Turf Hill Park fire damage not as bad as feared

For my daily excercise I visited Brentmoor Heath and Turf Hill Park to check on the heathland fire damage.

Good news to report. The fire damage is not as significant as might have been feared by those who witnessed the flames and palls of smoke. The firefighters did a splendid job in controlling the extent of the fire, aided by the number of wide paths through the park, working as a fire break. Large parts of the park have been untouched by the fire.

The fire on Turf Hill Park jumped over Red Road and set Brentmoor Heath alight. Prompt action by the fire crews controlled both fires. Here are photos I took yesterday afternoon, with the fire crews from Surrey Heath patrolling to check on possible hot spots.

Heathland fire on Turf Hill Park extinguished

I’ve not been out for days – being very lazy. Yesterday I went for a longish walk over our local heathland, via Brentmoor Heath, Priest Lane, West End Common, Bisley Common and back home ….. the back home bit was being collected from Bisley Jubilee Clock by my dear wife.

Arriving back at Red Road to find it closed due to a substantial fire on Turf Hill Park. I was dropped off and walked home from passing by the fire. I talked, briefly, to a couple of firemen, or is it firefighters now. Gosh, they were big and heavily muscled blokes. When I got to the fire it was close to Red Road, and the fire seemed to go in bursts, with the firemen chasing it and dowsing with water. I also noticed that quite a few of the fire engines, and water bowsers were from Berkshire Fire Service.

Surrey Fire and Rescue service say that, as at yesterday evening, the seat of the fire had not been identified. Maybe we’ll learn more in the coming days. I noted that the fire jumped Red Road into Brentmoor Heath, the firemen did well to control the fire, and is now being dampened down.

I took some photos, and a short video.

A Foosh is limiting my blogging

What is a Foosh? It’s the medical shorthand for a Fall on an Outstreched Hand. In my case the fall resulted in broken bones in my wrist.

Most reactions are, firstly sympathy, and then silly boy. I know you’ll be curious as to how it happened. This where the silly boy becomes true. Standing of on the lower step of a badly positioned step ladder, and reaching for Christmas decorations on the top shelf in our garage the ladder went one way and me the other. Result broken bones in my wrist.

One finger typing is annoying, so have been enjoying walks in and around home. Here’s a group of images from my walks.

Re the detention pond. I met a local parish councillor on one walk, and she told me that the inlet and outlet of the detention pond are blockage free, it’s just that the ground is saturated meaning the water takes time to drain away.

Animal trap found in the middle of Turf Hill Park in Lightwater

Steve Harris  and a Fenn TrapSurrey Heath Ranger, Steve Harris, part of the Council’s Greenspace Team, and I found ourselves walking together towards Surrey Heath Council offices today. Steve had in his possession a Fenn Trap. The trap was found in the middle of Turf Hill Park in Lightwater.

Nasty things traps. Steve worried about the consequences of it being found or going off with young children. We speculated, after some discussion that the trap was rusty, and may have lain in it’s position, undiscovered for many years. Also the trap wasn’t set.

We thought it might be used to catch rabbits, but as we both considered that we didn’t think there were rabbits on Turf Hill, it might have been for squirrels. I think Steve said that it wasn’t found on an animal run, confirming our likely conclusion that it was an old trap.

Click on image to enlarge.