Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger spring update for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog

The entrances to the heathland off Red Road, and into Brentmoor Heath display a Spring update notice from Ben Habgood, the Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog. He can be contacted at

In Ben’s Spring update notice he mentions to be on the lookout for orchids, which he says can be seen from mid-May onwards. I walked on the track alongside Folly Bog yesterday and found no evidence of their arrival. But then I’m no botanist. I’ll make a trip down to Folly Bog and see I can spot signs of the Early Marsh Orchid.

I think nature is a bit late this year. Our large camellia has only recently ended its flowering. In the past it’s finished its flowering in January.  [Click on the image to expand].

Surrey Police crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: April 2017

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Surrey PoliceCrime No.45170032437 – On 29/03/2017 from 07:00 to 18:58, at Lightwater Meadow. Lightwater. Returned to property to find rear conservatory door smashed and internal patio door forced open, an untidy search of the property within (Under investigation).
  • Crime No.45170032578 – Between 29/03/2017 from 12:45 to 30/03/2017 at 12:39, at Sturdee Close, Frimley. Front door lock has been picked and entry gained to dwelling where an x-box and £400 cash have been stolen.
  • Crime No.45170032778 – On 30/03/2017 from 15:35 to 22:29, at Forest Hill, Camberley. Garage of property was open a Carrera Mountain Bike had been taken.
  • Crime No.45170033480 – On 01/04/2017 from 19:25 to 23:11, at Lime Avenue, Camberley. Suspects have gained entry to house whilst victim has been upstairs. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170033886 – Between 29/03/2017 from 12:00 to 02/04/2017 at 19:00, at Hamesmoor Way, Mytchett. Property broken into via kitchen window, untidy search throughout, jewellery taken. (Under investigation)

Tesco confirm intention to open a store in Lightwater

Our postmaster – Surinder Gandhum – is a tenacious fellow. He’s been pressing Tesco for some time on their intentions for a Tesco Express store in Lightwater. On Monday he received an email reply from Tesco, this is the material part of the note to Surinder, who kindly forwarded it to me

I can confirm that Tesco is committed to opening a store in Lightwater and are looking forward to serving customers in the area.  We are in the process of finalising our build timetable and although I can’t confirm an opening date at this stage we will keep the community updated going forward.  In the meantime we will endeavour to keep the site in a good condition and if you have any questions about this or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brentmoor Heath & Folly Bog Ranger posts his winter notes

At the entrances to Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog, Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger, Ben Habgood has posted his winter notes. [Click on image to expand].

I’m pleased to see there’ll be scrub clearance next year. Would like to know where in the Folly Bog work is to be done. The last major clearance was in 2010. Also, I’m somewhat surprised that further maintenance work is needed on the Esso pipeline in Folly Bog, after all the work earlier this year.

I’ll be following up on both of these items, and will report back here. Meanwhile, here’s Ben Habgood’s notes


Surrey Heath Council trial innovative free dog waste bags

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce in a press release on 12th December, [my photo of Tikspac site at Briars Centre, Lightwater].

Surrey Heath Borough Council has introduced trial TiksPac stations offering free dog waste bags across the borough.

Lightwater_briars-centre-tikspacThe environmentally-friendly concept, which has been a success in Scandinavia, consists of units dispensing free biodegradable dog waste bags. They are located at footpaths, parks, recreation grounds and other public areas.

The six stations have been installed at Frimley Lodge Park; Lightwater Country Park; School Lane, Bagshot; The Briars Centre, Lightwater; Southcote Park and Watchetts Park, Camberley; and Frimley Recreation Ground.

It is hoped that if the trial is successful, the concept will be rolled out across the borough in the new year.

frimley-lodge-parkIt is part of a concerted effort by the Council to reduce dog fouling across the borough, running alongside the glow in the dark ‘We’re Watching You’ posters launched last month, and in parallel with the ongoing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) consultation which deals with issues including irresponsible dog owners (

Counting names on a petition, and getting different totals each time

This is a follow-up to the previous article on the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee meeting next week.

pavement-parkingI’ll be attending, along with Cllr Surinder Gandhum, to present a petition from Lightwater residents and visitors that Lightwater needs improved arrangements for parking cars. I’ve counted the names on the petition three times, and each resulting total is different – should say not counted them individually three times, but the page count three times.

Annoyingly the highest count was three short of 1500 names. Think I may have double counted, so I’m settling for 1461. Still, that’s a goodly number of people concerned about parking.

I’m also asking a question about part-time street lighting. I’m not against the principle, just want to know what the procedure is for asking for street lights to remain on. Here’s my written question, about which I’m expecting an answer,

In the County Council’s schedule of part night lighting, the busy main roads are understandably excluded. Guildford Road and Red Road in Lightwater are roads sensibly remaining lit, while the road that connects them – Lightwater Road is in the part night lighting schedule.

What provision has been made for the County Council to consider changes suggested by the public to this schedule, and what is the process by which this road can be considered for removal from the part-night lighting schedule, and finally what is your view of lighting Lightwater Road?