Guido posts Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson’s views on the EU

Splendid. I need no excuse to post Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills. It is, perhaps, my very favourite heavy metal rock anthem.

In Guido Fawkes blog is the BBC Newsnight interview with Bruce Dickinson, the band’s lead singer, and an unusual character to lead a heavy metal rock band. Here’s Run to the Hills, followed by Bruce’s Newsnight interview – click on image to watch.

Day 5: Run to the hills – Iron Maiden

It’s day 5 of my 10 favourite rock anthems, and it’s Run to the hills by Iron Maiden.

Can you think of a better series of cords beginning a rock song, I’m not sure I can. Iron Maiden are a British ‘heavy metal’ rock band, who released ‘Run to the hills’ in 1982, soon after lead singer Bruce Dickinson joined the band.

Dickinson isn’t a typical rock band frontman. Here’s part of his Wikipedia biography,

“Dickinson holds an airline transport pilot’s licence. He regularly flew Boeing 757’s in his role as captain for the now-defunct UK charter airline Astraeus which, from 16 September 2010, employed him as Marketing Director. Following Astraeus’ closure on 21 November 2011, Dickinson branched into entrepreneurship when he launched Cardiff Aviation Ltd on 1 May 2012, an aircraft maintenance business based at the Twin Peaks Hangar in St Athan, Wales.”

Anyway, this is a classic rock anthem, and one of Iron Maiden’s fans, and my, favourites.