Can a light van be retro and cute at the same time?

Maybe the answer is yes it can.

The beginning of Morris Commercial was in the 1920’s, and much later was subsumed into British Leyland Motors. The light vans and trucks produced by Morris Commercial in the 1950’s and 60’s, especially the J-type, had an elegant design. It’s this heritage that the revived Morris Commercial company has drawn onto create an all-electric van.

Odd, I know, to call the design of a van cute. It’s the Morris JE, a retro-styled light commercial all-electric vehicle with a claimed range of about 200 miles. Production is set to start in 2021 with prices starting from around £60,000.

Here are photos of a 1950 Morris J van and a 2020 version. Below the photos is a short video of the van in all it’s cuteness. The Sunday Times Driving section has a review of the vehicle.