Surrey Tree Wardens winter 2017 newsletter released

The establishment, in September this year, of Surrey Heath Tree Wardens has been reported here, see HERE also to learn more. They are members of the independent Surrey Tree Wardens group, which has been in existence since 2002, previously from 1987 till 2002  being funded and run by Surrey County Council.

Here’s the Surrey Tree Wardens Winter 2017 newsletter for your perusal.

Do you want to befriend your favourite local trees?

There’s a new organisation being established in Surrey Heath with the aim of keeping a friendly watch over trees in our borough, through a network of volunteer tree wardens.

Thought a photo of a tree might be useful here, this one is by the club house of Sunningdale golf Club. Click on image to enlarge.

You can find more about this new group on the Surrey Heath Tree Wardens Facebook page. I’m not too knowledgeable about Facebook, so, as it’s a closed group, think you might need to request to join. They’ve also a website HERE.

I received this invitation from Trefor Hogg, one of the founders, to attend their inaugural AGM.

Told it was coming, but sad to see it happen

I read a report, not sure where, that the tree at the corner of Knoll Road and St George’s Road in Camberley had died and would need to be felled.

I passed by today, at midday, to witness tree surgeons felling the tree.

Shame, the tree had been there for many years. Funnily, while it was so prominent I’ve no direct photo of it, other than in the background of the 2008 Freedom Parade.

Interested in trees – come along to the inaugural meeting of Surrey Heath Tree Wardens

Two Camberley residents, Trefor Hogg and Jerry Brownlee, are instigating a tree warden scheme for Surrey Heath, in conjunction the the Borough Council’s Arboricultural Officer.

They’re looking for tree wardens and helpers in every ward and village in Surrey Heath. I’m told that there are two volunteers in West End, in addition to Trefor and Jerry.

There’s an existing Surrey Tree Wardens Network, with Trefor and Jerry looking to establish the Surrey Heath element. Trefor says,

We will be holding our first full meeting on 25th September 7:00 pm, in the Olive Room, The Link Building, St John the Baptist Church, Church Road, Windlesham GU20 6BL.

This is early notification of the meeting, an agenda will be published on Facebook shortly. If you’re interested to helping lease let or know if you’re intending to attend.

Always good to be in at the beginning. Trefor’s Facebook Page is HERE.

Fact: Surrey Heath is the greenest Borough and has the highest tree cover in Britain at 40.6%.

Here are a couple of interesting photos of trees in the borough, one of Phillyrea latifolia by Bagshot Station, and another of an unusually shaped Scots Pine in Lightwater Country Park.