UK drops from 2nd to 3rd in the 2017 Climate Change Performance Index

A follow up article to yesterday’s report about UK’s wind energy output.

The annual Climate Change Performance Index is published by Germanwatch, a Germany-based policy institute focusing on public policy areas such as, climate change, agriculture, and sustainable development. The UK’s rise up the rankings over recent years is due to it’s investment in renewable technology.

The Climate Change Performance Index for 2017 [shown in full below] reports that the UK dropped from 2nd place to third place. Oddly the index does not award positions from 1 to 3, meaning that the UK drops from 5th to 6th in their 2017 Index. The index surveys the performance of 58 countries, where Germany lies in 29th place, USA in 43rd, and China 48th. You can view recent previous Index reports for 2016, and 2015. Click to expand images.

ccp2017_topten index

Quelle surprise – UK third best in world at combating climate change

In The Climate Change Performance Index: Results 2015 compiled by German think tank – Germanwatch, and CAN Europe, it ranks the UK as third best of the world’s 58 biggest carbon dioxide emitters to combat the effects of climate change.
For 10 years the compilers of the report have used a Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) to assess changes in national performances of emission levels, renewable energy, efficiency, and climate change policy.
At the UN Climate Conference in Lima this week, Germanwatch announced the CCPI 2015 results, saying,

“We see global trends, indicating promising shifts in some of the most relevant sectors for climate protection”, says Jan Burck (Germanwatch), author of the Index. “The rise of emissions has slowed down, and renewables are rapidly growing due to declining costs and massive investments.”

In some countries like Denmark (Rank 4), Sweden (Rank 5) and the United Kingdom (Rank 6) the result is decreasing emissions.

The UK slipped a place from 2nd the 2014 Index Results due to Sweden’s improvement and overtaking us. Though the UK’s performance marginally improved from 2014. The overall scores of the top ten nations in the 2015 Index Results is,

  1. Denmark – 77.8
  2. Sweden – 71.4
  3. UK – 70.8
  4. Portugal – 67.26
  5. Cyprus – 66.99
  6. Morocco – 65.73
  7. Ireland – 65.15
  8. Switzerland – 65.05
  9. France – 64.11
  10. Iceland – 63.07

The USA came in at rank position 44 – 52.33, and Canada ranked 58 – 38.81. So, the UK isn’t doing too badly in this Index, which should be encouraging.