Lightwater Scouts Spring Jumble Sale is on Sat 14th March

The ever popular Lightwater Scouts Jumble Sales are held in Spring and Autumn. This year’s Spring Jumble Sale is on Saturday, 14th March, from 10-11.30 at the Scout HQ in The Avenue, Lightwater. The Scout HQ is located behind houses in The Avenue near the entrance to Lightwater Country Park. A short access road leads to the Scout HQ, and its small car park. Postcode is GU18 5RG.

A recurring water leak in Guildford Road

The junction of Lighwater Road and Guildford Road in Lightwater is the subject of recurring water leaks. Our recent days of wet weather has masked the current water leak, which emenates from the middle of the junction next to the mini roundabout.

I’ve a photo, taken yesterday, of the latest leak [see below], which I’ll be reporting to the water company – Thames Water or Affinity Water. I’m not sure whom is responsible.

Here’s my photo evidence of leaks over recent years. The water main was replaced in 2014, so it’s a surprise that this spot on the road continues to need repair. I feel sure that there have been other instances of water leaks here that I’ve not been aware of.

UPDATE: Oops, got my photos wrongly anotated, corrected now.

Storm Dennis fills our detention pond

Alan, a friend of ours, sent me a photo of Storm Dennis’ deposit in the Lightwater detention pond alongside Red Road.

We drove past the pond last Sunday, and I noticed it was full. I didn’t remember to take a photo for evidence, so I’m delighted that Alan did, as it has filled since.  Here’s his photo.

Wild orchids get room to flower

This week I walked on the heathland track the borders Red Road in Lightwater, and which looks down over Folly Bog. It’s not something I’ve done of late, so was pleased to see invasive trackside vegetation cut down. I’d have cut more down, but hey, what’s been done will make life better for the wild orchids, as you can see from my photos. The wild orchids appear on the trcakside verges and ditches.

It’s great that in the process of cutting back the invasive plants, a new easier access to Folly Bog has been created. Gone is the difficulty of fighting may way through vegetation to get down to the boggy area to espy the progress of sundews, mosses, and Early March Orchids. All in all, I’m looking forward to spring and summer in the local heathland.

A Foosh is limiting my blogging

What is a Foosh? It’s the medical shorthand for a Fall on an Outstreched Hand. In my case the fall resulted in broken bones in my wrist.

Most reactions are, firstly sympathy, and then silly boy. I know you’ll be curious as to how it happened. This where the silly boy becomes true. Standing of on the lower step of a badly positioned step ladder, and reaching for Christmas decorations on the top shelf in our garage the ladder went one way and me the other. Result broken bones in my wrist.

One finger typing is annoying, so have been enjoying walks in and around home. Here’s a group of images from my walks.

Re the detention pond. I met a local parish councillor on one walk, and she told me that the inlet and outlet of the detention pond are blockage free, it’s just that the ground is saturated meaning the water takes time to drain away.

The detention pond is full again – Updated

Excessive rain has again filled the detention pond off Red Road in Lightwater. That’s the third time in recent months. Prior to this autumn the pond was last full in the summer of 2007. So, this autumn has been particularly wet. To my knowledge, not exhaustive I grant you, there’s been no flooding in Lightwater, since 2007, which is due to the investment in flood alleviation measures. NB: amended – in red – to make my note clearer,

Here’s my photo, taken this afternoon, of the detention pond adjacent to Red Road. I know it rained heavily last night because I was caught out iin it without a trusty umbrella.


Sometimes trees grow too big for their site

The housing estate in Lightwater built-in the grounds of Paddock Wood House in the mid to late 1980’s must’ve involved the loss of trees, though I wasn’t here to witness it.

The many trees that were retained have continued to grow. That growth, in some cases, affected the houses they were close to, either through loss of light, or becoming too big for their location, resulting in removal or severe pruning.

One attractive part of the Paddock Wood development is the group of houses facing an ornamental lake, which was a retained feature from the original Paddock Wood House. The trees and shrubs surrounding the lake were also retained. They continued their vigourous growth, such that they needed both removal and pruning. Here’s a photo montage of that work over the last six months.

Sunningdale shows the benefit of car parking realignment

Car parking is the big bugbear in Lightwater. It’s something yours truly has campaigned about for many, many years. Goodness me, it was in 2010 I presented a report on the topic [See my report below photos] to Surrey County Council. Since then other local councillors have promised concerted action, but to no effect. Seems they’ve lost interest.

Nothing changed, except for more double yellow lines restricting parking places. Nearby Sunningdale shopping centre was similarly blighted by inadequate parking provision. The difference  is that their car parking has been improved. Just goes to show that an enlightened local authority recognises the need for car parking to boost retail vibrancy, and road safety. See photos below.

Don’t let highways argue that backing into the main road cause problems. It doesn’t, and Sunningdale proves it’s fine

I don’t need to post photos of car parking in Lightwater; you know how ugly and inadequate it is. Surrey Heath Borough Council seem to only to be interested in Camberley town centre, even to the extent of ripping up the perfectly adequate Knoll Walk.

Lightwater Business Association business networking evening tomorrow

As a past Lightwater Business Association member I continue to receive invitations from them. Here’s one such,

For business owners in Lightwater and neighbouring areas

The Lightwater Business Association [LBA] is holding a Business Networking evening on Tuesday 19th March 2019, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, at Red Lion Pub, Guildford Road, Lightwater.

To attend please RSVP:

For the 19th March 2019 networking evening we have new LBA member Thomas Prout from Workflow Document Solutions to give us a brief presentation about ‘Managed Print Services for Small Business’

At the January 2019 meeting we got so pre-occupied with eating Pizza and drinking fine wine  hosted by Tony at Adriatico that we did not have time to do the quick fire 3 minute learning session.

The Tax Year end is approaching so we will have a  quick fire Tax Tips session delivered by Mike Loughton of Sir Tax Accountants Limited. I am sure all agree that 3 minutes is more than enough time to hear about Tax issues so hopefully it’s kept within the designated time.

If you’ve not attended one of our business networking evenings before, here’s what you can now expect:

  • Over complimentary drinks and snacks we will start the evening with friendly and relaxed open networking.
  • Everyone will do a 20-30 second introduction of themselves and their business to the group
  • 10 Minute Guest speaker presentation and Q&A.
  • 3 Minute Quick-Fire Learning & News Item.
  • Finally, we’ll round-up the evening with more informal networking.

Quick Reminder to Members
The LBA Networking Evenings are a benefit of your membership, and members can bring a non-member guest free to introduce the LBA to them. So, don’t forget to bring a business friend if you’d like to!

For Non-Members
We love to meet new business people from Lightwater and the surrounding areas and we welcome you to come and try a couple of our networking evenings free of charge. It’s a great way to meet LBA members – local business people just like you – and to find out more about the LBA, who we are and what we do. If you’re then interested, we’d love you to join as a member to benefit from what’s available to members.

For all attendees
Please make the most of the event and feel free to bring business cards and promotional literature / offers you might like to share with the group.

Can’t make 19th March 2019 meeting but want to attend another LBA networking evening event?
All dates will be published on our Facebook page and our Website, so please check them regularly.
2019 dates for your diary follow:
Tuesday 19th March 2019
Monday 13th May 2019
Tuesday 2rd July 2019
Tuesday 10th September 2019
Tuesday 12th November 2019

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at The Red Lion Pub in Lightwater.

P.P.S. If membership is not for you please do remember to still add your FREE listing on the Website. So, don’t miss out, be seen and found by the community in our FREE Directory.