Oh, for a telephoto lens

I’ve a pocket camera. It’s a good one, so shouldn’t complain. Naturally, being a pocket camera it doesn’t have a telephoto lens.

Having a telephoto lens is just what I’d like when on my various walks the atmospheric conditions are perfect for long range photos, such as the London skyline and Woking. After a rain shower, and then sunlight the London skyline can be easily seen from High Curley hill in Lightwater Country, and seeing Woking from Hangmoor Hill next to the Bisley & Pirbright Ranges is improved after a rain shower.

So, here are my photos of both places, suitably cropped. Click on an image to expand.

Plenty of new skyscrapers adding to London’s skyline over the next 15yrs

5-The Heron TowerAs a reader of this blog you’ll know of my fascination with London’ skyscrapers. So, in seeing the London skyline from Chobham Ridges yesterday I wondered how many more there are to come.

Reports I’ve found variously indicate that there’ll be nine, fourteen, or even seventeen appearing quite soon. In fact, from these reports I’ve compiled a list of 22 towers in an advanced state of development, either being built, or about to be built.  So, what are these skyscrapers in the pipeline?

In New London Architecture’s [an independent forum-based organisation looking at architecture in London] study London’s Growing Up!, it has mapped 230 towers over 20 storeys in the pipeline. Again in City A.M. they reference the work of NLA, and have cleverly Mapped: Every skyscraper planning application in London.

I’m sure you’ll find skyscrapers in this map not included in my list above. I even found one myself – Principal Tower, a 50 storey residential building where the low-rise element is under construction.

Viewing the London skyline from Chobham Ridges

Part of the fun of walking in our local heathland is, apart from the joys of the flora and fauna, the variety of views.

  • From High Curley in Lightwater, height 129 metres/423 feet, you can see into the heart of central London, including the BT Tower and the Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament.
  • From Hangmoor Hill, which is half way up Red Road, you can see all the tall buildings in Woking.
  • Best of all is that from Chobham Ridges you can see a panorama of the London Skyline, including the City skyscrapers. the Shard, and office towers of Canary Wharf.

Here’s my photo of the London skyline from Chobham Ridges. It’s not the clearest of images, though you can pick out the skyscrapers – click on image to expand.

London skyline from Chobham Ridges