Civic pride is strong in Lightwater

I’ve reported, for a number of years, on the community good spiritedness of generous people maintaining a large island planter in Briar Avenue in Lightwater.

Community spirit seems to be infectious in Lightwater, as GetSurrey reports on a Lightwater woman takes community clean-up into her own hands with brand new project.

Island planter gets a spring makeover

Yet again I missed Annie Mathewson-Rowe giving a planter on a Briar Avenue island a makeover. I’m confident it was her, as previously we’ve chatted over her tending of the planter.

Her planting for summer 2016 was predominately red with white accents. I’ll be interested to see what this summer planting brings. In the meanwhile her spring planting is bright and cheery. Once again, thank you Annie.

An island planter gets a makeover thanks to community good-spiritness

I didn’t see Annie Mathewson-Rowe contributing her time and generosity to beautifying the island planter in Briar Avenue. I’m confident it was her, as previously we’ve chatted over her tending of the planter.

Thank you Annie, a big improvement.

Briar Avenue planter

Heart-warming to see community good spiritedness

I’m sure there are a huge number of instances of community good spiritedness in the borough which I neither see nor hear about.

There are instances of such civic pride that I do see. One such is the care and attention given to an island in Briar Avenue in Lightwater by Annie Mathewson-Rowe.

Recently I spotted a man removing moss and weeds growing between the stones on this island. I wonder if it’s a relative or neighbour of Annie. In the photo you can see the difference that was made, to the right some of the stones haven’t yet been cleaned.

Island cleaning