A documentary showing train travel in the 1950’s

I’m confident you’ll know of my interest in steam locomotives, and so I feel I’ll not have to apologise for posting this wonderful film of working, and travelling life in the 1950’s.

As documentary films go, this one of 1954 by British Transport Films on the Elizabethan Express – 60017 Silver Fox is a really good example. It tries to respect the roles of everyone involved in the express train service, though issues of class are evident, with an engaging narration of poetic humour.

Among the things that surprise is the dress of some of the characters, such as the fireman with in his polished brogue shoes.

‘Europe At Sea’ documentary set for December release

I’m always happy to support the UK film and media industry, it’s an important, and growing, part of our economy. And so, here’s notice of an upcoming release of an independently produced documentary that will launch on Amazon at other platforms in December.

Springshot Productions and Journeyman Pictures announce that its current affairs documentary “Europe At Sea” will be launched 1st December 2017 for broadcast, on Amazon and additional platforms.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Annalisa Piras, and two years in the making, combining interviews with top experts and leaders, “Europe At Sea” reveals how the EU is shaping up to the challenges threatening its citizen’s security, accelerating the integration of European defence and security structures.

“Europe At Sea” had exclusive access to Federica Mogherini, the head of EU Foreign and Security Policy for a year and a half while she put together the complex jigsaw puzzle of the new EU Global Strategy, in a year that saw the Brexit vote and Trump’s election.