It means more IT home-working

It seems like yonks ago that I had access to top quality analyst reports on the computer software industry. Heck, I even knew some of the analysts. However, reports from the likes of Gartner, IDC, and Forrester didn’t come cheap, and still don’t.

The only analyst I remain in contact with is Forrester. I take Forrester’s regular emails on a variety of topics, which provide a synopsis on their latest paid-for research reports. There are some free reports if you hunt around for them.  

Enough, enough.  Yesterday, I saw the synopsis on their Enterprise and SMB Global IT Budgets and Spending Survey, Q2 2009. Clunky title, huh. Here’s what the survey found.

“IT budget decision-makers tell us that they are focused on improving IT efficiency, although paths to getting there differ across regions. Budget breakdowns across IT categories look similar across regions; globally, we see a trend toward more outsourcing in 2009.”

My take on this. There’ll be more IT people working from home. What I’d like to do is survey all the IT home-workers in Surrey Heath to find out if they’d like to work in an enterprise hub, creative village-type environment , somewhere in the Borough. Must be fully network-specced, but cheap. Your thoughts please.