Surrey Police crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: May 2017: 4th Update

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Surrey PoliceVehicle Crime. Between 12/05/2017 from 22:00 to 13/05/2017 at 17:05, at Gilbert Road, Frimley. All four hubcaps had been stolen from Blue Renault Megane DS06 EAA.
  • Crime No.45170050425 – On 15/05/2017 from 16:00 to 16:45, at Beverley Close, Heatherside. An attempt had been made to try and gain access of front door causing tool mark damage. Van had been broken into tools had been stolen.
  • Crime No.45170050797 – Between 15/05/2017 from 21:00 to 16/05/2017 at 12:10, at Bicknell Road, Parkside. Have gained access to house via front window, have made tidy search. (Under Investigation)

Woking Bikeathon cyclists race thru Deepcut, Heatherside, Lightwater, and Chobham

All day on Sunday 10th May there’ll be cyclists in the Woking Bikeathon racing through parts of Surrey Heath. The 27 mile long route goes through Deepcut, along the Maultway in Heatherside, onto Lightwater down Red Road, along Lightwater Road, leaving Lightwater via Broadway Road and then along an interesting country lane  – Hook Mill Lane through to Valley End and continuing to Chobham, before leaving Surrey Heath to continue around Woking.

Camberley News has the SPECTATOR GUIDE, and the route map is below, click to expand.

Woking Bikeathon


Surrey Police neighbourhood watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath

Surrey Police volunteer Stephanie Edwards 20420 – Neighbourhood Watch Administrator [Contact telephone: 101 Ext. 31374] in her latest bulletin reports on recent burglaries in the borough:

Crime reference – 45150029024 a burglary occurred between 21.00 on 08/04/2015 – 17.00 on 09/04/2015 in Malta Road, Deepcut, Camberley. Entry gained by cutting padlocks and using a crowbar to force open window, items stolen 2 competition bicycles worth £8000.

Crime reference – 4510030238 a burglary occurred between 22.00 on 12/4/2015 and 12.15 on 13/04/2015 in Inglewood Avenue, Heatherside. Used tools to force entry to rear patio doors. Nothing stolen.

Crime reference – 45150031171 between 21.50 on 14/04/2015 – 22.16 16/04/2015 a burglary occurred in Belton Road, Camberley. Entry gained at the rear of the property, forced window open, untidy search upstairs, nothing stolen

Crime reference – 45150031151 between 08.00 on 15/04/2015 – 19.30 on 16/04/2015 burglary occurred in Manor Way, Bagshot. Gained entry at the rear by forcing open UPVC door to the conservatory. Tidy search conducted, nothing stolen

Received a call from a resident who was reporting a cold call from a company stating an initiative was being run between the Police and Local Council in regards to Burglar Alarms.

Please be assured that Surrey Police do not endorse any specific models of Burglar Alarms.

Eventually got a meeting with our borough drainage engineer

When visiting the council offices I pass the borough drainage engineer’s desk and hope he’s there. Mostly not. Reason being he’s out supervising contractors or investigating where the water goes. I shouldn’t carp really. It’s my fault for not arranging a meeting.

Yesterday he was at his desk. Brilliant. I thanked him for the work being done in Lightwater Country Park. The weather is naturally inhibiting its completion [some concrete needed, apparently]. I found out from him that there’ll be two paths on the road side of Hammond lower pond. One alongside the road into the park, and a lower one near the pond edge for visitors to walk around the pond. Should look good when finished.

IMG_0638I showed him images on my camera of the surface water run-off from the Bisley and Pirbright ranges into the ditch alongside the Maultway, near its junction with Cumberland Road. The work last year digging out the ditches was to locate two drainage pipes from the ditch which run under the Maultway. These drain the water into – oops, I don’t remember what he said. Anyhow, the overtopping of the ditch onto the road with run off water from the ranges is now solved.

I left as a happy man, knowing that our resilience to flooding has been further improved.

Always important to collect evidence on flooding

Always carrying a camera is vital to collect photographic evidence. I photograph potholes, traffic hold-ups, and flooding, and lots more. Capturing images of flooding is the most difficult as it means getting out in wet weather, and flood locations aren’t always predictable.

Do any of you recall the water/flood in the verge nearest the military ranges along the Maultway between Red Road and Cumberland Road. It ran over into the road, unfortunately by a bus stop. Subsequently, I think it was Surrey Heath Borough Council who organised the clearing and deepening of the roadside ditch, which reduced the impact of the flood water.

Well, this week I walked on the footpath  – 126A – next to the range fence. Almost opposite the junction with the Maultway and Cumberland Road I encountered a veritable stream crossing the path – Ok, I’m slightly over-doing it. There was a small stream of water flowing from the ranges across the path and into the roadside verges.

Without any drainage from the roadside ditches that I could see, there’s a continual build up of water in the ditches. Here’s my photographic evidence. All I’ve got to do now is find the correct organisation to approach to discuss the issue. Wish me luck.

IMG_0633 IMG_0635 IMG_0638

Surrey Heath villages fare well in ‘the best places to live survey’

Lightwater - best places to liveDaily Telegraph have a map of the best places to live in England and Wales. They say they’ve ranked all 7,137 areas using economic, health, and crime statistics.

I’ve checked how Surrey Heath performed in the survey. The areas on the Daily Telegraph map don’t relate exactly to the ward boundaries within Surrey Heath. Some, like Lightwater, are a good fit, yet West End and Bisley seem to be regarded as one. Perhaps it’s to do with the Daily Telegraph’s definition, which they say is, “Each variable was given an equal weight to produce a ranking of all 7,137 areas, each with a minimum of 2,000 households and a maximum of 6,000, in England and Wales. ”

Anyway, here’s the table of results of areas in Surrey Heath that I’ve identified on the Daily Telegraph’s map. Three Surrey Heath wards are in the top 1% of all 7,137 areas. They are Heatherside, Lightwater, West End & Bisley.

  • Surrey Heath overall ranked position – 463
  • Heatherside – 19
  • West End & Bisley – 41
  • Lightwater – 52
  • Frimley Green – 123
  • Parkside – 134
  • Mytchett & Deepcut – 365
  • Chobham & Windlesham – 463
  • Bagshot – 979
  • Frimley – 1207
  • St Pauls – 1258
  • St Michaels & Watchetts – 1718
  • Town & Old Dean – 2182