Quote of the day: Julia Somerville

Stand-in BBC News presenter, Julia Somerville, interviewing Unite union leader Tony Woodley on a fresh threat of strikes with British Airways cabin crew, said

“Both you and BA have a death grip around each other’s necks, just like Holmes and Moriarty.”

Wow, that’s an image on which to ponder.

My ten for 2007

Here’s my top ten people in 2007.

  1. David Cameron – amazing recovery from summer errors and for ‘gutsy’ attitude
  2. General David Petraeus – providing hope to the ‘basket-case’ that is Iraq
  3. Carla Furse – seeing off the Americans and guiding the LSE to be world leader
  4. Matthew Parris – top notch political commentator [see HERE] and radio presenter
  5. David Beckham – slower in pace but still tops for commitment to England
  6. George Osborne – proof there’s talent among Tories, and courageous tactician
  7. Jeff Randall – a journalist with talent, one of my heroes, see his work HERE
  8. Guido Fawkes– top blogger, breaker of sleaze stories, and scourge of politicians
  9. Willie Walsh – boss of British Airways, rotten job handled with deft skill
  10. Humphrey Lyttelton – pure class, and always makes me laugh, HERE also

Don’t agree, think the list quixotic, well, it is MY list.