Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: July 2017: 3rd Update

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Crime No.45170078897 – On 20/07/2017 at 15:40 in Kings Ride, Camberley. Three males have attempted to gain entry to second floor window of residential, detached premises.
  • Crime No.45170077386 – On 17/07/2017  from 12:24 to 12:30 at Crabtree Road, Camberley. Male has kicked over wheelie bins and kicked panel to vehicle causing 3 dents. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170077474 –  On 17/07/2017 at 18:00 in  Southern Road, Camberley. Victim has noticed dents in vehicle.
  • Crime No.45170078001 – Between 18/06/2017 from 19:30 to 18/07/2017 at 19:30 in Cheylesmore Drive, Frimley. During an unknown period of time, unknown offenders have gained access to a four bedroom detached house situated in a residential housing estate. Have conducted an untidy search in all rooms of the house. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170078063 – On 19/07/2017 at 02:25 at Krispy Kreme, Albany Court, Albany Park, Frimley. Youths have come into the warehouse and taken 18 boxes of doughnuts. Youths have then got in a vehicle and driven off.
  • Crime No.45170077347 – Between 03/07/2017 from 00:00 to 17/07/2017 at 10:00 in Streets Heath, West End. Theft of headphones from windowsill of property – window was left open.
  • Crime No.45170077631 – On 18/07/2017 from 01:55 to 02:02 in Guildford Road, Lightwater. During early morning hours have entered Co-op store by smashing a glass window at the front using sledgehammer. Have grabbed items including cigarettes. Have exited through hole in glass window driving off in a dark BMW towards M3. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170077838 – On 18/07/2017 from 07:00 to 12:45 in Hodges Close, Bagshot. Victim’s garden fence has been damaged.
  • Crime No.45170078498 – On 19/07/2017 from 19:05 to 19:30 in The Orchard, Lightwater. Theft of motor vehicle (grey Honda Jazz, RV14TZS) (Under investigation)

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: July 2017: 2nd Update

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Crime No.45170075160 – On 12/07/2017 from 00:00 to 10:00 at Wood Road, Camberley. A parked vehicle has been scratched on the nearside passenger door
  • Crime No.45170075735 –  On 13/05/2017 at 15:47, at Watchetts Drive, Camberley. Over a 2 month period 3 family cars have all had tyres slashed on more than one occasion.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170075904 –  On 13/07/2017 between  22:35 and 22:40, at Knoll Road, Camberley. Road sign removed from setting and thrown through an open window.  (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170075542 –  Between 12/07/2017 from 23:00 to 13/07/2017 at 07:00, at Premier Inn, London Road, Bagshot. Suspects have broken into vehicle and stolen power tools. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170076978 – Between 15/07/2017 from 21:00 to 16/07/2017 at 09:00, at Rosewood Way, West End. A vehicle has been keyed while on the driveway.
  • Crime No.45170076663 – Between 09/07/2017 from 15:00 to 14/07/2017 at 13:00, at Highams Lane, Chobham. An attempt to break into a barn with an angle grinder to the lock, also ramming the doors, they did not gain access.
  • Crime No.45170076296 – Between 11/07/2017 from 23:00 to 12/07/2017 at 05:00, at Chertsey Road. Windlesham. A car parked on the owners driveway had been tampered with by someone cutting the wires to the vehicle.
  • Crime No.45170075971 – On 14/07/2014 from 00:50 to 01:01, at Albany Business Park, Frimley, Four youths had attempted to gain entry by throwing a cone a number of time to the loading bay door but with no success to gain entry. There is CCTV footage. Under investigation
  • Crime No.45170077252 – Between 14/07/2017 from 17:30 to 17/07/2017 at 07:37, at James Road, Frimley. Commercial premises have been broken into but nothing have been taken. Under investigation

Surrey Heath Police crime bulletin: July 2017: 1st Update

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Crime No.45170072907– Between 06/07/2017 from 22:00 to 07/07/2017 at 07:00, at Caroline Way, Frimley. An Attempt had been made to try and force window open.
  • Crime No.45170073518 – On 06/07/2017 between 20:00 and 20:35, at Sturt Road, Frimley Green. Youths had damaged a picnic bench in the park area by setting it on fire. Under investigation
  • Crime No.4510073333 – On 07/07/2017 at 19:00, at The Close, Lightwater. Two males have attended the address, they claimed that they were from the water board, they entered property. Jewellery had been taken. Under investigation
  • Crime No.45170074059 – Between 09/07/2017 from 17:00 to 10/07/2017 at 07:18, at Lucas Green, West End. Window of door has been smashed to gain entry to Cabin, nothing was stolen untidy search done. Under investigation
  • Crime No.451700773872– Between 08/07/2017 from 15:e 00 to 09/07/2017- 18:50, at Upper Chobham Road, Frimley. Suspects have broken into partially built house, causing an estimated damage of £15,000 and have removed scaffolding equipment. Under investigation
  • Crime No.45170074455 – On 10/07/2017 between 18:00 and 21:40 at Grove Cross Road, Frimley. From the Car Park a Vehicle Vauxhall Astra have had both of the index plates removed from front/back – index number DE09 OFC
  • Crime No.45170074691 – Between 01/06/2017 from 04:30 to 11/07/2017 at Frimley Green Recreation Ground. There have been a number of youths found in the Pavilion, they gained access by removing roof tiles and braking through the Ceiling, they have caused a lot of damage to the inside of the building. Under investigation
  • Crime No.4510074055 (5 linked crimes) – On 10/07/2017 between 02:00 and 03:20 at Lucas Green Yard, West End. There have been a series of burglary’s relating to these premises, they have made off with high value tools, pressure washer and Belle compactor plate. Plus a Vehicle Blue Toyota Hilux, index RX14 YVO. Under investigation
  • Crime No.45170075136 – Between 11/07/2017 from 18:00 to 12/07/2017 at 07:00 at Toulouse Close, Camberley. A Vehicle has been stolen from the driveway overnight, the keys have not been taken BLACK BMW 318 index number LV62 LCM. Under investigation

Surrey Police crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: June 2017, 5th update

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Crime No.45170068899 – On 28/06/2017 from 09:15 to 09:40 at London Road, Camberley. In an act of road rage, a male driver in a vehicle behind the victim’s, had thrown a brick type object at the victim’s car causing damage.
  • Crime No.45170068515 – On 27/06/2017 at 09:34, at London Road, Camberley. Business site has been broken into (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170068814 – On 27/06/2017 at 14:46 at Victoria Avenue, Camberley. Garage has been broken into and tools stolen (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170068213 – On 24/06/2017 between 13:00 and 15:00, at Upper Gordon Road, Camberley. Unknown person has keyed vehicle whilst parked in the road
  • Crime No.45170069326 – On 29/06/2017 between 01:00 and 06:55, at Sullivan Road, Camberley. Red Renault Kangoo RO09XFW stolen overnight.
  • Crime No.45170069540 – On 29/06/2017 between 19:00 and 19:30, at Portsmouth Road, Frimley. Motorcyclist has smashed victim’s mirror off using his fist after a road rage incident (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170069584 – On 29/06/2017 between 18:30 and 20:15 at Grove Cross Road, Frimley. Have gone to the location and have removed a white Honda Jazz VRM RE13FDZ from the location. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170069588 – On 29/06/2017 between 07:45 and 16:57, at Malthouse Lane, West End. Burglary at semi-detached property. (Under investigation)
  • Crime No.45170069287 – Between 26/06/2017 from 17:00 to 28/06/2017 at 12:00, at Sandpit Hall Road, Chobham. Bent catch on gate
  • Crime No.45170068813 – On 27/06/2017 between 13:30 and 14:00, at Church Lane, Woking. Attempted burglary on a container.  Two males were seen and disturbed after the screws for the bolt had been undone and the door opened.

June events: West End Village Fête and procession on Saturday 3rd June from 12.30pm

The fun and enjoyment of the West End Village Fête is its procession from Fellow Green to the Tringham Recreation Ground. All the local pre-school, and primary school children are decked out in wonderfully imaginative costumes. Here’s the detail on the fête from the Get Surrey website – and my photos from last year’s fete.

A traditional village fête will be held on Tringham Recreation Ground on Saturday. All proceeds go to local charities including the Scouting and Guiding groups. There will be arena events, Punch and Judy, pony rides, tombolas, cream Teas and a coconut shy. Procession leaves Fellow Green at 12.30 pm with the fête opening at 1.0 pm. Address: Benner Lane, GU24 9JP. FREE ENTRY

Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger spring update for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog

The entrances to the heathland off Red Road, and into Brentmoor Heath display a Spring update notice from Ben Habgood, the Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger for Brentmoor Heath and Folly Bog. He can be contacted at

In Ben’s Spring update notice he mentions to be on the lookout for orchids, which he says can be seen from mid-May onwards. I walked on the track alongside Folly Bog yesterday and found no evidence of their arrival. But then I’m no botanist. I’ll make a trip down to Folly Bog and see I can spot signs of the Early Marsh Orchid.

I think nature is a bit late this year. Our large camellia has only recently ended its flowering. In the past it’s finished its flowering in January.  [Click on the image to expand].