A shop sign in Camberley High Street confuses me: UPDATE: Confusion Over

Well, well. It appears that the shop sign is original. Comments from Paul and especially David at Camberley Eye who has commenters from employees of the shop in the 1950’s.

Good to know.

Needing some picture hooks, a trip to Robert Dyas in the High Street in Camberley called. On leaving the shop with my purchases I spotted a shop sign over what was Kitchen Kapers.

The sign said The Home and Colonial Stores Limited. Surely this couldn’t have been an original shop sign from the 1960’s that’s just been revealed. A quick internet search finds that Home and Colonial was resurrected in 1997, now trading as an antiques and interior shop.

Some research is now needed to unravel this mystery. I’m doubting it’s an original sign.

Camberley town centre improvements – September 2019 update

Surrey Heath Borough Council announcedon 3rd September 2019 an update on Camberley town centre improvements. This full press release can be seen HERE. This is the main part of the press release.

The High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk have received £3.5million in funding from Enterprise M3 LEP, which has been increased with £900k of funding from Surrey Heath Borough Council, to improve the roads and pavements in these historic areas.

Once completed The High Street, Knoll Walk and Princess Way will be transformed into attractive, bright areas with new paving, road surfaces, lighting, planting – including trees, bicycle racks and public art.

The areas will have improved accessibility for everyone including those with disabilities. Vehicles will still have access to the High Street, but traffic calming will ensure the road is safer for pedestrians.  Parking on this road will also be reduced so pavement size can be increased.

The new materials used for the road and pavement surfaces will greatly improve the pedestrian experience.  New street lighting and public art will enhance the character of this road and give a feeling of place and Camberley’s heritage. You can read more about what will be happening here.

It is anticipated the works will start in October 2019 and will complete in 2020. The works will be phased and we will share regular updates as the project progresses.

In preparation for the works the remaining tree on Knoll Walk will be removed the week commencing 23 September.  Knoll Walk will be closed whilst this work takes place. This tree was not removed earlier this year as a Magpie nest was located on the tree.  New trees will be planted in Knoll Walk and also along The High Street as part of the new scheme.

Council’s works update on Camberley High, Knoll Walk, and Princess Walk

Surrey Heath Borough Council have released an update on regeneration works in Camberley High Street, Knoll Walk and Princess Walk..

Camberley town centre is currently undergoing several regeneration projects led by Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC).

The High Street has received £3.5million in funding from Enterprise M3 LEP which has been increased with £900k of funding from SHBC to improve the roads and pavements in these historic areas.

The new materials used for the road and pavement surfaces will greatly improve the pedestrian experience. New street lighting and public art will enhance the character of this road and give a feeling of place and Camberley’s heritage.

Knoll Road and Princess Walk will be transformed into attractive versatile areas to sit, relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Planning permission has been granted to remove the canopies on Princess Way to further open up this space.  This work will take place later this summer.

The preparatory works have now completed on Knoll Walk and it will remain open until the main works start later this summer. The remaining tree on Knoll Walk will remain in place until the end of the nesting season as an active Magpie nest was identified in the tree. New trees will be planted in Knoll Walk and also along the High Street as part of the new scheme.

The Council is currently out to tender for the High Street works. We expect to announce the contractor by the end of July 2019.

Camberley Be Inspired: Surrey Heath Borough Council is committed to supporting and regenerating Camberley town centre.  SHBC’s investments have already seen the acquisition of The Square shopping centre, commencing its refurbishment programme within the first year of ownership.  Followed by an ambitious set of projects to improve the roads, pavements and street scene.  A redundant office building has also been purchased to create 116 high quality town centre apartments, with proposals to re-deliver new commercial space.

SHBC has selected Kier Property as the development partner for the London Road site.  Situated fronting the London Road, opposite the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the 5.5-acre site has the potential to create a mixed-use development and improve the gateway to Camberley.

The regeneration work is supported by a comprehensive events programme, grant schemes for independent businesses and cultural and enrichment projects to ensure Camberley is a key destination and experience.  In Camberley we are committed to reshaping and enhancing the town centre to support our community and local businesses while high street retail faces challenges nationally.  www.camberleybeinspired.com.  

Camberley High Street improvement at design stage

Surrey Heath Borough Council [SHBC] has announced that,

SHBC has appointed Project Centre to design and deliver the Camberley High Street and surrounding public spaces improvements.

Project Centre is a leading streetscape design, engineering and landscape architecture consultancy.

Kevin Donnelly, Technical Director at Project Centre said; “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to design and deliver the Camberley High Street improvements for Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The scheme will focus on making the High Street and surrounding areas better for pedestrians and encourage more people to shop locally in the area. High quality urban design and place making will transform the public space; improving access and movement for pedestrians and reducing the dominance of cars on the High Street. Public art will also be integrated into the High Street transformation.”

The three areas for improvement proposed are:

  • High Street – Improvements include increasing the amount of space available to pedestrians, creating an important hub that can be used for a variety of public events and uses and decluttering the high street
  • Princess Way – improvements will include better lighting and street furniture
  • Knoll Walk – to look at how space can be used feasibly for activities such as for market stalls, improvements to street furniture and improved green and soft landscaping

Project Centre will see the project through from preliminary design through to construction with the contract starting in June.

Cllr Moira Gibson, Leader, SHBC said: “This key milestone of the appointment of the designer for the High Street ensures this project is running to schedule.  The works will start spring 2019 and we aim to complete by the end of 2020.  The resulting changes will retain the unique architecture of the existing High Street but with an improved pedestrian experience. We are committed to supporting the unique and independent businesses on the High Street and attracting new businesses to Camberley.”

Karen Whelan, CEO, SHBC said: “Project Centre will be undertaking a very important regeneration project in a landmark area in Camberley.  The resulting redeveloped and improved High Street will be a wonderful asset to Camberley and will completely transform this part of the town.”

SHBC secured £3.5 million in funding from Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in 2017 to enable this improvement project for the High Street.  SHBC has added funds of £900k bringing the total budget to £4.4 million.

Kevin Travers, Head of Transport of the Enterprise M3 LEP said: “We are delighted to be supporting this project, which underpins our plans for economic growth and better quality of life in the Blackwater Valley. These improvements to Camberley Town Centre will help meet the wider challenges and objectives identified in our Strategic Economic Plan by promoting town centre renewal to secure inward investment and create vibrant communities.”