The worthy winners of the 2019 World Pace Sticking Championships

Following on from the previous article about pace sticking, and the World Pace Sticking Championships held this month at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, here’s a video of the championship winners – the Pakistan Army collecting their prizes.

Lifting their legs above their heads, a truly amazing feat. I asked the two RMAS Colour Sergeants, mentioned in my previous article about this, and they explained how they achieve the high leg kick, but said, they’re not sure they could do it.

Below the video is an article from Forces network on Pace Sticking: What is it really all about.

Great to meet the pace sticking Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Colour Sergeants

I’m repeating myself as I wrote, in detail HERE with a couple of videos, about the pace sticking demonstrations at the RMAS.

We both look forward to the pace sticking demonstration at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Heritage Day. We enjoy the precision in unity of marching with a pace stick, the perfection of smartness in the uniforms, and the approachability and affability of the soldiers.

I made a short video of the pace sticking demonstration, which is not that good I’m afraid as I wasn’t close enough to the action. We were pleased to talk to a couple of the Colour Sergeants in the pace sticking demo, both of whom were in the World Pace-sticking Championships in the Army video below. My inferior video follows.

The Colour Sergeants were proud to be at the Academy for their two year term, and we were delighted to talk to them – two top men.

A feast of bands and drums at RMAS Heritage Day

We return from a week away in a hot climate to attend the Heritage Day at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on a typically cool summer’s day.

Attendance at the Heritage Day seemed lower than in previous years. It can’t have helped that the day started with light rain, which thankfully soon passed, such that it remained dry for the rest of the day. There were fewer attractions this year, made up by a feast of band performances on the Old College square.

We enjoyed a Gurkha Bhat meal, always a treat at the Heritage Day, which we ate while watching a succession of bands and drums. Sadly the Royal Logistic Corps Silver Stars Parachute Display Team show was cancelled due to the windy conditions. Here are our photos of the day. There’ll be an article following about the pace sticking demonstration.

June 2019 local events diary recap UPDATED

I’ve mentioned eight events [now nine, plus an Aldershot event] in June happening in and around Surrey Heath. Here’s a recap of them in date sequence.

Using a pace stick requires much practice

At the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Heritage Day we enjoy the Colour Sergeants demonstrating marching with a pace stick. This year there was no pace sticking demonstration, much to our disappointment.

According to the diggerhistory website, a pace stick is,

The Regimental Sergeant Major of a Unit carries a ‘Pace Stick”, which originated in the Artillery as a “Gunner’s Stick” and was used to measure the distance between guns.

It was soon adapted to measure the length of the pace taken by soldiers to get them all pacing the same. The Pace Stick is actually two pieces of timber, hinged at the top and able to be set to a particular distance, something like the compass set you used at school.

Our loss was assuaged by friendly Colour Sergeant P Johnson of the Lancashire Regiment. Jany stopped by a couple of Sergeants to enquire about the pace sticking demonstration, for me to return to see her practicing with a pace stick. I too tried to use one, only to find that it’s not as easy that at first it would seem. Adeptness with your wrist is essential to use one

Should you like to know more, and see a pace stick demo at RMA Sandhurst, then look at my article HERE, when all is revealed. Here are a few photos of our efforts.

Photo slideshow of the 2018 RMA Sandhurst Heritage Day

An overcast day for the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Heritage Open Day. At least it didn’t rain. Many thousands of visitors enjoyed being in the company of the Army, it’s soldiers, cadets, bandsmen, and all things military.

The standout event of the day was the arrival of the parachutists of the REME Thunder Bolts Display Team. Amazing pinpoint landing accuracy, marvelled at by huge crowds around the landing arena, including us. So, so difficult to photograph them.

We admired the precision marching of the Band of the Parachute regiment from a nice front row seat. We wandered around Old College, including the impressive Conference Room and Indian Army Memorial Room.

We missed not being able to have a cream tea this year, and the queue for the Gurkha curry was a touch too long, so we watched the bands in the main arena. As I took lots of photos, I thought it best to present them as a slide show.

We also missed there being no pace sticking by the RSM’s and Colour Sergeants this year, but it was more than made up by …. oh, well, that’s the subject of the next article.

The bangs came from the 2nd Queen’s Royal Regiment of Foot re-enactment group. Much noise and smoke enjoyed by all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The 2018 Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Heritage Day is Sunday 17th June

The Heritage Day of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is a popular local event, attracting over 15,000 visitors. It’s the one day every year the RMAS opens its’ gates to the public.

We’re regular visitors to the Heritage Day. There’s always lots to see and do. The refreshments are good, and good value. We especially enjoy the cream teams, an opportunity to sit for a while over tea and scones after wandering around the academy grounds.

This year, 2018, the Heritage Day at Sandhurst RMAS is being held on Sunday 17th June 2018, commencing at 10.0 am. Entry is free.

Fewer, though happy, visitors to Royal Military Academy Heritage Day this year

I’ve fallen well behind in reporting on events we’ve attended. Last weekend there was Camberley’s Carnival Parade, Bagshot’s Village Day, and the Royal Military Academy Sandurst’s Heritage Day. I attended all three, but have only reported on the Carnival Parade.

One thing I did note was the number of visitors to all three events were fewer than I’d have expected. None were, what you might call, busy. Though that didn’t detract from the enjoyment of those who attended each event.

So catching up, here’s my report on the  RMAS Heritage Day. We enjoyed the day, which is always splendidly organised – it’s the military of course. With fewer visitors than in the previous year’s Heritage Days’ we’ve attended, meant for a less crowded visit to Old College, the Library, and the Chapel. The cream tea was as good as previous years, though the heat meant the Cornish clotted cream quickly melted.

I missed the Heritage Day putting on a Pace Sticking demonstration by the Sergeants Major. I’m assured it’ll be on next year. I hope so. Prompted by my wife to try my test on some Academy Cadets – I restricted it to just three of them standing at ease by the Library. My test is the question, is the Kuirnool Mortar a mortar or a howitzer? One of the three knew. Technically, it’s a Howitzer, since it pivots in the middle rather than the base. The fun in asking is because the subject is fully explained in the Heritage Day programme. Enough, I said to my wife – “it’s too jolly hot to tease cadets”. Here’s my brief photo montage of our visit.

Weekend events: You don’t need to go far for fun this weekend

This weekend – Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, 2017, there’s lots of choice for fun things to do locally. Not having to travel far to enjoy an event is surely a good reason to enjoy the following, There’s Bagshot Village Day, and Camberley Carnival on Saturday 17th June, and on Sunday 18th there’s the Heritage Day at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Click on images to expand.

  • Bagshot Village Day – Saturday 17th June: You’ll be amazed at what’s on offer to amuse, entertain, eat and drink. The  organisers’ – Bagshot Business Association – Facebook page explains all HERE.



  • Camberley Carnival – Saturday 17th June: A carnival parade begins at midday in Knoll Road, winding through the High Street, and Pembroke Broadway, to arrive at London Road Recreation Ground for an afternoon of fun events for parents and children.




  • Royal Military Academy Heritage Day – Sunday 18th June. A grand day out for the whole family.