Seeing where your tax is spent

A lovely and simple idea from MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer, that every taxpayer should receive a personal breakdown of how their tax is spent. He’s introducing the measure in Parliament tommorrow as a 10 minute rule bill.

I’d love to show you one of these personal tax statements, but those I’ve seen online are copyrighted. The best version is in today’s Sun newspaper – Where does it all go?  Click on their sample tax receipt to view in all its wonderous glory. Tim Montgomerie suggests that the ‘tax receipt’ could show the previous years figures. This would be a good way of showing changes to government expenditure. 

What an all-round great idea. I’ll be checking on the progress of this idea when it’s debated in Parliament tommorrow.

The world changes for Gordon and Labour

Sun front page Sept 30th

Sun front page Sept 30th

Here’s the front page of today’s Sun newspaper. What delicious timing, to come out the morning after Gordon’s speech. Commercially, looking to sell more newspapers angle, it’s the obvious moment to announce a change in support for a political party. One that gives you maximum publicity. It’s this commercial angle that Labour politicians don’t get. They thinking it’s out of spite. It’s not.