Visiting Camberley Library, my last trip out for a while

On Tuesday this week I ventured out to Camberley, essentially to visit Camberley Library, fearing that libraries might soon close before I’d acquired a pile of books to read.

Books acquired, then, naughtily, because I’m in the category the NHS recommend to self-isolate, I wandered around Camberley for a while, taking photos on the way, which is my wont. I wandered down to the official entrance to the Royal Military Academy as the sunshine was highlighting it’s classical beauty – more on that later.

Then, quite unaccountably, I fulfilled a long held wish to visit St Tarcisius War Memorial Church. Sure, I’ve passed by the church hugely often, but have never been inside. That visit is the subject of my next blog post.

General Edward Abbot Anderson Memorial’s new home

This week I spotted the memorial to General Edward Abbot Anderson in its new home in the garden area of the London Road Recreation Ground in Camberley.

The recreation ground isn’t on the London Road at all, it’s in Grand Avenue. There got that bit of info out.

The memorial had been for many years near the entrance to the car park of the Arena Leisure Centre, which again was in Grand Avenue, but could reasonably said to be on London Road as it faces London Road.

The new home of the memorial is more suitable than its previous home. While the memorial looks good in its new home, it still needs stone cleaning, which would make it look even better.

Here’s my photo  – do you think it need a good clean? [Click on photo to expand]


Crowds in Camberley enjoy a feast of motoring vehicles

Now a fixture in the events in Camberley town centre, the Camberley Car Show attracted large crowds to see the fast cars, classic cars, weird cars, and vintage cars.

Part of the fun of the show is bumping into people you know, and the occasional one who’s exhibiting his treasured motor. I did more chatting than picture taking, so the few photos below are the sum total of my photographic efforts.

Another case of Hutber’s Law -‘Improvment means deterioration’

Patrick Hutber, one time, and still missed, City Editor of the Daily Telegraph, wisely coined a law that suggested improvement often hides deterioration.

Here’s example of the law, and a local one to boot.

I’ve written much about the changes to Knoll Walk in Camberley – see HERE if you’d like to read them. I came to the conclusion that opening up the walk wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined, and that one fine tree had been saved – possibly a stay of execution more probably.

When we visited CAMFEST last week I took this photo of the walk, for the reason that I’d seen two women sitting on the wooden planks surrounding the tree.

The changes to Knoll Walk removed all the seating, which were always well used. Therefore, I consider that the changes to Knoll Walk by Surrey Heath Borough Council has resulted in an example of Hutber’s Law – ‘Improvement means deterioration’.

If you look carefully at the photo you’ll spot two women sitting uncomfortably on the wooden surround to the tree.

There are no places to sit outside in Camberley High Street. Therefore, Knoll Walk needs its public seating returned.

CAMFEST, full of enthusiasm though needing more visitors

A busy weekend for us, attending CAMFEST on Friday, Armed Forces Day Parade in Aldershot on Saturday, and Bisley Strawberry Fayre on Sunday.

A sunny day heralded CAMFEST last Friday, benefitting the impressive Surrey Choices woodwork display outside Camberley Library, and the amusing tree dressing.

We toured the displays of work in the Council Chamber and Members Room in Surrey Heath House, all exhibits were remarkable and artistic.

I know our visit was on Friday, and the festival would likely have been more popular on the weekend, we didn’t see as many visitors to the displays as might have been hoped for. There was no doubting the enthusiasm of those to whom we talked. Oh, and a cup of tea for a £1 in the Festival Cafe – a bargain.

London Road Recreation Ground changes rescinded

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce a Joint Statement with Places Leisure: Green Space Preserved at Camberley’s New Leisure Centre

Camberley’s brand-new leisure centre’s planning proposal will be revised following feedback from local residents and consultation on the planning and car park provision.

The original planning application included car parking provision within a small section of the adjacent recreational ground. This proposal provided the most cost-effective solution, however following the feedback received, Surrey Heath Borough Council and operator Places Leisure have been working together to identify alternative and affordable solutions, that enable the green space to be retained.

Karen Whelan, Chief Executive at Surrey Heath Borough Council commented, “The Council Officers have listened to residents and Councillors and together with Places Leisure have worked hard to find alternative ways to deliver the car parking arrangements for the proposed new leisure centre. The ability to work effectively in partnership is a key strength to the relationship with Places Leisure and I’d like to thank all those that have worked so tirelessly to reach such a positive outcome for the residents of Surrey Heath.”

A revised planning proposal will be brought forward which will include the provision of a brand-new multi-storey car park, situated in the existing leisure centre car park. Councillor Richard Brooks, Leader of the Council said,

“The development of a new leisure centre is part of the Council’s long-term strategy for health and wellbeing, but delivery of a new facility had to be affordable for the Council. I’m delighted that a new proposal to deliver the required car parking will be coming forward enabling us to preserve green space in the town centre whilst ensuring the scheme is financially viable. I’d like to add my thanks to Councillor McClafferty and Councillor Dougan,  my Executive team and the Officers who have worked extremely hard to find an alternative solution.”

A spokesperson for Places Leisure added, “We are pleased to have supported the Council in identifying alternative provision that enables the space to be retained. Together with Surrey Heath Borough Council we are excited to bring to the local community a vibrant new leisure offering and deliver a modern and sustainable facility that can be enjoyed by all.”