Ahh, lovely heat returns

Related imageRadiators are now bursting with heat, after a heating engineer replaced our broken central heating pump.

Our heating failed last Saturday. The house got progressively colder, in direct correlation to the number of clothes we wore.

Yesterday, lovely heat returned to the whole house. It reminds me of the heating available when I was growing up. Open fires that provided heat, and the fun watching flickering flame. It was, however, accompanied with draughts; warm front, cold backs.

Recommended use of a Birmingham screwdriver

A Birmingham screwdriver, in case you don’t know, is the alternative name for a hammer.

Our central heating pump has failed. Central heating is available upstairs, though not downstairs. I isolated the problem as a failed hot water circulating pump. Looked online for possible remedies and read that a gentle tap with a hammer might free the pump.

Well, well. I’m certainly skilled in using a hammer. However, a number of judicous hits with the hammer failed to solve the problem. I sort of knew it would fail, as the pump was too hot to touch, a sure sign that something has gone wrong inside the pump.

Never mind, I enjoyed giving the pump a whack or two.