It’s been a while

Gosh, my last article here was on January 7th, that’s two weeks of no postings.

My poor excuse is that I’m in recovery mode from a broken wrist. The break was, surprisingly, pain free, as was the application of a plaster cast ….. actually it’s glass fibre these days. Having the cast was also pain free, though annoying with the associated lack of movement. The stiffness, soreness, and discomfort of rehabilitation excercises is what I wasn’t expecting. It is my first broken bone after all.

There’ll be lots of articles to come that I hope will entertain.

A Foosh is limiting my blogging

What is a Foosh? It’s the medical shorthand for a Fall on an Outstreched Hand. In my case the fall resulted in broken bones in my wrist.

Most reactions are, firstly sympathy, and then silly boy. I know you’ll be curious as to how it happened. This where the silly boy becomes true. Standing of on the lower step of a badly positioned step ladder, and reaching for Christmas decorations on the top shelf in our garage the ladder went one way and me the other. Result broken bones in my wrist.

One finger typing is annoying, so have been enjoying walks in and around home. Here’s a group of images from my walks.

Re the detention pond. I met a local parish councillor on one walk, and she told me that the inlet and outlet of the detention pond are blockage free, it’s just that the ground is saturated meaning the water takes time to drain away.