Lightwater features twice in this week’s Camberley News

I thought my last post on the opening of Lakeview Care Home would be the final one on the care home opening.  No, not al all, as it features in this week’s Camberley News. There’s even has a two minute video of Brian Blessed’s entertaining address to the invited guests. I’m pleased my video captured all but a few moments of Brian’s talk.

Lightwater also features in the photo gallery of remembrance events. Although not specifically mentioned as such, a photo of Lightwater’s war memorial appears in the gallery, under the title ‘silence at the war memorial’.

Enough, I must find something else to write about.

Lakeview Care Home: Brian Blessed’s entertaining address at the grand opening

I’ve reported on the opening of the Lakeview Care Home in Lightwater, firstly with a time lapse slide show of the construction, and secondly on the interior and the opening event. This is the final part, a video of Brian Blessed’s address to the guests at the grand opening. Brian gives a powerful speech, with a poignant ending.

Lakeview Care Home: Photos of inside and of the grand opening

A slide show of the construction of the Lakeview Care Home in Lightwater was the subject of an earlier article. In this photo blog post there are pictures of the interior of the care home, along with some of the grand opening on the Thursday, 6th November.

Lakeview Care Home: Slide show of its construction

This is the first of three articles on the new Lakeview Care Home in Lightwater Road, Lightwater.

Originally planned in 2008 for 70 beds, then reduced to 60 beds, and final planning approval, when everybody was happy in 2009, given for 58 beds. The result is a superb care home, with the building in keeping with its surroundings.

I’ve had a keen interest in this development and have regularly taken pictures of it’s creation. I was lucky enough to be asked to nominate a local charity by Hallmark Care Homes. Here’s a slide show of 23 slides. Next I’ll post images of the impressive interior, then the grand opening, and finally if I’m able to edit the video, of Brian Blessed’s address at the opening.

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Joining Lightwater famous resident at a grand opening

LakeviewToday’s main activity is to join other guests at the grand opening, by famous Lightwater resident Brian Blessed, of Lakeview Care Home in Lightwater.

Later I’ll post images of Lakeview, which I visited earlier this week. It certainly looks that it’ll live up to expectations.