It had better be for a good reason Theresa

Theresa May has pulled the ‘Meaningful Vote’ in Parliament on Tuesday. It had better be for a good reason, which she’ll tell Parliament later today.

I’ve stayed away from commenting of the state of affairs around Brexit, no longer will that be the case.

Simply delaying the vote is no solution. The vote has been promised in Parliament after days of debate about the deal. Irrespective of the likely outcome, we need that vote to see the position of the MP’s, and parties.

‘Europe and the Sovereignty of the People’ a talk by Vernon Bogdanor

I liked Professor Vernon Bogdanor’s lecture on The Queen at 90′ so much I’m posting another of his lectures.

This is his lecture on Europe and the Sovereignty of the People’, delivered on 30 June 2016 at Europe House, London, under the auspices of Nuffield College, Oxford, and filmed by the BBC Parliament Channel.

Sadly, I’ve not been able to find it on iPlayer in BBC Parliament Briefings as I had for The Queen at 90. So the transcript, below, will have to do. It’s an entertaining and hugely informative review of how referendums fit into our Parliamentary democracy. For example, Prof Bogdanor says,

The referendum gives us a form of constitutional protection—perhaps the only form of constitutional protection for a country without a written constitution—in which Parliament is sovereign and can do what it likes.