Crowds in Camberley enjoy a feast of motoring vehicles

Now a fixture in the events in Camberley town centre, the Camberley Car Show attracted large crowds to see the fast cars, classic cars, weird cars, and vintage cars.

Part of the fun of the show is bumping into people you know, and the occasional one who’s exhibiting his treasured motor. I did more chatting than picture taking, so the few photos below are the sum total of my photographic efforts.

Upcoming car-tastic Camberley Car Show on Saturday 18th August

Now a fixture in the events calendar in Camberley, is the Camberley Car Show [see also the Facebook page] The first show, in 2013, established the pattern of the amazing variety of motor vehicles. Some special vehicles have graced the show over the past years, including the weird Outspan Orange car, a Batmobile, past Formula 1 racing cars, and of course a selection of the latest go-faster super cars, as my photos below show.

It’s the Camberley Car Show this Saturday

We’re away for this year’s Camberley Car Show, organised by Collectively Camberley. At last year’s show I produced a short video – see HERE, and for 2015 I interviewed some of the exhibitors. So sometimes can’t be helped, as you can’t go to every possible fun event.

The show has had good weather in the past, and will most likely again this Saturday. Click on image to link to the Car Show website.

Video highlights of the Camberley Car Show

Now a regular fixture Camberley’s calendar, the Camberley Car Show delivered another exciting and interesting array of vehicles, which again attracted crowds of visitors.

Camera phones were at the ready to capture images of the vehicles. The undoubted stars were the Batmobile, ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean, and the Bloodhound SSC. Each attracted an admiring and curious audience, with the Batmobile attracting the most fascination among small boys. Here are a few images of the Batmobile, and a video of the highlights of the show.

A parade of vintage & classic cars to whet your appetite for the Camberley Car Show

Camberley Car ShowIt’s the Camberley Car Show tommorrow – Saturday 3rd September. On from 10.0 am till 4.0 pm in the centre of Camberley, with over 200 vehicles, including a Batmobile and a DeLorean.

To whet you appetite, here’s a short video of the parade of vintage and classic cars on Saturday 27th August at the Egham Royal Show.

Not long to wait till the Camberley Car Show

Possibly, Collectively Camberley’s biggest event of the year is now just one month away. Previous Camberley Car Shows that we’ve attended, in 2013 and 2015, attracted lovely sunny weather. I wonder if they’ve ordered this good weather again to shine down on the 200 plus classic and vintage vehicles.

Camberley Car Show

Well Camberley, you’ve excelled yourself again with the Camberley Car Show

If only Collectively Camberley could bottle their ability to call up stunning sunny weather, they’d make a fortune. As I said earlier we weren’t around for last years Camberley Car Show, so don’t know what the weather was like, but the 2013 show was blessed by the same hot, sunny weather as today.

When it’s glorious sunny weather we Brits are happy folk. Our natural reserve is lost and we’ll chat to anyone. At least we did. We made a beeline to meet Edd China on the South West Thames Kidney Fund stand. You don’t know who he is. He’s one of the duo in the TV programme Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel.

The highlights of the show for me were being able to interview Edd China, and Roger Hoyle of the Bloodhound SSC car. Car-wise, the highlights were conversations with the mechanic of Dave Wilson’s Top Methanol Dragster, and with the guys of the Tyrell P34 racing car stand. Of course, all the cars on show are loved by their owners, evidenced by the wonderful quality paint finishes. Enough wittering…. here are my interviews and a handful of photos.