A couple of days of photos: No.7 – Two bridges over the River Dart

I’ve said here, often enough, that my photography skills are such that I call myself a happy snapper.

There are occasions when I try hard to compose a photo, and make it pleasing to me, and hopefully pleasing to viewers. Here’s one of my rarely carefully composed photos.

It was taken in May last year while we were in holiday in South Devon. We took a drive, from our base in Totnes, to Dartmoor. Feeling in need of refreshment, we stopped at the Two Bridges Hotel, at Two Bridges in the Dartmoor National Park.

I like old bridges. I like learning about old bridges, and I like photographing them. Here’s my photo of the two bridges over the River Dart. The old bridge is in the foreground, and the newer, main road, bridge can be seen through the central span.

A couple of days of photos: No.6 – Astronaut

Continuing with presenting only photos. This photo is of British astronaut Tim Peake seen during his first spacewalk on Jan. 15, 2016, successfully replacing a failed voltage regulator that caused a loss of power to one of the space station’s eight power channels in Nov. 2015.

I remain enthralled by our ability to do this stuff.

A couple of days of photos: No.5 – Dartmoor prison

Last year we holidayed in South Devon, where I enjoyed many a day of steam train experiences. Travelling around Devon we passed by Dartmoor Prison. Here’s my photo of it on a pleasant day. can imagine it being forbidding and depressing in dark, dank, cold, and rainy weather. [Click on image to enlarge].

A free photographic exhibition in Camberley this week

This week there’s a free exhibition of wildlife photos in Camberley. It’s on till March 3rd, from 10.0 am to 3.0 pm, in Building B in Watchmoor Park Business Centre – directions below.

The exhibition is organised by The Photographic Angle, a charity that holds free exhibitions across the country transforming otherwise empty spaces into temporary galleries. It promotes education of the public in the art and science of photography, through staging exhibitions, and by working with professional, student, and amateur photographers. [Click on image to enlarge and to link to the website].

I’ve attended one of their exhibitions at this location. My visit report can be read HERE, and also in Useful Tips For Photographers.

Word of warning: Empty office blocks are penetrating cold, so wrap up warm, and don’t forget gloves and maybe a hat. There’s nobody to object.

Directions: Travelling by car, turn into Watchmoor Business Park from Blackwater Valley Road (A331) and drive straight over two roundabouts to where the road ends. The exhibition is located in the building to the right as you are looking at all three buildings head on.

On arrival, please enter through the main glass door on the ground floor. Our gallery attendant will be located in the reception area to welcome you.