will help guide pedestrians. This work is part our current programme of improvements in Main Square that will continue over the coming months.

As part of the improvements, new clearer signage is being installed and refurbishment to the stairwell on the Pembroke Broadway side of the car park is currently underway. This will be followed by work to refurbish the stairwell at the BHS end of the car park.

From June, the council will start replacing the current barriers and payment machines with a state-of-the-art ticketless system. This will reduce the time taken for vehicles to enter the car parks and therefore reduce queuing. Also starting in June will be the complete refurbishment of all the lifts in Main Square. This is a significant task, taking three months for each lift to be refurbished in turn.

The upgrades represent an investment of more than £500,000 by Surrey Heath Borough Council in its town centre car parks. Cllr Fennell added: “Throughout the work we will ensure our car parks remain fully operational and disruption is kept to a minimum.”

Not long till the opening of theTerri Jayne Dance Studio in Lightwater

Stopping to take a photo of the trees in Guildford Road in Lightwater, I spotted Terri Jayne Bowen outside her soon to be completed dance studio.

Asking Terri Jayne when her new dance studio would be opening, she invited me in to take a look at work that’s been done to convert the  Police Station into a dance studio. Here are my photos of the visit.

Oh, by the way, Terri Jayne says the studio is likely to open at the end of May.

A not to be missed local plant sale for gardeners

CactusFor years I’ve wanted a collection of cacti to tend. Now we have one, located on the windowsills in our conservatory. The warmer winters have meant that we haven’t lost one yet.

The majority of the cacti have been acquired from Paul Barrow and Carolyn Hawkes charity plant sale days. Paul and Carolyn’s open garden and plant sale day is a mustn’t be missed event for local gardeners.

Plant SaleThe next charity plant sale is on Sunday 4th May from 1.0pm -4.0pm. See advert, click to enlarge.

Paul was chairman of Lightwater Gardening Club for 24 years. There’s much it’s possible to learn from super keen gardeners. I’m compiling a list of questions for Paul and Carolyn. This year I’m hoping to add to our stock of cacti, but also some alpine flowers for our rockery and outside kitchen window boxes. Better get there early.

I imagine I’ll see many Lightwaterans there.


Surrey Heath Singers spring concert this Saturday at High Cross Church

RossiniWe’ve attended many concerts of the singers, previously known as Surrey Heath Choral Society, though none under their new name.

This Saturday, 12 April 2014, is an opportunity to change that by attending Surrey Heath Singers Spring Concert, who’re presenting Rossini’s, Petite Messe Solennelle at 7:30 pm High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley GU15 3SY

Tickets are £14 including programme available at the door and High Cross Box Office at
01276 66049.

Sights seen on a walk from Lightwater to Deepcut

This week I walked from Lightwater to RLC Museum at Deepcut, just one way mark you, as my wife drove me home from the museum.

The weather was warmer that I’d imagined, and so the walk was a process of removing layers of clothes. I observe the rule ‘ne’er cast a clout till May is out’.

Deer in the rangesThe sights I saw on my walk were,

  • walkers, similarly with layers of clothes removed
  • a very friendly red deer buck right by the fence of the ranges. I must’ve been only a few feet from him  for a couple of minutes
  • a unicyclist - obviously only on the flat part of the walk adjacent to the Maultway, still surely an unusual sight
  • mountain bike cyclists, who mostly seem to abhor announcing their arrival with a bell or other device. It seems only to be those with young children cyclists who seem to have bells.
  • dog walkers who don’t pick up their dog’s doo, including the instance of dog doo neatly packed in a small plastic bag at the side of the track.
  • plenty of delightful painted lady, and cabbage white butterflies.

An engaging Annual Meeting of Windlesham Parish Council

An annual parish meeting wouldn’t normally have been said to be engaging, even verging on the enjoyable. But it was the case for Windlesham Parish Council’s annual meeting last night at the Briars Centre in Lightwater. I guess it does help that I’m interested in local government. Never mind, here’s my report on the evening, attended by about 50′sih people, along with some photos.

The chairman of the parish council – Cllr Mike Goodman, spoke of the achievements during the past year, mostly about responsible governance and maintenance of important community assets, such as public cemeteries, war memorials, open spaces, and playgrounds. Interesting to note that councillors reduced their annual allowance, “in consideration of falling income (specifically a significant drop in burial income; and a reduction in the tax base) and rising costs, Members’ Allowances should be reduced by £280 to £1000 p.a. per member, effective from May 2014″.

His report was followed by the Mayor of Surrey Heath – Cllr Beverley Harding, recounting, light heartedly, the memorable events attended in her mayoral year in Bagshot, Lightwater, and Windlesham.

Parish and borough councillor – Cllr John Winterton, spoke about local government issues form the perspective of a Surrey Heath Borough councillor, and was followed by Cllr Mike Goodman, describing issues from a Surrey County Council perspective.

Following  a short break, Carol Seaton of local St John Ambulance instructed the audience in CPR, and to trust the value of a Defribulator. A serious subject was delivered with gusto and humour. I know it’s a regular joke in these displays, but, simple-minded me loved the reference about after having given CPR to the dummy, Carol said she’d be worried if the dummy showed a spark of life.

Finally, Henry Stanbrook showed images of his collection of post cards on Lightwater of early 20th century. Henry told  the story of Francis Frith, the importance of his collection of early photographs, and how it was saved for the nation.