My ten for 2007

Here’s my top ten people in 2007.

  1. David Cameron – amazing recovery from summer errors and for ‘gutsy’ attitude
  2. General David Petraeus – providing hope to the ‘basket-case’ that is Iraq
  3. Carla Furse – seeing off the Americans and guiding the LSE to be world leader
  4. Matthew Parris – top notch political commentator [see HERE] and radio presenter
  5. David Beckham – slower in pace but still tops for commitment to England
  6. George Osborne – proof there’s talent among Tories, and courageous tactician
  7. Jeff Randall – a journalist with talent, one of my heroes, see his work HERE
  8. Guido Fawkes– top blogger, breaker of sleaze stories, and scourge of politicians
  9. Willie Walsh – boss of British Airways, rotten job handled with deft skill
  10. Humphrey Lyttelton – pure class, and always makes me laugh, HERE also

Don’t agree, think the list quixotic, well, it is MY list.