Answer to Photo Quiz No.54: Who are depicted on the four plinths in Trafalgar Square

This photo quiz is, I consider, a pretty tough one. There are four plinths in Trafalgar Square, not including Nelson’s Column of course. Who or what is depicted on the four plinths. Answer later today.

For the answers to the Photo Quiz I have posted photos of the four plinths with the names on the statues, below them are the original quiz photos in thumbnail size. For more information about Trafalgar Square see HERE, and about the fourth plinth see HERE. Click on photos to enlarge.

Another Ted Dearberg photo to enjoy

This, the second, in my short series of Ted Dearberg photos is of Trafalgar Square with ‘Carry on London’ and ‘Salute the Soldier’ propaganda hoardings on Nelson’s Column. Ted Dearberg/Imperial War Museum. Click on image to expand.

Trafalgar Square in wartime