Surrey Heath draft Local Plan frequently asked questions

I’ve written about Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan, and how the consultation period on it expires on Monday 30th July 2018.

The draft local plan contains proposed planning policy changes from the current local. It’s therefore, in my estimation, important for ideas and concerns from residents to be submitted.

Yesterday evening I attended the consultation event at Lightwater Leisure Centre, at which there were paper copies of the draft plan for perusal, and planning officers on hand to answer questions. I recommend those of you interested in influencing planning policies, and how they affect our communities, get involved in the consultation process. I’ll post my comments on particular aspects in the coming weeks.

I picked up the Frequently Asked Questions leaflet about the local plan consultation, which is shown below – front and back page first, and inside pages next. Click on images to expand.

Important news: Surrey Heath Council consulting on a new Local Plan

Surrey Heath Borough Council has announced the timing for the consultation of a new Local Plan, which contains the planning policies to guide development in the Borough up to 2032.

Surrey Heath Borough Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan, which sets out potential policies and development opportunities in the Borough.

The ultimate purpose of a Local Plan, once adopted, is to establish how much housing and land for employment will be needed and where it will go, alongside protecting and enhancing the environment, the provision of community facilities and delivering infrastructure.  It will be used to determine planning applications.

It is important to highlight that the Draft Local Plan contains the Council’s proposed policies and allocations for consultation.  Nothing has been decided yet.

Consultation on the draft local plan is open from Monday 4th June until Monday 30th July. To find out more, and to submit comments for consideration visit:

Hard copies of the draft documents are available at the Council offices at Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley throughout the consultation and a display of the materials is available next to the Registrar’s office at Surrey Heath House during Council opening hours Monday to Thursday 8.30 am until 5.0 pm and Friday 8.30 am until 4.30 pm.

Public meetings will be held with Officers available to answer your immediate questions on Wednesday 13th June at Lightwater Leisure Centre, Lightwater GU18 5RG from 4pm until 8pm and at The Function Room at Frimley Lodge Park, Frimley Green, GU16 6HY on Wednesday 20th June from 4pm until 8pm.

The feedback from this consultation will be used to create a pre-submission version of the Local Plan, which will be published in Summer 2019 before submission to a Planning Inspector for independent examination. But it is important that you make your views known at this stage.

A map of the Green Belt around London

The Green Belt is a planning policy to control urban sprawl. There are Green Belts around major conurbations in the North, Midlands. and around London.

Building, of any kind, in the Green Belt is contentious. The London Green Belt Council has created a map  of the current threats to London Green Belt. Click on the map below to link to the website, and to expand it to reveal the extent of the Green Belt in Surrey Heath.

The London Green Belt ends at the eastern side of the A322 in Bagshot and Lightwater. Just thought you’d like to know that bit of information.


Camberley Society’s Public Meeting with Surrey Heath Council on its development plans

The Camberley Society is always keen to promote a Surrey Heath residents perspective on Surrey Heath Borough Council’s development plans.

To which end, the Society has arranged a public meeting with borough council officers and councillors in the Council Chamber at 7.0 pm on Monday 26th June 2017. The key topics the Society is concerned about include:

  • Proposed developments in the town centre and the Mall
  • Forthcoming road improvements
  • Camberley’s rail service
  • Frimley Health proposals for health and care

Public’s views needed on the character of West End Village

Surrey Heath Borough Council requests public views on the West End Village Design Statement,

West End villageMembers of the public are being invited to have their say on a draft planning document prepared by the West End Village Design Statement Steering Group for the West End village area.

The Village Design Statement (VDS) describes the different character areas of West End and sets out proposed design guidelines for these areas. It will help those considering new development to design their schemes in a way that contributes positively to the local character of the village.

Local residents and other interested parties are invited to view the VDS by visiting:

Additionally the VDS is available to view at libraries in the borough, as well as Bisley, Chobham, West End and Windlesham Parish offices. It’s also available at the Surrey Heath Borough Council offices during normal office opening hours.

The consultation closes on 15 June 2016. Comments made up to this date will be taken into account when finalising the document.

The final version will be considered by the council for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document, adding detail to guidance established in the adopted Core Strategy and Development Management Policies (DPD).

Camberley Town Centre Master Plan on display in West End

NoticeSurrey Heath Borough Council is seeking views and comments on the next stage in regeneration of Camberley Town Centre. They’re holding a drop-in centre exhibition on Monday 9th February at the Sports Pavilion, Benner Lane in West End [Enlarge notice to view].

The council is consulting on the draft Camberley Town Centre Masterplan and Public Realm Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The consultation runs from the 13th January to the 24th February. Comments received on the draft will inform the final version of the SPD.

The draft SPD is available online at and at the borough and parish council offices and the borough’s libraries.

Town centres must offer more than just retail

I might’ve said this here before, that towns and cities need wider economic development policies that simply regenerating their retail town centres.

Camberley Car ShowWhat we need are policies that bring people into our towns, who aren’t all shoppers, but people who work or live there. There’s a trend for empty offices in Camberley to be converted in apartments. I fully understand that we need more homes; this though is at the cost of reducing the employment vibrancy of our town. Successful events that bring footfall to the town, such as the Camberley Car Show, are great. They are not the whole answer.

A while back I reviewed the report on the Future of Cities, not wholly appropriate to small towns. Really usefully a new report – Future of the High Street – by the Future Spaces Foundation suggests policymakers should focus on a broader footfall for towns than just retail. This is just the approach  we need.

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