Doreen Tipton on the black country flag

I’m sure you’ll know of my links to the black country in the Midlands, if not, look HERE or HERE.  It’s hugely disappointing to learn that the Black Country flag has been portrayed as being racist. It’s discussed in the local newspaper, the Express & Star HERE.

Of course, saying the flag is racist is absolute bunkum. The chain in the flag relates to the past chain making industry in the black country. The black in the flag relates to the coal and black smoke from the iron foundries and steel works, as is the red from the flames emanating in these processes.

I love that black country comedienne makes light of this. It made me smile.

Videos by a Black Country comedienne brought tears to my eyes

My good friend Cllr Ian Sams posted on his Facebook page a video by Black Country comedienne Doreen Tipton. She’s new to me. So, I’ve spent an hour or so enrapt.

I’m not a true Black Country person. Being born in Wolverhampton doesn’t qualify, nor does being a Brummie [from Birmingham] by the way. I worked and socialised in the Black Country, learning to enjoy the accent, attitudes, and passions. This love of all things Black Country has stayed with me. We all need that sense of place and rootedness, even though, like me, we left it when young.

Here’s a couple of Doreen’s videos. Oh, how they made me laugh, and tears came to my eyes in the second video. Nostalgia, gets me every time. What’s Doreen eating – pork scratchings of course.