The Red Road/Maultway roadworks completed

What a relief, no more queuing through the roadworks to recreate the island at the junctions of Red Road, the Maultway, and Upper Chobham Road.

Like many of you, I have grudgingly accepted the time lost to queuing, especially on the Red Road approach to the roadworks. My worst was being in a queue of the fourth traffic light cycle, would’ve been queuing for more than 20 minutes. I’d mentally switched off, otherwise annoyance would’ve overtaken me.

Anyway, the road works are complete. Earlier this week, during the middle of the day I stood by the island and watched the traffic flow. I saw that everything was running smoothly. Thank goodness they did not opt for traffic lights.

The sarsen stone is now nicely positioned, hopefully, in future not to be lost behind scrub.

UPDATE: Can accept a 10 minute traffic delay, not a 2 week road closure

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Speedicus, see in comments below, I now learn that it’s only a overnight road closure  – SEE HERE – from 8.0pm to 6.0am. Why couldn’t they say so?

The road works creating a new island at the junction of the B311 Red Road, Upper Chobham Road, and the Maultway is causing traffic delays. Yesterday from the queue at S Bends on Red Road I waited 10 minutes till I could to cross over the road works.

A 10 minute delay I can handle, a road closure to two weeks I can’t.

A two week road closure, where did I learn about that. Well, it’s all very odd. Yesterday I saw a warning sign on the Maultway – coming from the A30 – stating that the road would be closed for two weeks from 15-4-2019. Today, when I went to photograph the sign, it wasn’t there.

Have they changed their minds, or was it an error? Whatever. Even thinking about closing the roads around the road works for any length of time is unacceptable.

Attending a Surrey Heath Council meeting 1 of 4: Traffic horrors

The leader of Surrey Heath Borough Council, Cllr Moira Gibson, announced her standing down from the role in January 2019. See press release HERE. An informal reception to recognise Moira’s 21 years as leader of the Council was held after the council meeting on Thursday this week.

As a past mayor I had an invitation the reception. Not having been in the audience for a council meeting for a year or so, I planned to watch the whole meeting.

Leaving home at 6.30 pm for a 7.0pm meeting start, I failed to remember the traffic queue on Red Road. The queue began just prior to Macdonald Road. As the queue moved a little forward I was able to leave the queue, thinking the A30 through Bagshot would be a good idea.

What a bad move that turned out to be. The queues on the A30 were far worse that Red Road. Cllr Valerie White notes how bad is this traffic HERE on her Facebook page.

Morals of this story. Allow more time for local journey’s, and the Red Road traffic queues aren’t quite as bad as the alternatives.


A route to avoid Red Road traffic delays

George Britton commented here yesterday,

47 minutes this evening travelling the 1.1 miles from the junction of Macdonald Rd/Red Road to the Red Road roundabout.

Yesterday afternoon we joined Red Road, encountered the stationary traffic, and luckily were able to turn into Macdonald Road and find an alternative route to Farnborough.

To avoid Red Road entirely is difficult, as the Bisley and Pirbright ranges make a significant diversion on one side, and the horrors of the A30 on the other side.

To state the obvious, it depends on where you’re coming from or going to. If coming from the Woking direction then there’s a route worth trying, and that’s to take the A322 to Bisley, then turn into Queens Road, over the canal, under the railway bridge, and into Gole Road. This takes you to Frimley Green. Hence, Red Road avoided.

The Maultway sarsen stone to be moved 25 yards

Funny how one can get attached to the location of a large stone. That’s me.

Yesterday I visited the site of the road works at the junction of Red Road, Maultway, and Upper Chobham Road. It’s there that there’s a large sarsen stone, about which I’ve written a series of articles, Hope it’s not damagedGood news on the sarsen stone, and Investigated by archaeologists.

While taking a couple of photos, see below, I met a couple of Skanska project engineers, and had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation. They said that the sarsen stone would be moved some 25 yards to the edge of the new road.

The engineers estimated the weight of the stone at around 10½ tons, having dug down to find the extent of the stone, which they say about the same amount of the stone that is exposed is likely to be hidden below ground level. They also said that they had not found any evidence of concrete or tarmac near the stone, leading them to believe that it had not been previously moved.

The moving of the sarsen stone, they said, would occur in a couple of weeks. Also saying that they’d be using a large 90 ton crane, for which they will make a hard standing, and that no road closure would be necessary.

So,  it’s all looking jolly positive for this person who likes large stones.