Scrumptious cake at the Heather Quilters exhibition

Heather Quilters, host a biennal exhibition. As I said earlier we’ve been to a number of their exhibitions. The energy, creative flair, and committment necessary to make a quilt for exhibition makes a visitor marvel.

Should visitors have wanted to touch the quilts, gloves were offered. We resisted both touching or using the gloves. No lack of touching with the cakes. I was drawn to Red Velvet cake, that’s where the scrummy comes from. I’ve not tasted this variety before, super moist and tasty.

There were large quilts, shown in my photos, and small ones too. All were equally as good. Here are my photos of the exhibition, and below that a short video of the 2017 exhibition.

Things to do this weekend: Visit Heather Quilters exhibition in West End

Heather Quilters, a local group of quilt makers host their 2019 Exibhition at Tringham Hall, Benner Lane, West End, GU24 9JP.

Heather Quilters exhibitions are biennal. We’ve been to a number of their exhibitions, and are immensely impressed with the creative flair and committment necessary to make a quilt for exhibition. See, below the notice, the photos I took at their 2017 exhibition.