My choice from our tea towel collection

Collection isn’t the appropriate word to be honest. Most are plain, some are even threadbare, but are retained for being good at polishing glasses. We do have some that might fit into the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, my choice is the one pictured below.

It was a gift from friends with whom we’ve holidayed in France, and with who we’ve enjoyed drinking some great French wines. For a while it was blu-tacked to the wall in my office. Now it’s doing it’s proper job as a tea towel. Later, I’ll follow up with my wife’s favourite tea towel.

Just goes to show that gifting a tea towel is a nice thing to do.

Every tea towel tells a story, says the curator of the Virtual Tea Towel Museum

Every tea towel tells a story is the strap line of the Virtual Tea Towel Museum, Barbara Howard, the curator of the museum, says her collection of tea towels is around 800, which had been her secret hobby for around 40 years.

For her blog, Barbara interviewed Stuart Gardiner, a tea towel designer, where Stuart says, “Everyone needs a tea towel.” Proof that expressing a business concept, to create info-graphics designs for tea towels, doesn’t need to be complicated, put simply as, everyone needs a tea towel.

Barbara’s blog/website is a demonstration of where an absorbing hobby can lead. Click on the image below to link to the Virtual Tea Towel Museum.