The Kings and Queens were the star attraction at West End Fête

Lovely balmy weather for Saturday’s West End Fête at the Tringham recreation ground, which must’ve helped in adding to the throng of visitors. Traditional fête entertainment garnered queues waiting, for a shy at coconuts, to smash a plate, to score a goal, and to watch Punch & Judy. Excellent burgers and hot dogs, and beer filled the aching interior void.

I’ve a brief selection of photos of the Fete, and a short video of the parade.

The procession and parade of  West End Toddlers, Tringham Pre School, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts, and Beavers as Kings and Queens was the star attraction. Judging the dress of the parade participants for creativity, and originality was deliberated on with great care, resulting in,

  • 1st in Best Youngest class: The Queen’s Guard by the Rainbows
  • 2nd in Best Youngest class: Buckingham Palace by West End Toddlers
  • 1st in Best Oldest class: Queen Bees by the Brownies
  • 2nd in Best Oldest class: Titania Queen of the fairies by the Guides
  • 1st in Most Creative: The Lion King by Pride Rock Beaver Scout Colony
  • 2nd in Most Creative: Royal Flush by Jamboree and Jubilee Cub Packs
  • 1st in Most Original: Royal Rascals by Tringham Pre School
  • 2nd in Most Original: Chess Pieces by Tarzan Beaver Scout Colony

June events planner – lots of fun at Fêtes, Fayres and Open Days

Here’s a list of local fêtes and shows in June.

NOTE: Correction of error in day of RMAS Open Day. It’s on Sunday not as I wrote on Saturday

Crowds enjoyed all the attractions in the sun at West End Village Fête

It was on my way to my Saturday afternoon meeting, so I stopped by West End Village Fête. Though not early enough to catch the Gordon’s School Pipes and Drums opening the fête, nor long enough to see the Maypole dancers from Holy Trinity school.

I did however stay long enough to see the young performers from the Kelalou Academy of Irish Dance. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the long queue of potential drivers ready to take a car around the Recreation Ground.

Choose from West End Village Fête or Frimley Green Gardens to visit today – perhaps visit both

Such a shame, I can’t today visit either West End Village Fête, of the lovely Frimley Green Gardens that are open in the National Garden Scheme. I’m attending my first meeting of the local branch of the Milestone Society, at which I’ll be updating them on our loss of a milestone in Camberley – sadly removed by philistines.

All’s not lost on Frimley Green Gardens though – they’re annual Open Gardens Day is on Sunday 16th June this year. So, I’ll not miss out on a flower experience. [Click on images to expand].

West End Fete Frimley Green Gardens

Focus on West End: Village Fête on Saturday 6th June and stuff

West End FeteWest End Village has a fine history, which you can read HERE on the West End Village Society website.

For those wanting to know when the ‘big bangs’ will occur, West End Parish Council posts the schedule of the Greyspot Grenade Range – more about which HERE, if you’re interested.

Next Saturday it’s the West End Village fête, from 1.0pm to 4.0pm held on the Tringhams Recreation Ground. Here’s the front page of the Fête guide [click to expand],

June is the time for Surrey Heath village Fêtes and Fayres

Let’s get straight to the point. There are fêtes-a-plenty in June. Two on the same day is unfortunate, though they’re slightly different, as West End Fete has a Procession of floats from Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies.

Here are some of the details [click to enlarge].

West End FeteLightwater Fete